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  1. I know some kids who piss me off, who I've "been friends with" my whole life, but never really enjoyed being around. It was a "my mom knows thier mom" sorta thing, so we played together, until we could make our own friends. This however is the final straw with them. They have made fun of me and beaten me up, my whole life, while our parents called us friends, but what pisses me off is this. They ask if I've heard "The Rascist Joke". I say no, and that I don't want to, for obvious reasons. However they begin to tell it anyway. I walk away, because I have no desire to hear it, but it just pisses me off. So while he tells some other kids, I walk away. The thing is, all these kids ever try to do is "be black" yet they hate black people. I'm sorry, but just because your wearing the clothes, and talking "gansta'" you're not. The only murders you witness are your dads killing each other over peewee soccer, and mom's throwing coffee in each other's faces, over bad pokemon card trades.

    1. Ralphis


      Amen to that brotha

    2. Grazza


      Dis blog is da shiznit, know what I'm sayin'?