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  1. I had my old Quake 1.06 cd and really wanted to played it, but when I tried installing it, I would get up to the license agreement, and then the installer would quit saying that I couldn't play it on NT. I new I couldn't run it NT, but I wanted to unpack it and download version 1.09 (WinQuake) so I could play it. All I needed was to install it so I would have the .pak file and whatever else I needed. However, there was no way to upgrade without installing, but i couldn't install because I needed to upgrade. I put it aside a couple months, but later came back. Then I finally realized, what to do! I right-clicked the installer and chose properties, clicked the compatibility tab, ticked "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and selected Windows 95 in the dropdown. Success! I tricked the installer into thinking I was running Windows 95, and I was allowed to install it. The only thing I noticed was that the license agreement was formatted funny, but other than that it went fine. However, I still couldn't run Quake in XP. No problem, I just downloaded WinQuake, and installed it in my Quake directory. It worked! I also downloaded GLQuake and Tenebrae. Now I can play Quake on XP!

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    2. Bloodshedder


      HELLO? The Quake source was released a few years ago. I prefer QuakeForge.

    3. Sephiroth


      Gokuma said:

      It's nice to be running a dual boot of which neither is Win XP.

      i know. dont use XP myself, have 2000

      anyways, yes there are a number of new quake ports. and even quake2 port.

      what about quake3 you ask? maybe after the release of doom 3.

    4. insertwackynamehere


      This wasn't meant to be about the ports as much as just getting it to run. It tells you how to install it in XP, and run in XP, something I thought some people would like to know since it isn't a piece of cake. The links are the first ones google picked up, I didn't use FilePlanet, I just assumed people could search themselves if they didn't like my download links, since the actual downloads/ports weren't my point.