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  1. I have been on these boards for four years, last Friday, and I have gone throughout almost all of high school and the end of middle school posting and communicating with my fellow Doomers. I remember back in 7th grade when I rediscovered Doom, the game I played at my Uncle's house when I was younger and it was the best of the best at the time. I remember ordering DeePSea because it looked like the best level editor, and this was before Doom Builder which was free. I remember building levels and playing around, realizing how much power I had over a game I had once seen as static and separate from myself and my control.

    I joined the Doomworld forums near the end of eight grade, and they were the first boards I had ever been on. I was still pretty antisocial and nerdy, like my middle school self generally was, but here was a message board where people talked about their love for a game regardless of what went on offline. I found people who, at least over the internet, I could relate to.

    I could bore you with more details on how I changed since then: how I grew up throughout high school, how I realized not everyone on this messageboard would be on my side, and how here I am now, with lots of more friends and lots of less fear of women, yet still posting on these boards in a timeless fashion. I could talk about how I am almost 18, while I started posting when I was 13 and got back into Doom when I was 12, and started Dooming when I was 4 (my parents were never too pleased with the games my Uncle had). But I won't. Here I am four years later, with one message. I am leaving Doomworld.

    I know that some of you will no doubt silently cheer in your seats at this news. I notice that darnknation has returned and he will probably be happier than anyway that I am going. I know others will probably feel a bit upset, and others won't care either way. But four years and nearly 3000 posts later, I feel that my time has come. It has been great knowing all of you, and rereading old threads always brings a tear to my eye, especially when it feels like those threads were just from yesterday. I've gone through a lot these last four years, like people generally do, and Doomworld has been sort of a timeless anchor outside of my everyday life which I can pull things back to, along with the other communities online that I have joined since Doomworld, my first.

    Regardless of how I felt about any of you, good luck to you all. I'm not leaving in anger or depression, I am leaving because I feel the need to move on. I just feel I should tell everyone here before disappearing. Once again, and finally, goodbye.

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    2. Lizardcommando


      I thought DarkHaven was losered.

    3. Craigs


      Lizardcommando said:

      I thought DarkHaven was losered.

      Nope, he was banned. I think it was because he kept making posts like this:

    4. Bashe


      Yes, Dark was banned several times, but I suppose he's given up on forums. Oh well. Time goes on.