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  1. PvtHudson206

    DOOM 2016: The Board Game

    Yeah I saw this a while back, and considered getting it. I play board/table top games couple times a month with a group of friends, and we kinda need some new games so ehhh probably going to grab it. Even if the game isn't too good it will still be a cool piece for my collection, and the figures are fucking awesome!
  2. Oh shit! Thank's for bringing this to my attention. I absolutely need one for the figure collection!! It'll look perfect next to all the Marine and CyberDemon Funko POP's I have lol.
  3. PvtHudson206

    6th scale Doom Marine action figure

    Wait is this really a thing? I never heard of or seen this. I'm a huge figure/bust/statue nerd, and this is something that I would simply have to have if it exists!!
  4. So my PC is not really quite up to par to effectively run Doom 2016, so I had to play it on my X Box One. I was just wondering if anyone here happens to have an X Box One with Doom, and would be willing to play sometime? My X Box Live Gamer Tag is PvtHudson206. Side note: Even if you don't play Doom on X Box, but get down on any other games, let me know! I have a pretty huge game collection, and I'm always looking for people to game with!
  5. PvtHudson206

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Personally I did not know most of the things on this list I'll link below. It's actually super interesting, and worth a watch for sure if you have a few minutes. My personal favorite thing on the list is the fact that they named it Doom after the scene in the movie "The Color of Money" when Tom Cruise opens the box and tells them it's Doom as he proceeds to dominate them at Pool, and John Carmac wanted it to be similar as in they would dominate the industry! Pretty cool. It would have been very cool to see what they did if they had moved forward with making it a licensed Aliens game, but obviously I'm happy they didn't because we got the beloved franchise we know and love today.
  6. PvtHudson206

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Say whaaaaaaaaattt!?!? Dude that is fuckin' rad looking! You can most definitely count me in for checking this out. Now as for this other project "Don't Play With Hell" well damn man sorry to hear that's going poorly enough for you to deem it "souldraining" but yeah if I was you I wouldn't choose to continue on with something that would have such a profoundly negative effect. Besides in the end if your heart and soul isnt in it well then it probably wouldn't turn out very good or be something to be proud of anyway.
  7. PvtHudson206

    First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    So I started with Doom 3 on the original X Box in like 2005 or 2004 I think was the original release year. Pretty much I had done enough chores for my dad to earn going in to the local GameCrazy to get a new game. Doom 3 was brand new just in, and both the store employee and my dad convinced me Doom 3 was the way to go. I was kind of hesitant to choose it though, because for me it was the third in a series I'd never played, but then the guy explained to me that not only was 3 a reboot/remake, but if you got the special limited edition it came with Ultimate Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth as well, and I was sold. My dad being the awesome dad he was, and an O.G. Doom fan himself, got it for me even though it meant paying an additional twenty dollars for the special edition, when I had only done enough work to earn a sixty dollar game. I took it home, put it in the good old X Box, and for the next 8 hours I was baptized in the hellish, adrenaline pumping, violent gore soaked glory that is the Doom series. It changed my life forever, and was a truly unforgettable moment in my early life which helped to rocket propel my insatiable hunger for action packed shooter gaming. It wasn't until I want to say 2008, maybe 2009, that I moved from sticking to just that Doom 3 collectors edition, which had the other two games still mind you, to actually installing Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, TNT+Plutonia, Doom 64, Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil on my newly constructed gaming PC and sinking even more hours of my mostly anti-social nerd/geek culture consumed life into blowing away demons in mass. This led to downloading countless wads/mods and what have you for even more hours of my life eaten away by the immortal beheamoth that is the Doom franchise. After this I did dabble just the tiniest bit in making some custom maps with Doom Builder, which were absolutely terrible by the way. Never got past the initial curiosity or more like fury inducing phase of custom map building honestly. For years very, very few games captured my absolute attention and gratification, nor elicited such a raw mixture of joy, adrenaline, excitement and entertainment like I experienced with my first foray into the world of Doom. I also grew increasingly doubtful that another Doom would come along with how stupidly and infuriatingly long Doom 4 was taking to even get a tiny bit of news about the game to see the light of day, let alone a full blown release. Then we started hearing about another reboot. Then we started seeing footage for said reboot. Soon I very cautiously began to anticipate it's release, even if I was a little doubtful and didn't want to get my hopes up. Then May 2016 finally came, and within fifteen to twenty minutes of playing Doom 2016 on my X Box One, all the feelings and experiences of that night in 2004 came rushing back, and I felt that mix of emotions again like it was only yesterday. Needless to say Doom has had a tremendous impact on myself, and has been a huge part of my life. I also tend to take things like video games, movies, books and comics very seriously on an emotional level because socializing and just other people in general have very rarely been very good for me. So I connect with these types of things on a level slightly deeper than mere entertainment or a hobby, and the Doom franchise sits very highly on the list of my interests that I most enjoy/appreciate.