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  1. bifurcator

    how to make monsters visible through walls?

    that's not it this must be a controlled property of the actor.
  2. Now doing some kind of Search Vision with highlighting important items. It would be logical to make monsters that can be seen through the walls (at a limited distance) so far I see only how to do it through RenderOverlay and draw markers on the screen of the player. Perhaps there is more simple and typical way, which I overlooked?
  3. bifurcator

    Blood: The Curse Hunter: WIP - nature and time of day

    this is in priduction
  4. bifurcator

    Blood: The Curse Hunter: WIP - nature and time of day

    This is my own new story of Caleb between BLOOD & BLOOD2 Concept is most of original artwork with modern TEC. This is not another BLOOD on new engine. This is new BLOOD - like old but better. I hope. PS. "the C´╗┐ult" Maps Pack for Blood is my creation actually
  5. bifurcator

    Blood: The Curse Hunter: WIP - nature and time of day

    Yes. Youre right. Doom Slayer Chronicles is sort of the technology test. It was a big expirience, mistake teaching.. I move on. In any case, if someone thinks they can help-I never refuse.
  6. bandicam eats CPU time. in real life on i3 in this scene 50+ fps
  7. bifurcator

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    rainbow colors in doom map design is really brainblow effect kind of Unreal design style i think
  8. bifurcator

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    I have to disappoint all fans of multiplayer. I'm not interested in multiplayer as a genre. And I have no plans to do such projects.
  9. bifurcator

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Doom Slayer Chronicles Update 1.1 is coming Thank you so much for all your good and most importantly - bad reviews. Your reaction helps us to see the DSC in the right light and make it better. I try to be attentive to each opinion and especially to specific bug reports. Soon will be released update 1.1 with the correction of the most important shortcomings of the project. Stay in touch.
  10. bifurcator

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    there are Options->Doom Slayer Chronicles options->Film Grain