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  1. Betcha

    DOOM ]I[ xbox exclusive?

    M$ = id software? I don't think so. When I discovered that Bungie had essentially sold out to M$ I was furious. Now the entire Halo line is relegated to the Xbox (yes it IS crap for fps) and the PC versions when/if they arrive are forever its poor cousin. The same thing had better not happen with Doom3. id has far more money than Bungie, the main reason Bungie sold out. Still, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Will id be able to withstand the weight of all the cash M$ is throwing at them?
  2. Betcha

    DOOM ]I[ xbox exclusive?

    I sure hope you are right. So far id haven't announced anything either way. Why not? Its been some time (weeks or likely months) since M$ approached them. Perhaps they have a valid reason for keeping mum. Personally I think it would be a good thing if id would release a public statement saying they have turned down M$ indecent proposal.
  3. Betcha

    DOOM ]I[ xbox exclusive?

    The point is this. M$ is throwing cash at id in order to have them shelve the PC version so that the Xbox port (if made) would be released first or at the same time (= HUGE Doom3 Xbox sales). You can be damn sure M$ would take it further and pay id more if id would then delay the release of Doom3 on all other platforms (= bigger Xbox sales). Thats what M$ wants. Will they get it? They bloody well better not or I will lose all respect for id.
  4. Betcha

    New screenshots !!

    I'm not complaining, the shots look great, but the monster models do jump out at me as being too angular and low poly compared to the superb environment. Thats simply my first impression.
  5. Betcha

    Will bullets be real objects????

    You wouldn't need to actually create a texture for the bullet unless you needed to see it propagate. You would only need to 'ray trace' (unless you were to model it with a finite cross sectional area and could shatter etc)it within the level confines with your physics engine for velocity/penetration/ricochet etc. You would have to take into account various bullet properties such as mass/hardness as well as local value of g or mars etc. It would get complex so it would have to be dumbed down with many approximations. Still, it would be nice if it was included. I liked the way MP did it, though the bullets travelled at the speed of smell in order that bullet time could work at all. If its all over before it starts, id may not feel its worth the extra computation.
  6. Betcha

    Still, its not very 'Doomish'

    " A Beretta? In Mars, in an outpost, in the future. " Yep! Have a look see at the model in game. Open slide is a dead giveway. Same could be said of the conventional pellet slinging shotgun too. A few gun toting zombies like the shotgun Zombie will help restore some Doom atmosphere. I get the feeling most of those enemies were fairly early. Even if only a few of the original enemies are a subset of the total monster pool, it would still be cool.
  7. Betcha

    Still, its not very 'Doomish'

    Don't get me wrong, the 11 minute video is very impressive. It doesn't remind me much of Doom though. More like Resident Evil, what with the stumbling Zombies with the outstretched arms and limp wrists sterotypes. Where are their pistols (Beretta 9mm standard US sidearm was used in the original Doom/Doom2)? The 'Imps' if we can call them that are nothing like I would expect. If the game is to be a re-telling of the original then id will need to spend the rest of the development time trying to bring Doom III more inline with the original Doom in terms of monsters, weapons...to a degree at least. say I
  8. Betcha

    Doom III Weapons

    Have not played the original Doom!? Doom is like first person shooter 101. If you haven't played the original doom...... Good lord man!! Run, don't walk and get a copy of the Original Doom and Doom2. Then buy the expansion pack Final Doom. Then download a copy of Zdoom (free windows port) to exhance Doom to all new levels. Possibly download an opengl implementation such as Jdoom! Good god, don't think, just do it....NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!
  9. Betcha

    GameSpots 11 minute video

    Yes, completely different. Its all in game Doom3 footage running real time for a duration of 11 minutes. It was in the booth, behind closed doors for a limited audience of 30 people at a time. Apparently it rocked bigtime. I hope we get to see it some how, some way. I don't think id will officially release it to the public.
  10. Betcha

    Will the other video be made available?

    Uh yeah, what I meant (should have said) is does anyone know if a video of the demo is scheduled to be released to the public at some point. From what gamespot said, it was running real time on some ATI card?
  11. Betcha


    The best way imo is to use quicktime pro (plenty of keys out there) and then export the mov as an avi. What I usually do is export it as uncompressed frames and wav stream and then recompress using vdub and the divx 5.01 codec. Smashing. Bink ?.....nah!
  12. I'm not talking about the video everyone has, ie the 7 minute long one playing outside the E3 Doom3 booth. What about the one thats showing inside, the 11 minute jobie that gamespy and gamespot have been reporting on. Anyone in the know??
  13. Betcha

    doom guy movement speed

    Ok, so I lied. I do have another concern about implementing the new Doom tech which may or may not have been mentioned. In the original Doom the player seemed to run at around 30mph. That obviously worked very well in Doom/ Doom2, but can you imagine a near photorealistic Doom Guy making tracks that fast? Might it look odd given the detailed surroundings to have some character that obviously does not suffer from inertia? Personally I could live with cyborg legs in Doom3...but what about id or people here? The simple solution is to slow the Doom character speed to more everyday levels...but would that work for the game? Personally I really liked being able to out pace the hell spawn and nearly outrun the rockets. If the Doom Guy is slower we may be stuck with a Serious Sam senario where the monster are always in you face, no matter how hard you backpeddle. Personally I found that aspect of SS trying as it gets repetitive having one of those square dudes forever picking his nose with your shotgun barrel. Or you could slow the monsters still further in the game so they propagate at the speed of smell....but no, then you could see them coming like that steam roller scene in Austin Powers. Obviously some monsters classes will move faster than others, but it seems likely to me that the fastest variety will at least keep pace with Doom Guy. Maybe this is OK, but it will mean very different gameplay, and given that the Doom gameplay is so good, does it make sense to depart from it substantally? Having said all that, maybe it won't be a real problem? In Quake1/2/3 the character moves at a fair clip and id seemed to be able to pull that off gameplay wise (some will disagree). Thoughts? "It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response."
  14. Betcha

    doom 3 or doom 4?

    I thought that someone on the Doom3/NextDoom team commented on this? I was under the impression it was a sequel set in the same universe. Perhaps I got that wrong. Even if it is a remake, it would'nt be of too much concern as, if we take RtCW as an example we see that there is plenty if different content from the original. Some might argue that you could consider it a sequel simply on that basis, even if technically isn't billed as one. My point is, it will be obviously different from the original Doom, so remake or not, it should not pose a serious problem for fans.
  15. Betcha

    doom 3 or doom 4?

    Final Doom was just an add on for Doom2. Its basically a map pack with a few new textures. It like any fan made levels for Doom2, just more of them at a consistently high workmanship. id did not create them, rather they hired the work out. For it to be a true sequel, it would need some major addition in the way of tech/enemies etc. Also the story would have to be given a few moments thought. TNT/Plutonia are fun to play and of course I have them, but it is in essence just a map pack/wad addon.