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  1. Certainly yes. I've played Doom on SNES and PSX for almost 10 years before knowing about the community. I have kept all of my old console games from my childhood and there is a bunch I play again from time to time. Doom is definitely one of the games I've replayed the most.
  2. Good job everyone, this was a fun event and we get some really cool content from it! I'm very thankful to Jimmy for the 2nd place. Congratulations to Pinchy and RonnieJamesDiner, special awards and honorable mentions, they well deserve it.
  3. I updated my map: removed unused jimmytex ressources from the wad removed questionable switch textures in starting room added graphic and dehacked for map name joyraid.wad
  4. Name: Joyful Raider Map Format: Boom Ports Tested: GZDoom 4.2.4 (Boom strict), PrBoom 2.4.8 (cl9) Build Time: 15h Midi: "Path of Destruction" by Mark Klem Textures: jimmytex External PWADs: none (jimmytex included in the wad) Requirements: No Jumping/crouching, freelook permitted download Screenshots:
  5. Pierrot

    all time best wads or hiden gems

    Try The Alfonzone, it's a really neat experience.
  6. Map Name: Intruder in the Court of Apocalypse Author: Pierrot Music: "Trilemma" by Jimmy Sky: sky1 from Speed of Doom Format: Doom 2 Difficulty Settings: yes Comments: symmetrical courtyard, quite intense from start to finish. Download Screenshots:
  7. Pierrot

    Best GZDoom wads/megawads

    https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/98003-the-alfonzone/ I had a great time playing this one, very high quality level.
  8. Pierrot

    List of Doom WAD Fan Remakes

    I can mention Bijou Doom and Hell on Earth: Super Tiny Edition where the maps are recreated in really small space (the later uses a 64x64 playable area). Worth a try if you ask me.
  9. Pierrot

    Djinn - 25 Maps Megawad

    Please send me the link also, I would like to play it!
  10. Map Name: A Frosty Gift Hunt Author: Pierrot Music: "Sugar Plum Fairies" Sky: none Format: Boom * Requires a sourceport that supports midtexture translucency * Difficulty Settings: no Comments: You are in a large freezer, in search for the evil Santas that keep your christmas presents. Download: frozhunt.wad
  11. Category 3, UV, finished all 3 episodes + E4. I blasted my way through E1-3, as I intensively played them on SNES. For E4, I had some hard time in E4M6. First I hit 4% health before luckily finding the soulsphere, then I got lost for a minute losing some health in the lava pit, and finally I wasn't confident against the cyber. I fortunately killed him at the last second. In the end that was intense but fun. E1 13:27 E2 11:17 E3 11:00 Total: 35:44 E4 34:52 DWMET1_Pierrot.zip
  12. Pierrot

    Obscure Megawads (period 1997 - 2014)

    There was this topic that aimed to list all the released full megawads for each year: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/74345-project-an-exhaustive-list-of-full-ultimate-doomdoom-2tntplutonia-single-player-r/ Some are certainly obscure
  13. @DukeOfDoom I did a fda of your map, recorded in Crispy Doom satelite_fda_Pierrot.zip I quite enjoyed it honestly, nice and full of action. I spotted 2 bugs in the nukage area: - the lift switch is ineffective (2nd death in the demo) - nukage in the secret switch alcove doesn't hurt