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  1. I got an external 400gb harddrive for my birthday for backups. Today I set it up and did my first backup (the longest) onto the default Fat32 partition. After EIGHT HOURS AND THIRTY MINUTES I had my whole system backed up. Then I decided to partition the external drive so I can resize my windows backup to a 120gb partition, and leave the remaining couple hundred gb as another partition. So i open partition magic, and set it to resize the main partition i just backed up on to 120,000mb (120gb) and then for the rest of the drive to be partitioned as NTFS. It does it and the new NTFS drive works fine. However I notice the label on my backup Fat32 drive is missing, so i go into the properties to edit it. Everything is grayed out. I look in the information and the format is RAW and 0 bytes are used or available. I double click the drive and Windows tells me its not partitioned. After 30 minutes of trying to see if I can fix it, I end up reformatting my 8.5 hours/90gb of backup (this time to NTFS).

    I am mad.

    In short, I resized a Fat32 partition to make it smaller (though it was large enough to hold everything on it) and the whole partition gets corrupted causing me to lose my backups that took me 8.5 hours to do.

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    2. Bloodshedder


      Csonicgo said:

      A cataloguing file system? about time linux caught up.

      What? Do you mean journaling? FAT32 (1996) isn't journaled, but NTFS (1993) is. ext2 (1993) isn't journaled, but ext3 (1999) is.

      But my main point is that XFS is journaled and has been around since 1994, only one year after NTFS.

    3. Csonicgo


      oops, yes, journaling. -_-

    4. Piezo


      I don't even bother with partitioning, and that's one of the reasons. I've got a second computer that I back up my primary computer to, and those backups are single files made by Norton Ghost 9. Also, Norton Ghost 9 = Power Quest Drive Image 7. The bastards at Symantec didn't even bother repainting the fucking thing.