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  1. Well I just realized that today marks 2 years of me being on these forums. Two years. Two years and 2000 or so posts later I'm #53 on the top poster list O_o this is freaky.

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    2. rf`


      Bloodshedder said:

      I've been registered here a little more than 3 years.

      Whatever happened to Bigd?

    3. Relica Religia

      Relica Religia

      zarkyb said:

      Heh, dammit. I was in a bad mood earlier. My sarcasm detector was broken. Sorry for jumping down your throat :P

      Heh, no worries at all, man - happens to us all sometimes. Just keep working on your WAD and all your troubles will melt away. :D

    4. Bloodshedder


      ravage said:

      Whatever happened to Bigd?

      Real life took him away from us in the first quarter of 2003.