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  1. Frank Fardy was off with his brother Joe, and thier chums Chet Chubby, Iola Ho, and Blondie Bitch, their girlfriends. They were riding thier motorbikes to the field to have a perfect typical 50s style picnic. "Gosh!" said Fred Hardy, "It sure is a perfect typical 50s day!"
    "I agree!" agreed Joe.
    "I do enjoy doing typical things perfect 50s boys and girls do, when their alone!" said Iola.
    "Don't worry, I remembered the Frisby" said Chet.
    "Ohhhh!!! I can't wait for the football game Saturday!" gushed Blondie. "I love being a typical 50s teenagaer/sex object!"
    "Come on!" said Frank. "Lets go play Frisby!"
    The five chums went off to the field to play Frisby. After half an our, Joe exclaimed "I'm hungry! Let's go back to our picnic basket, and eat some typical 50s food!"
    "I agree!" agreed Joe (he didn't say he "said" he said agreed, which are the only two things used in this story).
    The five chums went to the picnic basket. Suddenly Joe piped up, "Where's Chet, that ol' jokester, gotten too?" Everyone laughed for in thier perfect 50s world, this was considered funny.
    However, as they reached thier picnic basket, which was over the hill, they saw Chet lying on the ground. He slowly got up and gasped "I tried to stop them, but they stole our lunch!" "Whose them?" inquired (hmm.. better stop being so fancy with my word choices) Joe. "These kids came up and knocked me out. I just woke up!"
    "Hmm, who could have done this?" asked Frank.


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    2. Hyena


      Chet thought carefully. "I'm not sure. They kind of came up from behind," he said pathetically, readjusting his 50s ugly-rimmed glasses, "But I do recall a couple of boys who were not too pleased about our frisbee victory two days ago."
      "The Peasley brothers," Frank and Joe said in unison. The Peasley brothers were usually behind everything, what with all the shenanigans and goings-on.
      "It has to be them," Frank said, gathering his courage and tightening his sickeningly awful 50s pants. "I think I know where they might be headed."
      "Definitely not to the library," Chet piped up. "They think that reading is for squares."
      "Something about this isn't adding up," Joe said. "Why, the Peasley brothers don't even like egg salad."
      "Well, for whatever reason they took them, they won't get away with it. Let's try looking for them at Make-out Creek."
      "Make-out Creek?" Blondie gasped, clenching her hands over her mouth as if they had said a curse word. "That's where people smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol."
      "You better stay here where it's safe, Blondie. We'll take care of this." Frank said.


    3. insertwackynamehere


      Haha! Genuis!

      Come on, someone continue it!

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