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  1. I just downloaded the shareware version of Hugos House of Horrors (an old DOS game) and started playing. I typed fuck you into the console remembering that was funny for some reason, and a message popped up saying "Same to you, loser!". Then I typed look for a description, then Open Door. The door was locked. I went up to the pumpkin and typed, look at pumpkin. It said it was strange. Then without remembering any commands from when I used to play that I knew of, my fingers typed smash pumpkin. It worked! I didn't even know I remembered or new this stuff (when I played I could barely type). Maybe they just have a lot of things like break or smash or hit or something. Anyway it was cool :D Oh yeah, I wonder if it has anything to do with SPISPOPD?

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    2. Bucket
    3. Bashe


      I remember watching my brother play a game where you can type in commands. What game was that? I remember you played as a dude in a white suit and there was a shop where if you took a drink without paying, the register lady would shoot you in the head or something. Anyone ever play that game?

      I remember my brother went into another shop in the game and typed in "I'm going to poop on you" or something to that effect (I was only five and I told him to do it) :) and the cashier was like "Never come back!" Good times...

    4. Ralphis


      Space Quest

      Roger Wilco is the man