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  1. 0 reads as "no flags", because the flags argument is actually an integer.
  2. Tartlman

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    brutal doom. definitely brutal doom. every single goddamn discussion is the same and it makes me want to tear my eyes out.
  3. Tartlman

    When to Pistol Start?

    Personally when playing vanilla, i always pistol start. However, if i'm playing with any (zdoom) mods, i usually like to play continuous. A lot of mods put some good effort into their higher tier weapons and it's nice to get to spend some more quality time with them.
  4. Tartlman

    The 2020 Cacowards

    So many wads, so little time... well, looks like my backlog just got another year's worth of maps added to it.
  5. Tartlman

    I think FIREBLU is pretty: Change My Mind

    One of the big reasons that fireblu is memed is that it kills most compression algorithms. RIP the bitrate in any stream.
  6. Tartlman

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Quake 1, battlefield 3, and (probably doesn't exactly count as fps, but whatever) freespace 2
  7. Tartlman

    Unexplored Themes?

    i can't really think of any airship levels, while that would be a PITA to pull off it'd also be real cool i think
  8. dude has a nasa supercomputer
  9. Tartlman

    Favourite song in the soundtrack?

    Huh, i've never thought about which ones in D2016 i liked the most too much. I think that I really like the ambient chants that you hear in hell, the one that sounds like e1m8 i think? It's beautiful ambient music, to be honest.
  10. Tartlman

    The concept of a "combat puzzle"

    I think that a combat puzzle is one where you can't take the standard "shoot it if it moves" approach to combat. The easiest example, which is in tricks & traps, there's that room with barons - if you try to fight them normally, you'll drain most of your ammo, but if you let the cyberdemon do the work it's much easier. I think SIGIL had that one map where you have to lure a cyberdemon onto a teleport exit to telefrag it. Going down is a megawad that probably has a lot of examples, although it's been a while since i've played that one and i don't remember everything.
  11. Tartlman

    Favourite song in the soundtrack?

    Intermission is by far my favorite. That's some sick guitar, and the drum beats at the beginning pump you up like nothing else.
  12. Tartlman

    best doom 2 mod

    personally final doomer and hideous destructor are some of my favorites. DRLA too.
  13. Tartlman

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Archviles sometimes do survive 4 rockets :(
  14. Tartlman

    BACK TO SATURN X - 3d render

    Created in blender. Took me a while, but it's done and i'm pretty satisfied with it!
  15. Tartlman

    First Time

    adobe flash player doom on kongregate, sometime around 7th grade