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  1. Good News: My finals are over
    Bad News: I got a 63 on French and a 65 on Math

    My math grade for 4th quarter is 72. My final math grade is 77 which he may raise to 80. I dont even know about french.

    I havent gotten anything else back yet. I hope I did as well as I think I did on chem, english, and computers.

    I'm fucking dead meat, there goes what was left of my summer vacation.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      wow our chem teacher for fourth report is giving:
      2 A's
      3 B's
      everyone else gets C's and below

      I'm getting a 70 (raised from 68).

      Now for math, I am upset. I didnt apply myself and i got what I deserved. But with chem, me and everyone except 5 people HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT HAPPENED. I had no idea I was doing badly, and I was never told. neither was anyone else, and then she just comes out of nowhere with these grades? come on, theres something fucked up here. The school I go to usually has a bunch of A's, a lot of B's, a few C's and rarely a D or an F. this makes no sense O_o

      EDIT: she also said finals wouldnt hurt our grades, just help. so I was getting a 68 the entire time? and I had no clue? we dont get our tests back, were not told, I didnt even think I was doing bad. what the fuck

    3. Sharessa


      FYI, the total As and Bs I got during my high school career totaled about 6.

      And they still let me graduate.

    4. insertwackynamehere