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  1. Pierrot

    Facility of the Damned - map

    Hi wolfmcbeard, I played your map and I would like to give you my feedbacks. This is one of my first map reviews, I will try to give you constructive feedbacks since I'm also experimenting with Doom mapping :) First, the map is not working on prboom+ because it is made in UDMF. This format allows extra features such as the swimmable liquids, 3d floors, auto-scaled textures and light actors used in this map, but is not compatible with prboom+ (Boom format) or vanilla Doom (Doom 2 format). Overall, it's visible you have put effort on it. There are some complex structures (the nukage room, the elevator, the computer zone), a way to switches and keys and some traps. I found a bug : the zombiemen outdoor at the start could be stuck because the sector they're standing on is too small. Things you can improve in my opinion: Some areas are quite detailled, but others are just bland corridors (the one leading to the switch for the blue key for exemple). Try to have a cohesive level of detail in all the map. To avoid bland rooms, add texture transitions, height variations, panels in the walls, windows... also use sector lighting, it will add a stronger atmosphere to your rooms. You used a lot of streched textures, notably for doors and computers, but I find it ugly in some places. I think there isn't enough monsters. A map is enjoyable when you're forced to fight your way and plan your movement to limit damages and dodge projectiles comming from multiple directions. Traps are a good thing, but are locally limited. Increase monster density, at least for UV difficulty. You can add monsters behind corners or on elevated areas for exemple. Put more ammo. The only two boxes of shells are availible at the very end. You can make the gameplay focus on ammo starvation but the effect is not the same for this kind of map with a low monster count and big areas because you can barely provoke monster infightning. In fact, I would put ammo where there are traps. Another point, but it's more a personal though: there is too many doors you can't open and are just here for decoration. Usualy I don't like it because it restricts exploration, notably with the displayed message "That doesn't seem to work". If they arn't meant to be opened at all, I don't think they're necessary, you can put other elements of decoration (see above). Clearly, the map is designed for GZDoom as it uses advanced features, but I think you should start mapping in a more simple format so you can focus more on layout and gameplay, and learn the basics of texture alignement and sector lighting. That's an advice from a guy who doesn't map in UDMF though, it's all your choice. Anyway, it's a good effort for a first map. Keep mapping, you will improve for sure :)
  2. Pierrot

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    When facing an Archvile starting his attack against me, I'm always waiting for the last tic before shooting him with the SSG at point blank range, hoping that he enters his pain state just in time. Maybe I think he's more vulnerable at this specific moment. It doesn't occure everytime but when it does, it's like a relief.
  3. Pierrot

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Ultimate Doom: Sever the Wicked Doom 2: Refueling Base for the challenge, and Bloodfalls for the theme and the music. I also like some challenging IoS maps (like the one from Whitemare).
  4. Pierrot

    DOOM wads that use custom made monsters

    The Twilight Zone 2 (grab the old version to have the Iron Lich and the custom sounds), Scythe X, NewDoom Community Project 2, Whitemare (map32). Other wads that include reskinned Doom monsters : Epic, Pirate Doom, Doom: The Lost Episode (Archvile).
  5. Pierrot

    Any good levels with huge open spaces?

    Also Whitemare map15. Pretty atmospheric level.
  6. Pierrot

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Doom: Nobody told me about id Doom 2: Opening to hell TNT: Blood jungle
  7. Pierrot

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    I first played SNES Doom during my childhood. I remember that at the time I didn't know we could choose the episode and difficulty so I always played from the start in HMP, so it took me some time to reach the end of the game but I was pretty proud of me when I finaly defeated the Spiderdemon. Then I played PSX Doom and Final Doom a lot, loved the new sounds, musics and the dark mood. At some point I figured out that all of the original maps weren't included in the console versions (especially in Final Doom), so when I got a computer I installed Doom to play the remaining levels, and then I discovered there was quantity of fan made new levels. I'm really impressed by all the good stuffs we can find around here, I think I'll never get tired playing this game
  8. Pierrot

    Devil's Corridors.

    It was also my case, I played Tyson style at some points (and I should play like this more often), it was a fun experience though, and I liked the texturing. Good job, keep going.