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  1. Pierrot

    AV MAP 20

    When downloading Alien Vendetta you should have had a zip containing av.wad and avmovfix.wad, the later replaces map20 for demo recording so just play av.wad to have the complet map.
  2. Nice! I played a bit on HMP and really enjoyed the gameplay. I think "Night Time Terror" is a good name for this.
  3. Pierrot

    Subverted - First map (Limit Removing)

    I enjoyed watching your video @Magicana, thanks for it. I'm glad you all liked the layout/design and spotted the feeling of Plutonia, it was my first objective for this map. Though I fully understand it lacks the "punishing" touch of the iwad, which I admit I weren't planning to reproduce, resulting in a "odd" feeling about the map. Sure I will be more attentive to it. Again thanks for playing my first map!
  4. Pierrot

    Subverted - First map (Limit Removing)

    I see what you mean @rdwpa. It's true the first part of the map lacks some refreshing encounters, will take this into account from now, thanks. Thank you @Diego Ignelzi!
  5. Pierrot

    Subverted - First map (Limit Removing)

    Thanks again @kknot5889, and yeah I would love to stick some time to the Plutonia theme as it features my favorite aesthetics among the iwads. I will work more on the difficulty aspect next time so expect more chaingunners!
  6. Pierrot

    Subverted - First map (Limit Removing)

    Thank you @gaspe and @kknot5889 for your FDAs, always nice to see diferent approachs. I enjoyed your commented run, kknot5889, many thanks for it! Don't blame me if I laughed each time you were in trouble but it was very satisfying seeing my traps such effective :)
  7. Pierrot

    Subverted - First map (Limit Removing)

    Thank you @Ribbiks and @BoxY for the feedbacks! Ribbiks, appreciated watching your fda. Nice run, you sure managed to pass it without apparent difficulty! BoxY, you get it, I like the visuals of Plutonia:) Thanks for your observations! Regarding the difficulty, I must say I wasn't planning to reproduce the gameplay of Plutonia more than working on the architecture and feeling of the map. I tried to put interesting encounters but I conceive it's still a bit casual in UV. I will consider it more in future maps for sure, especially if it's for Plutonia again. Sure it would be a great achievement for me to master the style of the iwad! Again thanks, really appreciated your comments!
  8. Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first completed map so here it is. Subverted is a techbase featuring a dark Plutonia vibe, beatable in roughly 10 minutes. Being attracted by Plutonia for his dark aesthetics and his oppressive E2 red sky, I chose this setup to give the map a feeling it's a lost base, which had his population decimated by demons who now own the place. I think I managed to give the map an interesting flow and a sens of progression. The bestiary is revealing gradually and there are interconnections and viewpoints on later areas of the map. All skills are implemented, I made sure to give the player sufficient resources without being too generous. Thus, make sure to grab all ammo you can. I would say it's average Doom 2 difficulty. For my part, the map is enjoyable and has a good looking, so I'm pretty satisfied with the result and might make other maps in the future, hopefully under the vanilla limits. For now, here are the essentials: General infos: Singleplayer map, DOOM2 format for limit removing sourceports Tested with: crispy doom, prboom-plus, gzdoom iwad: PLUTONIA map replacement: MAP13 Screenshots: Download link: subvertd.zip Hope you'll enjoy it!
  9. Pierrot

    Memorable video game songs

    Some from good action games
  10. There was this rare moment when something like a hell knight was attacking a revenant who was attacking a mancubus who was attacking the first hell knight. Another one that amuses me a lot is when I kill a cacodemon through a window and then I see his dead body slowly reappear because there is another caco underneath.
  11. Pierrot

    80's themed wads?

    There is this project from BlackMetalChainsaw called Synthdoom that matches what you're describing. Not available yet but you might keep an eye on it. Here is the link to the thread, there's also a facebook page with more screenshots.
  12. Pierrot

    top 5 most underrated doom wads?

    I would mention Armadosia - The Mad Corridor (v2). Played with the PSX soundtrack, it's a great adventurous and atmospheric megawad.
  13. Pierrot

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Speaking of Playstation Doom, I recently found out about the Caco Spectre in Tenements.
  14. Pierrot

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    map10 Refueling Base map11 '0' of Destruction! map16 Suburbs map25 Bloodfalls map26 The Abandoned Mines
  15. Pierrot

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    Scythe 2 Plutonia 2 Kama Sutra Community Chest 4 Hell Ground