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  1. Bill Amend is no longer going to author dailies for his famous comic strip FoxTrot as of 12/31/06 :( I am a huge FoxTrot fan and now with the exception of Sundays, the strip won't exist. Calvin and Hobbes, my other favorite strip has been dead for years. The comic pages are crap these days (especially Opus, the one on 3/4ths of the Philadelphia Inquirer's comic section front page). The only good ones (Zits, JumpStart, Baldo) are relegated to the back. I'm so sick of the crappy new comics and the old comics which are now crappy as well for the most part. Lets look at them shall we?

    Opus: I cannot express my hatred for this strip in any words known to man. It tries to constantly preach about current events while staying random enough to invoke the alleged "comical" aspect of the comics (doesn't work). I must be one of the only people who feels this way, however because it's on the front page of the comics section in the Philadelphia Inquirer and takes up most of the page.

    Family Circus: We GET it. The kids are mischevious but unwittingly cute/clever and in their hearts are nice little children. Great. I don't understand what the hell is so entertaining about following that stupid dotted line around to see where Billy has romped to next. Maybe he wants to get from the living room to the kitchen, so a dotted line will create a path that gets him to the kitchen in the longest possible way. I assume this is some sort of commentary on children enjoying exploring their environment, or not being in any type of hurry. It might work for an off day, but not as a stupid theme.

    Garfield: Wow I cannot even describe how mundane that comic has gotten. Every single week it's the same thing! Garfield complaining about food or spiders. I'd go on but Maddox already pretty much sums up my thoughts.

    Cathy: Every strip is the same. Cathy (or some generic black haired storelady) runs through a seemingly endless list of accessories/perfumes/diet pills/exercises or anything that might send a fragile-yet-strong middle aged woman into a mental breakdown, and then Cathy runs away screaming or something. Seriously the comic is just a stupid list of feminine products which cause Cathy's already stressed mind to collapse at which point she loses it. Wow.

    Get Fuzzy: Imagine Garfield. Now imagine Garfield except stupider and less commercialized. You have Get Fuzzy. Single (possibly gay) 20 something year old owns sentinent dog and cat, where the cat is witty, obnoxious and sly and the dog is clueless and stupid. Not only is it unoriginal but it's unoriginal by badly copying something that sucks.

    Piranha Club: Sleazy guys constantly looking for a buck get fed octopus by some old lady (I think it's one of them's wife or something). Also featuring annoying fat kid with shaved head (a la that kid from King of the Hill). Happy happy joy joy.

    Prince Valiant: This is a "serial" meaning that it isn't funny and doesn't make sense unless you read each strip every week. Supposedly. I tried doing that once, just to see if I could enjoy it in theory. I still didn't understand what was going on. I think that seeing three seconds of action every seven days sort of does that to a story.

    The rest of the comics are fine I suppose but for some reason the seem to get less attention.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      I've always been a pretty big fan of Foxtrot, but to be fair Bill Amend has been recycling the same basic strips for about ten years now, just replacing the various pop culture things with whatever is currently in vogue.

    3. Epyo


      Epyo said:

      My family, including me, is convinced that he is quitting because he is too addicted to World of Warcraft. Claims another soul!


      I called it.

    4. myk


      Heh, or maybe he spends that spare time reading the Doomworld Forums Blogs looking for ideas for his strips.