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  1. Pierrot

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Ultimate Doom: Sever the Wicked Doom 2: Refueling Base for the challenge, and Bloodfalls for the theme and the music. I also like some challenging IoS maps (like the one from Whitemare).
  2. Pierrot

    DOOM wads that use custom made monsters

    The Twilight Zone 2 (grab the old version to have the Iron Lich and the custom sounds), Scythe X, NewDoom Community Project 2, Whitemare (map32). Other wads that include reskinned Doom monsters : Epic, Pirate Doom, Doom: The Lost Episode (Archvile).
  3. Pierrot

    Any good levels with huge open spaces?

    Also Whitemare map15. Pretty atmospheric level.
  4. Pierrot

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Doom: Nobody told me about id Doom 2: Opening to hell TNT: Blood jungle
  5. Pierrot

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    I first played SNES Doom during my childhood. I remember that at the time I didn't know we could choose the episode and difficulty so I always played from the start in HMP, so it took me some time to reach the end of the game but I was pretty proud of me when I finaly defeated the Spiderdemon. Then I played PSX Doom and Final Doom a lot, loved the new sounds, musics and the dark mood. At some point I figured out that all of the original maps weren't included in the console versions (especially in Final Doom), so when I got a computer I installed Doom to play the remaining levels, and then I discovered there was quantity of fan made new levels. I'm really impressed by all the good stuffs we can find around here, I think I'll never get tired playing this game
  6. Pierrot

    Devil's Corridors.

    It was also my case, I played Tyson style at some points (and I should play like this more often), it was a fun experience though, and I liked the texturing. Good job, keep going.