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  1. I hate spammers. They are freaking idiots. I was on AIM, with my friend, and we looked in the chat rooms and everything was links to "Wet and Wild webcams". It's fucking bullshit!!!!! Fuck!!!! They even were doing this on the World Trade Center chat room! Fucking disrepctful asshole buttfucks. Rot in fucking hell!

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    2. Bloodshedder


      I get more spam through MSN on Trillian than ICQ.

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      AndrewB said:

      I'm using ICQ via Trillian, and receive like 3 spams per year. But then I think I've blocked all non-contact-list messages. Not sure.

      Ah, that's right. Forgot about that setting. I do have that turned on, and it's quite a lifesaver if you ask me...

    4. Gokuma


      I get a spam message on ICQ only about twice a year and I don't block any messages or have anyone on my ignore list. I simply don't enter a first name, last name, or e-mail, and I put a high ascii char in my nickname. And I don't enter my ICQ number in forum profiles or post it anywhere. Because of this, the spammers apparently can not find me.

      (EDIT: Oh I do have multirecipient messages from non-contacts, wwpager, and express thing block)