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    [Concept] Custom Floppy Disk

    The original distribution of the shareware if I’m not mistaken was that it could be distributed in any way a “publisher” desired. It could be sold on floppy, downloaded from the internet, etc. Id based the entire distribution model on letting other people do the leg work of marketing, selling, hosting and otherwise popularizing what they gave out for free with no restrictions. Then, they would hook people and get them to buy the full game. That was the idea of shareware at the time in general. The people selling floppies were bound by the fact a competitor could easily pop up so they had to profit after taking out the fixed costs of floppies + packaging and then only mark up in a way where it was to entice a consumer over keeping their phone lines clogged up all night. To put a price to this, I was on a school trip to the science museum in Philadelphia sometime in the mid-90s, probably a few years after Doom’s release (but things moved slower back then, it was still popular) and I bought the shareware floppies from the gift shop (because I guess a wall of shareware games in baggies was “science-y” still at the time) for my lunch money (so probably like $3 my mom had given me). I was a single digits age kid buying what would eventually become an M-rated game, and the “AAA” game of the time, from a science museum gift shop for $3. That being said, I don’t think that trying to sell Doom shareware floppies today is a great venture but as far as I know it would be legal.
  2. insertwackynamehere

    What Is Your Opinion On Free Speech?

    MySpace was the natural conclusion of social media intersecting with 90s web culture. Facebook was social media aiming towards the future of web tech and culture.
  3. insertwackynamehere

    The Griddler

    A man dies and immediately finds himself in hell. “We have four rooms here,” the Devil tells him.
  4. insertwackynamehere

    Being a Doom fan hasn’t been this emotionally draining in a long time

    If someone said that you can rest easy knowing they are probably failing at life and I’m not even an avid Hillary supporter. Just imagine the kind of person who would type that in earnest lol
  5. insertwackynamehere

    Mr noodles

    This thread title sounds like the start of a huge collaborative creepy pasta thread lol edit: no pun intended
  6. I think refusing to separate the art from the artist is like a perverse form of idolatry itself. Acting as though a creator of art you enjoy is some sort of infallible deity is the prerequisite to worrying when they fall short of this. Everyone is human, even people making art you enjoy. You have to have forgotten this in order to worry about the individual falling short of perfection.
  7. insertwackynamehere

    What Is Your Opinion On Free Speech?

    I’m pro-free speech but my opinions already align with this thread. However there is a sort of thing that’s rolled around in my head a lot. A lot of people get combative if you are in favor of free speech, I’ve noticed, because I think they assume it’s an adolescent take in that you harbor some undesirable viewpoint and hide behind it. They’ll usually counter with the “you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater” argument as if that’s a huge “gotcha”. The reality is, you can’t shout “fire” is for the same reason you can’t pull the fire alarm. It’s a crime independent of speech, the vocalization is a red herring. The whole “trick” relies on shortcomings of English in which speech has a philosophical definition that’s separate from the literal “vocalizing words” one. To reverse it, I could give someone the middle finger and it would fall under free speech protections. But I can’t shoot someone. Both could be treated in a super-reductionist manner where I moved my finger a few inches but obviously that level of reductionism is useless. Further, the act of moving a finger sometimes being free speech shows it’s not something directly tied to the vocal chords. All in all, most “gotchas” are sophomoric understandings of free speech.
  8. insertwackynamehere

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    That’s objectively not true given that there was a huge second wave due to people not listening, and also I’m not going outside to “fester” but people outright demonizing socializing or embracing quarantine for everyone indefinitely as you stated because it validates your existing lifestyle are just misanthropic and I don’t want the path forward to be tainted by people who are not acting in good faith and really just enjoy this whether it’s people who like that everyone has to sit indoors due to some social issues or due to new-found control in the case of politicians.
  9. insertwackynamehere

    The Id Software tv show is yet to be made

    A recurring joke could be that every time someone says “John” the wrong one says “yes?” and then the person asking says “no, the other John” (laugh track). Double it up by doing the same with Carmack and maybe even combine them into a full “who’s on first” bit.
  10. insertwackynamehere

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    Some people love quarantine and others hate it, but how are the people who enjoy this lifestyle dictating the path forward for all of us? We could make it voluntary and optional to be a low risk person assisting in the return to normalcy; all the people flouting the rules already would happily sign up as would the obedient yet sick of it like me scalliano. And Fraggle, I think you’re right, being told constantly that if I have to sit in my apartment alone for the coming years well that’s just something I’ll need to deal with, people on Reddit screeching “stay the fuck home” if they see a photo of people in a park, all that stuff I think doesn’t help even if I believe the breaking point will be hit long before a few years. It’s just the garbage attitudes and rather than having an outlet I’m instead in a 550sqft room alone being told I can’t see anyone with no workout equipment and only screens that yell at me and alcohol to distract myself. It feels like I’m being forced into a lifestyle of a depressed individual and then all you hear is that if you resent this you obviously just wish old people were dead and are a piece of shit. Then throw in the fact that NY and the USA in general are playing into your fears about incompetence and corruption and no one really seems to care too much, they just ignore and seem perfectly fine with this indefinite nightmare. edit: And I should count my blessings because my apartment, while small, is the nicest one I’ve lived in and has a lot of sun. And my job situation only improved during this ordeal. But if I’m feeling like I’m going crazy with those blessings, I can’t imagine how people worse off are feeling. It’s not an ideal time for me to be told my life is on hold but 5 years ago? 8? It would have been ruinous and with a worse living situation. The thing is, every moment has someone in a different phase of life or situation and even with my relatively good luck during all of this it’s not really fun so how will this be sustainable for someone living in a crappy apartment alone who’s job just disappeared forever and the government not making any path forward clear?
  11. insertwackynamehere

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    I guess my point was there are people who are critical of what is going on without being truthers. Pointing out this is being taking advantage of is important because it's not a given that people will see it that way as it's happening, if they are successfully panicked or jingoistic enough. Also, I think doomsayer is a term more reserved for people who say things like "guys, we're going to have to be locked in our apartments for 10 years, that's just the new normal" when that will clearly not actually ever happen even if it was the correct course of action (which frankly, I think it's not). And yet, I do sympathize with people who worry they won't see friends or romantic partners again because the way it's being discussed doesn't instill confidence, and combining sitting at home alone with a vague timeline is going to drive people crazy, literally. This is also where mental health versus physical health really get's to shine; anyone who equates them but doesn't acknowledge the mental health impact of this, even if it's necessary, was clearly always just paying lip service to mental health being just as important. You're right that politicians will want to win elections (and line their own pockets), all things being equal. I agree there. I would argue that there isn't an actual a singular scientific take on this topic. Normally, I'm skeptical of alternative takes. For example, I think anti-vax is stupid and anti-climate-change is stupid. But in this case it really doesn't seem like there is the consensus you imply and since we're working off a ton of pre-prints and speculative models I don't think it's as cut and dry as you make it out to be. Furthermore, the lockdown was about flattening the curve, which I was on board for, but it seems like that goal post may have moved and I want to be vigilant about why it moved. Locking down to prevent the healthcare system from collapsing is a lot different than locking down to eradicate the virus, the latter really not having any scientific backing and certainly being much more debatable. Nothing to say here, it seems we agree. That's true, I see your point. NYC has passed the curve's peak a month ago, we are doing pretty well and on track in general for daily deaths to keep dropping as they have been consistently since the peak. At this point I guess it's true more at home people, percentage-wise, will start to get it relatively speaking. Well you are kind of describing what I envision. Statistically, I will not die from COVID. If my risk is on par with the risk I have on a daily basis simply living without agoraphobia, then I don't want to wait in my apartment alone forever. My participation in this current lockdown plan is not predicated on fear for myself, but understanding that my commitment is beneficial to others. However, at some point, it's not sustainable and I'd happily go back to a limited normal fully understanding the potential personal consequences, assuming everyone else doing so also understood them. Which is what you are describing in this paragraph but not what is happening (in NYC). Instead, there is striation more along class lines; essential workers, aka the underpaid workhorses of society, are basically out and about continuing their work while people like me work from home at our office jobs, and service industry people collect unemployment that is paying out more than it usually would (which is a good thing, but should probably be extended to the people still actually doing minimum wage essential work). However, the system of young not at risk people returning to normalcy is not being discussed at all for some reason. I really want to drive home that as a skeptic of endless lockdowns I am not asking other people to die for me, but asking that at some point, I'm allowed to embrace my own risk tolerance for the good of my own sanity as well as society. Which sounds like what you are saying here but isn't what is happening.
  12. insertwackynamehere

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    I think that is way too optimistic of a take. This is a tragedy and those in power exploit tragedy. Note, this isn’t a claim about this being a hoax at all. I am pointing out that tragedies are frequently taken advantage of. Cuomo thinks post-pandemic all children in New York should attend school virtually using a Bill Gates electronic charter school solution. He wants to wrap up corporate charter school nonsense under his “new normal” banner. I wonder how much Gates money he’ll get if he pulls this off? Only an idiot could think children being socially isolated rather than attending in-person school is a good thing and charter schools are an oligarch wet-dream of stealing public funds and shutting down public services. Is Cuomo an idiot or is he malicious? That’s a personal call. Note, this idea is about post-pandemic, it has zero to do with a socially distant stop-gap solution to schooling. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/05/is-going-to-school-in-person-obsolete-cuomo-wonders-why-old-model-persists.html The New York Board of Elections attempted to cancel primary elections and it was luckily overturned by a federal judge. They already allowed vote from home by mail for all citizens so it’s just a weak argument for them to pretend it’s for public health. But they did indeed try. They are scared of more progressive democrats having any voice. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2020/5/6/21249108/new-york-state-presidential-primary-back-on-federal-court-ruling New York has also banned protesting. They weren’t banning this in response to tea partiers, mind you. They were banning it because an LGBT group held a protest in which social distancing and mask wearing was observed. They were protesting the anti-LGBT church group who set up a makeshift hospital in Central Park, which of course became a media fear-porn darling. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/05/nyregion/nypd-coronavirus.html https://www.foxnews.com/politics/de-blasio-nypd-commish-no-protests-allowed-in-nyc Oh and the other day, the police beat up two minorities in a lower income neighborhood for not social distancing. Social distancing is not really enforced heavily by the police, but of course it's the kind of thing that will be selectively enforced along racial and class lines, like every other quality of life crime. There was a protest about that too, because the police shouldn't be beating the shit out of people for not social distancing especially when they are clearly not beating the shit out of just anybody. Should that protest be stopped? https://evgrieve.com/2020/05/caravan-protest-on-avenue-c-addresses.html To downplay what’s happening right now, write it off as “truthers” who think it’s a hoax, tea party members who believe in MAGA, or sociopaths valuing the stock market over human lives is just dismissive of completely valid concerns regarding the exploitation of tragedy that is occurring by those in power and the second order effects of a solution that doesn’t deserve to be perpetually unquestioned even if it could be argued that it remains defensible at this point in time. I keep thinking about this I have to add a further rant. The idea we should trust the government. Why is it now a right wing view to be skeptical of government. Everyone in power in the US said this was just the flu a few months ago, Democrat or Republican. The CDC said masks are useless until a whiplash-inducing 180 degree turn about a month ago. What exactly are we supposed to trust here? Perhaps the current rules align with the best course of action but excuse me if I have zero faith in the government just on their word. I’m not contrarian just to be contrarian; perhaps the state has stumbled onto the appropriate solution, finally. However, I don’t understand why we should take the government’s most draconian solution unquestioningly when it’s clear they are flying blind throughout this whole thing. Which leads me to another point. A quarter of all deaths in NY have been in nursing homes. Cuomo told nursing homes they weren’t allowed to turn away COVID patients. Why was there not more done to isolate nursing homes? And if such a thing is futile, it’s hard to imagine keeping people in their 20s indoors is any less futile. Which, it seems to be is the case given that apparently most new hospitalizations in NY are from people at home. https://gothamist.com/news/cuomos-nursing-home-investigation-may-present-conflict-interest https://www.6sqft.com/most-new-covid-cases-in-new-york-are-non-essential-workers-staying-at-home/
  13. insertwackynamehere

    Does The Loser's Sub-forum Still Exist?

    I feel like in the old days this question would get you losered lol
  14. insertwackynamehere

    Guys this isn't the end of the world......we will be fine.

    I think people on here may be less aware of this drama and more aware of Doom’s history. This was more of a Reddit-Doom drama mess than a classic Doom/Doomworld one. But your point stands, it’s not a big deal.
  15. insertwackynamehere

    How Hard Would It Be To Build Doom Levels In Real Life?

    $150k for a cyberdemon? Who’s your cyberdemon guy, I bet I could get you one for $125k
  16. insertwackynamehere

    What do you do during an epidemic?

    I spent the first few months of 2020 blowing off social gatherings to prep for job interviews because I decided in December it was time to move on from the place I’ve been a long time and I wanted to attempt first to get one of the coveted jobs in my field. I just found out today I succeeded with one where a concrete offer will be made shortly (unlike another where no offer until after a team is found). So that’s really relieving because I was getting into a negative headspace imagining if I spent my last months of social free time studying for something I would fail while ironically being surrounded with free time to study, subsequently.
  17. insertwackynamehere

    What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

    I ordered extremely overpriced dumbbells from the Life Fitness/HammerStrength/etc conglomerate website along with resistance tubes. If you want to pay $2/lb instead of $1/lb, it’s possible. In theory. They probably wont even be here until June.
  18. insertwackynamehere

    What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

    I see a lot of people say “lift”. Does anyone know anywhere someone in the US can still buy dumbbells? Ordered from over Walmart a month ago, still “shipped” with no movement. Everywhere else sold out. Besides that, how are resistance bands? Any other suggestions? I’m not in my prime but my lifts are still large enough that the usual pop articles about at home workouts don’t cut it.
  19. insertwackynamehere

    John Romero and John Carmack return to Doom ?

    When I was a kid I emailed Romero a fan letter and he responded in like 24 hours. A few years back I saw him give a talk at NYU (that was also open to the public, space allowing). He seemed like a good guest and speaker. This weird meme of him being a dick makes no sense to me.
  20. I always felt like questions of evil being relative are just trapped in a mire of useless distinction. First of all, evil may be a “construct” but it’s one that has an actual reasoning behind it: is this action causing harm with disregard for others? The argument becomes about drawing a line in the sand which may be challenging but pointing to two sides of the approximate line isn’t. For example, I could say a lifetime of eating only candy and cigarettes is objectively unhealthy versus a lifetime of eating lean meats and vegetables. It wouldn’t be negated by bickering about whether chicken or fish is healthier.
  21. insertwackynamehere

    New COVID-19 Poll

    @Graf Zahl I think you're exhibiting a lot of bias against the US. I'm in New York, our lockdown sounds similar to Germany's from your description. It's not severe, it's just that we encourage people to only go outside if necessary, not gather in large groups, and we shut down places for socializing (bars, restaurants, cafes, etc). And it's worked. We already peaked. The result was far from the worst case predictions (even though things were still very bad). To say the US isn't working to contain this is just wrong, it has been contained in the hotspot areas like New York and this can be seen both in numbers and in the policies implemented. Also, the US doesn't want this to tear through the population. Flattening the curve worked, and the idea was always to reduce load on the healthcare system. Re-opening the country (cautiously and sanely) is the next step. I don't think we should open the floodgates tomorrow so I'm not defending the tea party Trump nonsense going on right now, but every country is looking towards how to open back up following the worst of this wave and the US is no exception. It's not fair to act like the US doing this is just out of greed but any other country isn't. --- On another note, one thing I've been toying with at home is modeling this stuff as a game. I have no expertise in this field and this has nothing to do with medical advice risk, but more collective social psychology risk. So take literally everything with a grain of salt and even if my little game is maybe "accurate" with the parameters given, it has nothing to do with the medical advice side of things. Basically, I was doing math on expected value of a lockdown versus the risk of returning to normal (rooted purely in self-interested terms, without caring about how behavior affects others). Then, I also calculated prospect-utility from prospect theory on how a human would treat the odds from a risk averse perspective. The goal is to see how different "rational" timelines of lockdown are versus risk-averse timelines. Then, the next thing I wanted to see was what are the worst case timelines across the population. Imagine you have a game where a population all have varying risk of dying of an illness. These people all have two concerns, they have self-interest in mind and they have empathy for their neighbor as well. A lockdown is enacted on this population, the idea being that if at a certain a point a vaccine is found, everyone's risk of death goes to zero. Every individual has both their own period of time they'd lock down out of self interest, and all the time they'd lock down following that is altruistic. This means the length of the lockdown is bounded by the individual with longest period of self-interested lockdown. Because once this is hit, there is no one left to be altruistic for, everyone has crossed their personal threshold of risk and therefore everyone would collectively agree that it's in everyone's best interest to lift the lockdown and see what happens; no one in this model is spoken for as a sacrifice. Obviously this is very over-simplified. But if everyone was a rational actor, then just under six months of lockdowns would be hit before every non-retiree agreed it was no longer worth sitting around waiting for a solution. If you include everyone, it would be a little over nine months of lockdowns before collective agreement to end lockdowns. People aren't rational actors, however, so when modeled with prospect theory, it would take 63 weeks for the holdout non-retirees to finally decide it was no longer worth waiting. It would take 72 weeks overall (including retirees). This is grimmer, it means some people (in this extremely oversimplified model) will be uncomfortable for over a year with opening things back up. However, if you set the maximum age of the population to 60, it would only take 38 weeks before the fear is assuaged. A maximum age of 50, it would only take 19 weeks. A maximum age of 40, it would only take 15 weeks. A maximum age of 30, it would only take 9 weeks. And a maximum age of 20, it would only take 4 weeks. So what does this tell us? It shows that first of all, there is a huge gap between true rational expected value and risk averse value which is understandable. It also demonstrates how there will be an "altruism gap" which is the timeline between one's self-interested participation in a lockdown and the time until every member of the population is comfortable with ending the lockdowns. It's pretty obvious in general given the numbers without doing all this math, but younger people will have a larger "altruism gap" and as more people enter the altruism gap or use up all the altruism they have left over (if they have no jobs or no social life this will likely deplete rapidly) this will balloon as pushback against lockdowns. But even with a population that has infinite altruism and pure intentions for the sake of their neighbor, this model falls just short of 18 months before the lockdown is no longer seen as tenable across all populations even with risk aversion. Obviously there's about 50 million things oversimplified with this construction I have but the point is to sort of show what I'm working at in my head recently when people casually say we will have years of lockdowns. Like, it just doesn't make sense. And here, without even accounting for how years of lockdowns would compound to be non-linear in disastrousness, it attempts to show how people's rational and risk-averse tolerances for the "insurance" of a lockdown don't even add up to making it feasible. These numbers will also be adjusted in a very optimistic way if antibody tests end up pointing to much lower mortality rates across the board. Final note, I really need to clarify I'm dusting off math here that's I'm far from an expert in. I'm doing this purely for my own amusement. It's also not meant to prescribe advice on when someone should stop caring about a lockdown or consider breaking it a worthwhile risk, it's supposed to model the psychology of people coming to those conclusions. I made it because I find this problem interesting and wanted to brush up on stuff, not because I'm claiming I got my math right nor to provide any sort of instruction or guide on when its good for "you" to no longer worry.
  22. insertwackynamehere

    DOOM Eternal and COVID19

    I bought a PS4 during lockdown had started playing new games again including DE. First Doom I played in a system (2016 I played via GeForce Now). So the lockdown forces my hand with playing games again. I immediately sent screenshots to all my friends of the first hellscape city reveal with the joke “2021” regarding COVID/lockdowns though.
  23. insertwackynamehere

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    I haven’t read this thread completely but so much of DE felt like Quake 1 successor in a good way that I hope they tie them together. And I’m glad that someone else picked up the slipgate terminology usage.
  24. insertwackynamehere

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    Lol I switched from HMP to ITYTD almost immediately and always used sentinel armor reloads when offered. I have no pride, I just want to walk through the game, have mindless fun and learn Doom lore. To people who say “but what about the challenge”, this was still challenging to me :/ I know I won’t win any gamer competitions but I don’t have the desire to face a challenge at someone else’s level just to say I did. It’s a bit disheartening to see how bad I am at games these days, but what can you do.
  25. insertwackynamehere

    Thoughts on DOOM Eternal's lore?

    I enjoyed it because I love ridiculous in depth lore about stuff I like. I bought it and played through on easy just to enjoy seeing the game unfold since I’m a classic Doomer and don’t have time to get good at modern games. I have a theory that Doomguy’s power, the divinity machine, etc, they all tie back to one truth from the original games: “you” are Doomguy. In other words, Doomguy is just channeling the player and has thousands of players, and endless tries to get things right. That’s where his true power is, he exists outside of his world because he’s just an avatar for people even outside the multiverse he resides in, on our plane. That’s why he doesn’t speak (something they make clear isn’t just incidental). He is a video game character inside a world that doesn’t realize this. I know it’s kind of cheesey full on meta fiction but the whole tie in where he is every Doomguy already tees this up. His power is there is no such thing as death, a thousand players will try a thousand times to win and every loss is temporary; he will always eventually win as this immortal avatar for the player. Their fear is tied to the nature of video game mechanics as reflected in their multiverse. I think it would be cool if they are working towards something like that. The game is already so meta and cheesy-cool that if they are working in that direction, I wouldn’t be surprised.