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  1. I was on my way to school today and it was raining like shit. The winds were insane and it felt like the hurricane that never hit Philly, was hitting. Anyway, it cleared up later, but on my way to school it was rainy, like I said. Anyway, I'm running because I'm in a tshirt with no umbrella or anything (one teacher on the bus was kind enough to give me a plastic bag, but I didn't have time to make it into a poncho) and I'm running on a slippery wet grate, with a 30lb. book bag. I slip, and lean forward, and the momentum causes by bookbag to fly over my head. For 2 seconds I'm teetering, trying not to fall down, but I'm on a wet slippery metal grate, with a heavy-ass peice'a'shit over my head (my bookbag was still attached to me, just flipped onto my head), so that's all that could logically happen. I fall, and do a sort of roll, kneeing my teeth, and landing sprawled out on the ground. I pull myself back up, but since I landed in a puddle (the entire ground was a puddle), I'm wet for the next two periods, and my teeth still hurt.

    1. kain


      i remember doing something like that. one time a kid was being chased, and it was raining. he jumped into the school, feet wet and all, slid, and flew off the stairs. funniest shit i ever saw.

    2. Ichor


      A few years ago I was delivering papers in the middle of the night. Normally, I'd get out of the car and run around throwing papers on the porch as I pass by certain houses. However, on this night I happened to run into a nice, large hole in a yard that some idiot had conveniently left there the day before. I think you can imagine what happened next. I fell right in and the papers I had been carrying flew up and were scattered all in and around the hole. Nothing was broken, but I sure was dirty for a while. At least it wasn't raining.