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  1. RonnieJamesDiner

    Boomer Shooters, Half-Life 1, and Halo: CE

    A little bit of a digression but I'd like to just point out, again, that Halo: CE didn't actually have regenerating health - it had a regenerating shield (yes, I think it's an important distinction). This always felt like the perfect "in-between" to me, because it afforded the opportunity to be a bit reckless or sloppy, while still having to be mindful of that hard, finite health pool (and still made health pickups a valuable find). But, part of what made the mechanic so much fun was the fact that the Elites had this exact regenerating shield mechanic, as well. So, while you can absolutely hide behind cover and let your shield regenerate mid-fight, you might just be letting that Elite do the same thing. The strengths and weaknesses of your shield could be applied defensively and offensively, but it also taught you how to engage with one of the games most common, and arguably most dangerous enemies. Oh, the Jackal's "charge" shot from their pistol seems to deplete my entire shield in a single blow? Cool, I can use this against those damn Elites! Ah, darn, I'm carrying the Assault Rifle and Sniper - let's drop the Sniper real quick for that Jackal's pistol, blast the Elite with a charge, waste him with the AR, pick the Sniper back up and be on my merry way. Aaaaand suddenly CE's "sandbox" style combat is feeling very fun, indeed.
  2. RonnieJamesDiner

    GTFO - A pacifist / survival map for GZDoom

    Download: Right here! Source Port: GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 Important note: Crouching is required, so have that keybind ready! Step into the shoes of NormalGuy, a run-of-the-mill UAC employee working a thankless job at a remote research facility. NormalGuy is not a hero; in fact, he's never held a gun in his life. When the experiments go wrong and the Hell invasion erupts, your options are clear and few... RUN OR DIE! GTFO is a single map for GZDoom with absolutely zero combat. Put your movement speed and reaction time to good use, and try to escape! Some context: While cleaning up my bloated Doom directory over the last few days, I happened upon this old beaut. This map (started sometime around late 2018 - early 2019) was meant to be a "spiritual sequel" to my first map, The Crypt, and though I completed the gameplay portion of it, I never could seem to motivate myself enough to give it a serious detail pass or some much needed polish, and it wound up collecting dust for a couple years. Playing it now, it seems kind of cute and silly, but I remember pouring a lot of hours into this. Rather than see it simply go to waste, I figured I might as well share the thing. Beyond tidying up the resources into a pk3, there isn't much else I've done to it -- it ain't the prettiest, and it's more than a little unorthodox, but, after all this time it still got my heart racing. Hopefully someone can have some fun with it! I apologize for nothing. ** Most of the credits can be found in the pk3 file, though unfortunately this does not include the music credit. For the life of me, I could not figure out who made this cover of e1m5's "Suspense", or where I originally found it. If anyone hears it and knows, please give a shout. And, much love to Mechadon and his Box o' Skies, for supplying yet another one of my wads with a lovely sky. A Few More Screenshots:
  3. RonnieJamesDiner

    How secret should secret exits be?

    I lean towards El Inferno's point of view, personally. I just remember growing up not having a clue that map15 of Doom 2 had a secret exit, until finally one day someone walked me through how to find it step by step, and my mind was blown. I loved that. Since then, it made sense to me that the secret levels of a megawad ought to be the hardest secrets to find - you're quite literally finding bonus maps to play! If I'm going to make a Megasphere secret a lot more challenging to find than a simple ammo cache secret, you're darn right I'm going to make entire bonus maps extra extra challenging to find, haha. That said, it gets tricky with community projects because (like you mentioned), it feels a little mean to hide a contributors hard work behind a difficult secret that many people aren't likely to crack. So, in the case of community projects, I totally get the leniency.
  4. RonnieJamesDiner

    How to truly 'replace' monsters?

    If you're still interested in the Dehacked / Whacked / vanilla compatible approach, I can't recommend any tutorial more than this one:
  5. RonnieJamesDiner

    Infinite Ammo Starting Weapon: Good or Bad?

    Like anything, I think the efficacy of an infinite-ammo starting weapon is entirely dependent on the game. It made sense to scrap the pistol in DE because that game was laser focused on a certain resource management “meta”, while I think it worked well enough having an infinite-ammo pistol in D2016 for a number of reasons, not least of which because the game handles “melee” combat/weapons far differently than classic doom. It gave the player a reliable source of damage, even if it wasn’t much. I’m definitely a fan of infinite starting weapons in general. I think it’s a nice way to relax the player a little, giving them some assurance that they’ll always have at least something to shoot with, and it’s a little less taxing on level designers, knowing that even the most “spray and pray” players will always have an option left for them. And, with one less “minor” stress like that taken off of the players mind (the threat of winding up with literally nothing to shoot with), it gives designers a bit more freedom to challenge them in other, more fun and interesting ways, without completely overwhelming them.
  6. RonnieJamesDiner

    GTFO - A pacifist / survival map for GZDoom

    Cheers Thy, thanks for braving this odd duck! Glad to hear you had a decent time, for the most part. In another time, I likely would've attempted something like this (it certainly crossed my mind). And yeah, lots of cool things you can do with light and fog color, I really recommend playing around with those!
  7. RonnieJamesDiner

    What's your Doom mapping bucket list?

    Long term "bucket list" stuff includes, Someday make a big, proper techbase map (maybe with the Doom 3 textures). It's the theme I struggle with the most, and I'd like to change that. Hopefully one day create a map based on a concept I've thought about for a while, where almost every encounter (from the little incidental moments, to the big setpiece arenas), uses scripts to randomly pick between 'x' number of monster compositions/closets, so that each playthrough is a different experience. I know this will be a nightmare to test & balance. At some point, before I die, I will make a full 32 map megawad. Current "to-do" list is, Make my Age of Hell map Get the Hellslinger demo finished
  8. RonnieJamesDiner

    GTFO - A pacifist / survival map for GZDoom

    That was so much fun to watch, haha. Thanks for checking this out, I'm just thrilled you had a good time! (And that things seemed to work almost 100% as intended). Cheers!
  9. RonnieJamesDiner

    topic trolled, ignore it

    Love this idea! It’ll be interesting to see what people come up with.
  10. RonnieJamesDiner

    What are you getting for the steam sale?

    Very tempted to pick up Dark Souls: Remastered. Always had an interest in checking out the Dark Souls series, and this is honestly the first time I can remember ever seeing it on sale. Might be time to pop my DS cherry.
  11. RonnieJamesDiner

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Being at anywhere between 70-80 HP (feeling safe and confident), and eating an 80 damage Rev rocket always has a special kind of sting to it.
  12. RonnieJamesDiner

    The Library - UDMF Atmospheric Map

    Had to give this a try. I'll just say, I can't wait to see more of these! This feels like something that will only get better and better over time, the further you explore the concept. The choice of music was perfect and does a lot for the experience, and I loved the ambient sounds of creaking / settling wood (I think giving the torches an ambient fire sound might be a great idea). Slowing the player speed to 0.35 was probably the best choice you made, in my opinion! That alone immediately shifted my brain into a lower gear, and help me soak up the atmosphere as I wandered around the space. It was nice to play a Doom map that had me asking different kinds of questions, like, "What is this place?" "I wonder what kind of books these are?" "Who does this library belong to? Are they still alive?". Very cool. One thing I edited myself almost straight away (for my own sanity), that might be worth including, was reducing the player viewbob to balance out with the new movement speed. I'll drop the decorate and updated mapinfo here if you're interested in adding it: Library_viewbob.zip
  13. RonnieJamesDiner

    Supercharge [gameplay mod | v2.8 03/15/21 Grenadier enemy]

    Actually, this affects anyone simply trying to play the game on I'm Too Young to Die, which automatically doubles the ammo added to players' inventory from all pickups (as an inherent part of the skill level). It affects every reloading weapon too, in fact, not just the shotgun. The assault rifle refills to a full 30 clip but only takes 15 out of your inventory, the plasma gun refills to a full 40 clip but only takes 20 out of your inventory, etc. So, if you're playing on ITYTD and pick up a shotgun from a pistol start, it doubles the amount in the shotgun (16), and has 8 already loaded (you have 24 shells in total). But, now because only half of the inventory is being used when reloading, those 24 shells turn into 40 shells, haha. And, it doesn't have anything to do with customizing your GZDoom options. I can't believe I never noticed this, with how much I've used/played with Supercharge. Can't decide if this feels like a fun, helpful gimmick for ITYTD players, or something genuinely worth fixing. Very interesting find though, Codename!
  14. RonnieJamesDiner

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    Hey, sorry I sort of fell off the face of the earth there. Haven't been keeping up with this project as much as I would've liked, didn't realize that our map was actually breaking! Here's a quick update, the VPO should be gone (changed the tutti-frutti door texture, as well). Thanks for spotting these, Noiser. map19_fixedVPO.zip
  15. RonnieJamesDiner

    [FINAL] Literalism (Release Thread)

    Ayy, congrats on the full release everyone, and getting things sorted out MFG!
  16. Congratulations on the release! Really looking forward to digging into this. The screenshots look awesome, it's always a treat to see vanilla textures getting this kind of love!
  17. RonnieJamesDiner

    Movies That You Think Didn't Need Sequels?

    Sometimes I'm naïve and forget that's a thing :( You're probably right. Good point about Villeneuve, as well, there's something special about his films.
  18. RonnieJamesDiner

    Movies That You Think Didn't Need Sequels?

    One of my favorite movies over the past decade was Sicario. Now, while I did enjoy "Day of the Soldado" for what it was (not nearly as much as the original, but still), I don't think I'll ever understand why anyone thought it was necessary to make a sequel. Alejandro and Matt were mysterious characters, and for the most part, the only glimpse we got into their world and their motives were through the eyes of the protagonist, Kate, whose part in the story ended on a perfectly somber note. The whole thing felt very neat and tidy, and my admittedly low expectations going in were subverted big time. I wouldn't call the sequel "bad", by any stretch, I'm just not sure why it was necessary. I'll give it credit though, the last 30 minutes or so had me on the edge of my seat!
  19. RonnieJamesDiner

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Thanks Pirx. Boris has spoiled me with his 3D floor plugin and slope handles!
  20. RonnieJamesDiner

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Some early level design concepts for Hellslinger.
  21. RonnieJamesDiner

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    I sort of cheated, but challenge accepted and completed. I ended up using Scypek's Bite-Sized Threat gameplay mod (which has become my favorite way to play slaughter maps, when I just can't be arsed to spend the time and energy grinding them out). I have to say though, that after playing through several Sunder maps with this mod, they go together very well! Video in spoiler tag:
  22. RonnieJamesDiner

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    A valiant effort, nonetheless! To be honest, I was just trying to give a bit of exposure to tourniquet's fun twist on HNTR. The regular map (on any other skill level) is really worth playing, if you ever feel like playing through it again. In the interest of trying to be a good sport, I did attempt PL2's map31 with my left and right strafe keys reversed, and after a few attempts (four in total) I had to throw in the towel. It's an incredible brain exercise, but my brain is sadly too stubborn.
  23. RonnieJamesDiner

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    I challenge the person above me to beat Mutabor on the "Onslaught!" (HNTR) difficulty setting.
  24. RonnieJamesDiner

    Pour one out for the Light Amp Goggles

    For whatever reason, I had this powerup on my mind today. It seems like such a sad case that in a game overflowing with new, creative content and seemingly endless variety, there’s still a powerup buried deep in Doomguy’s original satchel that is so ubiquitously avoided. Looking at the stats on doomwiki, it’s interesting to see how seldom they were used in the IWADS – as little as 5 in Doom II, and actually none in The Plutonia Experiment (this hadn't dawned on me before). As far as community maps and megawads, I’ve been struggling to remember a single instance that made me think, “oh wow, this was a great use of the Light Amp Goggles!” I’m sure there are great examples, I simply don’t play enough Doom to have a broad base of experience to draw from (please comment with examples you love, if you have some!). But, I get it. Because despite how many maps I’ve released in the last few years, I have managed to use the Light Amplification Goggles a grand total of zero times, myself. The thought of spending days and days obsessing over the fine details of sector lighting, only to have it completely obliterated by an item that forces everything into full brightness, just curls my toes. I can never bring myself to put the Goggles in a map, which feels like a shame, because I love the concept of them. Darkness used intentionally as a hindrance, or a hazard to the player, is a fun idea. Having a powerup to combat this seems like a very logical step, and full of potential for creating interesting scenarios. But dammit, I can’t do my sector lighting dirty like that!! So, here we are. This is really nothing more than a weird, public musing, and an ode to a powerup that simply wasn’t as lucky as the rest of his friends. Again, if you have examples of Light Amp usage that really gave the powerup a moment of glory, please share. I also think, with the nearly limitless capability given to mappers/modders through GZDoom, that there must surely be some cool ideas out there for Light Amp Goggle replacements. The whole “night vision” alternative is neat, but it ultimately just shares the same underlying feeling of... visual “bleh”, as far as I’m concerned. In the spirit of kicking off some Light Amp Goggle replacement rumination, here’s one thought: A powerup that allows you to see the outline of monsters for a short duration, even through walls/void space. I think this could be a fun powerup, and still offer the concept of an item designed to “combat darkness”, considering players could use it to see the outline of demons in nearly pitch black rooms, getting enough visual feedback to gain an advantage. There would be other interesting uses for it though, as well, such as giving players an opportunity to get a “sneak preview” head count of nearby rooms or monster closets. Or, an element of a hectic, maze-like arena where the powerup gives the player a sort of pac-man-esque opportunity to strategize their movement ahead of time, knowing that if they take an immediate right turn they’ll run straight into a pack of Revenants, but an immediate left leads to a few straggling Pinkys. I have no idea how this item could be made, but I enjoy imagining it. Perhaps one day I’ll overcome my vain fear of “ruining the BeAuTiFuL LiGhTInG”, and attempt to genuinely use the poor Light Amplification Goggles to some fun effect in a map. I can’t see it happening any time soon, though. I just wanted you to know, dear light amp visors, that I’m thinking of you.