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  1. Yup! 7/6/03 10:38 EST! Only five on!
    EDIT: well, 6 people just got on... damn.

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    2. KDarigal


      SmellyOgre said:

      Currently Active Users: 1
      There are currently 1 members and 0 guests on the boards. | Most users ever online was 1 on 11-03-02 at 16:10.

      I'm all alone!

      doomboy must not be on.


    3. Grogglogobofink


      i don't see how anyone thinks this is strange. maybe i'm on at strange hours usually, but i think on average for me there's about 5 people on.

    4. KDarigal


      if you mean "daylight" by "strange", then yeah.

      there's anywhere from 5 to 15 people on at this time of day.