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Everything posted by Tartlman

  1. It's not like there aren't a billion mapsets that don't have modified weapons and monsters, you know.
  2. Tartlman

    Which Doom sound effects do you like/hate?

    images you can hear
  3. Tartlman

    Do you care about Doom Eternal spoilers?

    I have the same attitude to this, really.
  4. Tartlman

    What's the Quake equivalent to Doomworld?

    I mean, Discord is pretty good, just not for things that involve archiving and sharing files. Forums are much better in that regard.
  5. Tartlman

    Am I just alone in wanting something...more retro?

    So another official IWAD then? I honestly don't think more official IWADs are needed... besides, isn't SIGIL kinda official?
  6. Tartlman

    What does Freedoom remind you of?

    Freedoom's midis kinda remind me of Jimmy's Within Reach
  7. Tartlman

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Something i've noticed is that the humanoid demons look really similar, they are pretty much a different head slapped on the same body, with maybe some extra features. With exceptions of course. It doesn't seem too hard to tell which is which though.
  8. Tartlman

    Am I just alone in wanting something...more retro?

    On a brief off topic point, i'm still waiting for Metal Gear Rising 2. I feel like the biggest limiting factor on Eternal being closer to classic is the enemy count. Sadly, modern graphics aren't too lenient with that. edit: what if platinum made a game in the doom setting? hmm... hmm.
  9. Tartlman

    Am I just alone in wanting something...more retro?

    On that note, when we finally figure out how to connect our brains directly to VR headsets the first game i'd like to see an adaptation for is doom 2016/eternal, so you can do the glory kills yourself
  10. Tartlman

    Am I just alone in wanting something...more retro?

    From what i've seen glory kills are much more polished in Eternal. Even the cyberdemon (well, mini cyberdemon, anyway) has a fairly quick glory kill animation. I think that glory kills were a good mechanic to make new doom more accessible to people are used to playing ye olde generic CoD clone shooters.
  11. Tartlman

    demons killed over the years

    I'd say that it would only be in the hundred billions at most. Even if we had 1000 players running okuplok slaughtermap 24/7, with a time of about 3 hours per run, it would take around 11 and a half years to reach a trillion (i did the math)
  12. Tartlman

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been playing Overcooked! 2 with my brother. It's really fun.
  13. Tartlman

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    I mean, the baron of hell is a slow, (relatively) low-danger flesh wall that serves to soak up damage. So perhaps it's appropriate?
  14. Tartlman

    Nightmare : Why it was NEVER meant to be played

    adding things as jokes isn't out of the question either, considering the existence of IDSPISPOPD
  15. Tartlman

    Blood or Serious Sam?

    Blood just feels so good to play. It's as rewarding as it is challenging.
  16. Tartlman

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I started playing doom with a pirated copy (don't worry, i went and bought it sometime later). I think the doom2.wad that i use is still the pirated one. Not final doom, though.
  17. I'd use a mechanical keyboard but they're way too noisy for me.
  18. Tartlman

    Blasphemer discussion

    Blasphemer is unlikely to get finished soon anyway. Freedoom's been going for a really long time and there's still clear signs of unfinished jank.
  19. Tartlman

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I haven't finished alien vendetta and i honestly don't think i want to
  20. Tartlman

    Brutal Doom Guy decides to sculpt an imp...

    hrnnng mastermind, i'm trying to kill, but i'm dummy thicc and the clap of my asscheeks keeps alerting the marines for an early attempt at sculpting it's pretty decent. my first attempt was... more terrifying...
  21. Personally, i'd like to make my way through the classic megawads. And maybe actually finish Alien Vendetta.
  22. if you haven't experienced turbo pinkies, you haven't lived. it's terrifying ::::::::::::))))))))
  23. Tartlman

    Megawad of the decade?

    As 2020 draws near, I suppose we should look back at all of the great megawads of the decade. Personally, i'm split between Ancient Aliens and Eviternity, but I think that Ancient Aliens is better for having (in my opinion) better designed combat.
  24. Tartlman

    Making the Dark Soldier's death more violent

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/616148111076884524/662401393491050496/ohnomybloods.wad There we go, it's done for real this time. If someone could make a PR with these that would be helpful. edit: never mind, i got this