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  1. OK. I don't want to lie, so I will come out, even though people probably already realized. I registered an alternate account (which is currently banned) under the username "Santa Claus". I would like to apologize, if any harm came out of it, and also say that this post IS NOT an attempt to get Santa Claus unbanned. I could care less. I would just like to straighten some things out.

    • YES, I was registered under the username "Santa Claus".
    • NO, I did not mean for this to cause any harm.
    • YES, I apologize for any rules broken.
    • NO, I do not have any complaints against my alternate account, "Santa Claus", being banned, from the Doomworld Forums.
    • YES, I was just doing it to joke around, not to get anyone to seriously beleive I was someone I wasn't.
    • NO, I was not "Michael_Jackson", nor was I "Bill Gates", or any other "celebrity impersonator". The only alternate username I had registered as was "Santa Claus".
    I will add more to this list, and post, as I see fit.

    Meanwhile, I would also like to talk about the comic I created, that parodied Darknation's, Pritch's, and Nanami's comics.
    • YES, my comic was meant to poke fun at Darknation's, Pritch's, and Nanami's comics.
    • NO, I did not mean to insult Darknation, Pritch, and/or Nanami.
    • YES, I do happen to like Darknation's, Pritch's, and Nanami's comics, and have nothing against them in any way.

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    2. Fredrik


      insertwackynamehere said:

      I could care less.


    3. Xaser


      Ho Ho ho. Sounds like Santa's been pretty naughty lately. :P

    4. insertwackynamehere



      BTW, when I was the user Santa Claus, threads I posted in would be automatically subscribed to, however, that hasn't happened for me, for the last couple months! How do I turn it back on?