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  1. insertwackynamehere

    Chaos at McDonald's

    I’d bet that the cultural appropriation tiktok is not at all serious, just making fun of both BTS and the fans as well as baiting people with an over-extended definition of cultural appropriation. It seems like the same kind of memeing that happened with fidget spinners and Szechuan Sauce, basically just trying to throw fuel on the fire when a dorky consumer good blows up.
  2. insertwackynamehere

    Mirrored/Flipped horizontally screen (NOT ROTATED)

    Because of mouse inputs?
  3. insertwackynamehere

    Mirrored/Flipped horizontally screen (NOT ROTATED)

    All controls would need to be mirrored as well.
  4. insertwackynamehere

    Things about Doom you just found out

    There is a Mac port now?
  5. insertwackynamehere

    Should I Make A Twitter Account?

    My understanding is PS5 faced production shortages, but either way, not owning a video game system is not the same as being in a marginalized class (that’s actually hilariously gross in its own right to posit), especially when phrased in such an intentionally glib way. It takes a lot of hops to end up at “making fun of poor people” and that’s exactly what makes Twitter such trash. Not punching down is a good thing until you start arguing in earnest people should be fired over some stupid joke about PS5 ownership
  6. insertwackynamehere

    Should I Make A Twitter Account?

    Corny dank memes about not having a PS5 is punching down now? See this is what people are talking about
  7. insertwackynamehere

    An "invisible sculpture" was sold at 18,300$

    I know it’s kind of dumb but in this case the point being made is probably about the intangibility of things like NFTs and other things where you get a certificate and an idea of something. Who knows if anyone actually paid that much versus a friend funneling a loaned $18k back to the artist at auction just to get the art talked about. I think these kinds of things are more likely trolling the exasperated public and making some sort of point in doing so, then that a rich person was fooled into spending $18k. There’s either some nefarious laundering thing going on or a point being made, but no one is being tricked or so pretentious as to actually think buying nothing makes some kind of high-minded sense. It’s the entirety of the absurd ordeal that is the art, not just the “invisible statue”.
  8. insertwackynamehere

    How do you like your pizza?

    I like marinara pizza because I don’t like dairy and I don’t like melted cheese beyond not liking dairy so I have no desire to replace it with dairy free alternatives. Marinara pizza is classic pizza so I always defend myself that it’s what pizza was before it became so cheese-centric. Tomato sauce, good pizza dough, olive oil, oregano. Then, whatever toppings I feel like (sausage, anchovy, pepperoni, some kind of vegetable, etc). I will say that I order marinara pizza a lot from places where they make traditional Neapolitan style pizza and it just doesn’t travel well. I’m not sure if it’s Neapolitan pizza or just the marinara style but the crust is so thin in the center that it’s entirely flaccid in many cases upon arrival and it’s just annoying to eat. I think when I made pizza a few times, I didn’t roll the dough quite so thin even though maybe I’m doing it less traditionally. I also like that deep dish red Sicilian cheeseless pizza as well.
  9. insertwackynamehere

    What happens when we die?

    It’s arguable that there is no way a morally just entity could punish mortals with eternal damnation. I don’t believe this stuff to begin with but I also think if it were real to some degree, hell (at least mainstream western culture hell) is nonsensical from any rational perspective. The simplest way I could make my argument is it would be like watching a toddler crawl into oncoming traffic while an adult looks on and says “welp I gave them all the tools to not make this stupid choice but I suppose it’s how it goes”. Any afterlife that is just earthly paradise forever sounds kind of like an impossibility also, as existence is so frightening that only an opium fueled endless thought numbing orgy could really start to push away the existential dread that any earthly existence is bound to have no matter how luxurious and at that point Heaven is basically self-medicating with some ethereal Xanax which doesn’t sound very transcendent. What disturbs me is how existence seems to just be endless, what’s outside of existence? More existence? Well that’s scary, what’s at the top? And what would the alternative be? Nothingness? And now the panic attack starts lol :( Also, as for reincarnation, my understanding as a westerner who only knows about eastern thought through pop new age sources is that it is basically a “bad” thing, existence is suffering, rebirth is an endless cycle and the freedom from it is through transcending material desire upon which you can instead obtain nirvana upon death which means, roughly, that you are extinguished like a candle and free of the cycle of rebirth. I think living life is fun and enjoyable but there are certain inescapable points of existential dread about “why” and “how” that exist outside of scientific understand and seem to not have even a hypothetically satisfactory answer that a human could process. I don’t even know what I would want some higher order being to tell me the reason for existing is, if I had the opportunity to ask. I can’t even fathom what answer would help make me feel less scared by all of it. So I think that the best thing is to try and enjoy things as they are and honestly only an afterlife that involves loss of ego or self seems to really make sense once you get past the scariness of it. Anything else just feels cruel or like some sort of metaphysical Matrix.
  10. insertwackynamehere

    Chili and Hot Sauce

    I like spicy food but I also easily get mouth sores and stomach aches so I just power through lol
  11. insertwackynamehere

    How would you want a future Quake title to look and play?

    I think it would be cool if they did a remake of the original Quake, also. Differentiate it from Doom by being more Lovecraftian and gothic. They could revisit the slipgate storyline and make it feel weirdly familiar to Doom but not quite just like the original. But in the end, they should have Quakeguy jump through one final slipgate where he sees flashes of other worlds and suddenly, Doomguy/slayer, then credits. Open up the crossover universe using a Quake remake essentially. Unify the two mad scientist/teleport/strange dimension storylines.
  12. insertwackynamehere

    Doom logo font

    That’s not really a font, it’s a full graphic design/art endeavor. Someone had to draw that logo, it’s not just typed in. The closest I’ve seen is people photoshopping new letters from the “strokes” of the existing ones, but that’s still a lot of effort and encounters the problem of how the perspective of each letter is vanishing towards a center point somewhere, which means each letter can’t even be easily rearranged much less cut up and turned into new letters. Furthermore, the “D” and “M” have stylized descending qualities that bookend “Doom” which makes it even less portable, really the entire thing is full freight it’s own artwork which cannot really be expanded upon without a lot of effort.
  13. insertwackynamehere

    What kind of vacation is your type ?

    I like going to foreign cities alone where I can just go around all day to museums and such and then nap at hotel and then go to a bar at night. I’m not the most extroverted person, but this sort of thing has always been relaxing and somewhat freeing. I like not having obligations to friends/family/etc and traveling solo and just walking around and relaxing, and I’ve had great luck making random acquaintances from all over the world just going to bars that have a large portion of global expats. Of course I never see these people again but it’s fun just hanging out with other random people in a different city. This is also so far from my normal “at home” personality of being kind of introverted (I go out but I’m not “that guy” making friends with everyone at the bar) that it’s weird to type out in the first person. Second to that is just hanging out on beach or at pool relaxing in warm weather. That’s a much less “productive” vacation when contrasted with seeing new cities, but I enjoy them as well. I really think traveling solo is great though, I’m sure it’s personality dependent but I have good memories of it. I had a vague sadness every day between museums and going out that I was alone half a world away from anyone I knew but as a general introvert I found that surprising and manageable, and further I found the ease of meeting new people as an introvert also surprising. I met up with friends later in the trip and it was so frustrating to organize plans after 10 days of not worrying about coordinating with anyone on anything.
  14. insertwackynamehere

    Pour one out for Internet Explorer

    The warnings for HTTP aren’t as intrusive as misconfigured HTTPS I thought, but regardless these kinds of exceptions should have workarounds IT could implement (or an IT team could issue internal certificates and make their intranet secure). It’s a good thing that browsers are pushing for HTTPS everywhere, though, same with getting rid of IE6; companies cheaping out on IT for their internal workflows shouldn’t define the user experience and security of the future
  15. I played some DM once with Wendigo in the mid 2000s (must have been sometime between 03 and 07). On Zdaemon or Skulltag (I used both, no idea which one I was playing on that one time). It was completely incidental, I didn’t know him or plan to play with him offline or anything, I just remember he was kicking my ass (not saying much) and I was getting annoyed by him winning and what I thought was a stupid name because I was salty lol. Later I learned what Wendigos are in mythology via Supernatural and now I’m learning this lol. Somehow the name has been stuck in my head for 15 years though as the vaguest memory.
  16. insertwackynamehere

    So this is a bit of a "blow off steam" kind of rant...

    I don’t understand where the whole pistol start thing came from. I guess it doesn’t matter, everyone plays how they want, but the way I saw it for decades was that levels are continuous play for normal people, and pistol start for competitive people. Everyone can balance their map for pistol start because it’s easier for the mapper to do so and ensures the map is beatable for the experts, but the normal player who doesn’t care about pistol start also is not likely finding the map unbalanced doing continuous, due to casual skill level. I’m 100% a casual player and I don’t care, and I see continuous play through as normal gameplay which should be especially bypassed by those who are experts and want a challenge. So I’m glad map sets don’t do this, and I think pistol start balancing seems to be misunderstood on that front where it should be balanced for the option not the expectation.
  17. insertwackynamehere

    What Are We Drinking?

    The insect thing above is referring to Carmine, red dye from cochineal insects before artificial red dye. Not sure what beer would include it but red bitter liqueurs like Campari used to before switching to become halal/kosher/not gross. Other indie red bitter Italian producers still use carmine and I just put it out of my head when drinking them lol. It’s basically bugs soaked in some ammonia derivative IIRC to get their red out. Very far removed from bugs but not vegan and not religiously acceptable if bugs are banned. Homemade mai tai, already a few sips in (hit the top perfectly when poured and float added)
  18. insertwackynamehere

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    Yeah I agree with j4rio, the messaging starting back in December was basically garbage like “vaccines are coming but don’t get too excited kiddos”. Really passive aggressive “we’re going to be in hell forever” journalism. It’s contributed to a lot of vaccine hesitancy anecdotally. People saying “what’s the point if the risk downside exists with no reward upside” because frankly if you’re young that’s a fair analysis of being told “get a vaccine but then keep putting your life on hold”. This is now cited by people I know as a reason they won’t get it. They think only the elderly should put up with the risk downside as it’s lesser than the existing risk downside. Their logic is wrong IMO but it’s fed into by the mollycoddling media who decided to pitch vaccines as another civic burden instead of an escape hatch for some idiotic reason. I also hear the line about how you can still get it and spread it. Yeah, at greatly reduced rates. With pretty much infinitely increased chance of survival. All this “well-intentioned” reserved scientist outlook on vaccines is contributing to hesitancy more than the existing contingent of anti-vax people at this point. The anti-vax crowd was a write off from the start. Now I’m seeing people who aren’t anti-vax but don’t think being a guinea pig for this vaccine makes any sense because the news (even and arguably mostly left-leaning news) is pretty much saying that vaccines might kill you every time one person dies who also happened to be vaccinated and pumping out article after article written in a scolding parent voice that you shouldn’t even THINK about returning to normal even when you are fully vaccinated. It’s really frankly disgusting and the cherry on top of the complete mismanagement of the last year. Here is the reality: people already don’t care, not just in US but across the world. The number of people who don’t care grows according to basic social dynamics (one crazy guy not caring might not start a trend but 50% of your peers not caring means maybe you’ll also not care). The only way out is getting people vaccinated in a race against the reality that people are going to return to their lives from fatigue, economic stress, and the fact that the risk/reward of staying the course diminishes over time. If people want to continue to wear masks individually it’s fine, because unlike not wearing a mask, wearing a mask is a personal choice which doesn’t impact everyone around you. But I think a reality check is needed.
  19. insertwackynamehere

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    There’s an interesting trend I’ve noticed where some people say “trust the experts” if the experts are pessimistic and say “the experts are wrong” if the experts are optimistic. I think it’s reactionary somewhat to how politicized masks became. Now not wearing a mask has almost become like wearing a MAGA hat, but people have to deprogram themselves because that’s not going to be the case going forward.
  20. insertwackynamehere

    Do you guys even lift?

    I’ve gotta stand up for Old-Doomguy (without disagreeing with Bridgeburner).. it’s extremely common for people in their late teens to begin strength training using Starting Strength as a guideline and the world has not ended. It’s how I started over 10 years ago. I’m completely open to differing opinions on whether that’s suboptimal or in certain cases risky, but it’s a bit weird to start dog-piling someone over one of the oldest arguments about gym workouts ever (compound lifts versus machine assisted lifts). The root of all Old Doomguys sources is likely Starting Strength written by a guy Mark Rippetoe, and expended on by his ilk (Glenn Pendlay et al) all of whom also are also authoritative in the field. The actual books and guides put out are not hawking supplements, 50 million regurgitating blogs hawk supplements while reiterating the kernels of knowledge from the actual published sources. Once again this isn’t a call out of BridgeBurner’s disagreement as wrong, I just disagree with the weird dog piling that one thing is right and one thing is wrong. This played out topic is the fitness forum equivalent of arguing which source port is best, with the caveat that unlike choosing a source port, most people should probably consult a doctor or trainer before beginning any fitness regimen regardless of what they end up choosing.
  21. It goes without saying, but besides the file dates, the MD5 is not listed on the page as any known version. I’m on my phone and using some random checksum-from-file website so my work should be double checked, but I get 50dffb0cd7d3ce9d1cb67dae5a7a2998 as the MD5 for the exe. The WAD, however, is just normal v1.9 shareware (double checked in case it was also some unknown version, but it’s not). Nothing really new here, clearly the EXE is different from just seeing the demo, but it’s also a seemingly truly new find as googling the hash returns nothing (whereas googling well known hashes like shareware hash links you to various Doom sites that collect such things).
  22. insertwackynamehere

    On "Whose Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue"

    It’s ironic that the people super angry about “”“modern””” (giveaway misused catch all classification) art would embrace the very Dada act of slashing a controversial painting. It ends up being an argument over which type of non-classical, non-figurative art do you prefer, abstract visual art or performative avant-garde? Personally, I think ironic, meta, avant-garde stuff is annoying and juvenile but I don’t go around trying to murder the creators of it, either. But it’s funny when people who don’t care much about art suddenly get super mad that art they don’t like exists and then cheer when something arguably more groan-worthy in the self-satisfied pretension department comes along to destroy it. Although I guess this meta-irony is maybe the goal of people like the slasher, or if he’s just a nutcase, the general avant-garde “crew”.
  23. insertwackynamehere

    Do you consider videogames an artform?

    I think one really helpful thing when it comes to enjoying art (rather than getting angry at art you feel is overrated) is to just put it out of your mind that “so and so paid whatever million dollars for this”. Just realize anyone buying art in earnest does so because they like the work, and the speculative investment side hinges on someone richer than you sharing your taste. Obviously a market is formed at this point making it a bit more complex than that but still, the end result is that if a really rich person likes a piece of art they will win any bidding war for it and that’s entirely separate from whether someone with less money also would like that piece of art. I think a lot of discussions about art get sidetracked by misdirected outrage about wealth disparity.
  24. insertwackynamehere

    If Doomguy had one-liners...

    He’d probably say “cowabunga” and “eat my shorts” like that cool tv kid
  25. insertwackynamehere

    Doomguy's personality

    I agree with OP in addition, Doomguy: - said “fuck” in front of a teacher and got yelled at leading him to cry for 30 minutes in front of the whole class - peed his pants in 3rd period after not raising his hand to go to the bathroom because he was scared of being forced to answer a math problem first - stayed up at a sleepover making jokes until 1am when his friends parents came in and told them to go to sleep leading him to cry for 30 minutes at the recognition of his own insolence as an awful houseguest - threw a birthday party at a bowling alley but only one friend showed up and the friend said he was only there because his mom made him go after Doomguys mom called her and explained to her the situation anyway I think this is what Doomguy is most likely like thanks for reading