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  1. It was on a shareware disc my dad had back in 96/97 and it was sort of an RPG. There were 3 episodes, and in the 3rd episode (I think) there was weird lady in this hut, who if you annoyed her, she would tie you up. Also, there was a cave which was guarded by a ghost. I think the second was in a house somewhere, and I seem to remember something about killer bees. Also, when you typed in things like "Fuck you!" in the command bar, it would say things like "Same to you pal!" or something. It had simple graphics, but it was very fun. Does anyone know it? Man I should have kept all those shareware discs :-(

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    2. Draconio


      Well, since I was pretty sure the title had the name "Hugo" in it, I tried searching Google for "Hugo adventure" (without the quotes) and scanned for pages that looked relevant.

    3. kain


      I hate hugo's house of horrors, how do you get past the mummy?

    4. alexz721


      The FPS game Nitemare-3D, if anyone remembers it, was based off of those old Hugo games.