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  1. Megas Archon

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Yeah, @Ye_Illuminator Sure does like the Jet Pilot Skeleton. Plus this is one of his favorite music videos. This is another fact about that guy!
  2. Megas Archon

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Same here! LOL!
  3. Megas Archon

    [Beta][WIP]Nuclear Grounds 0.2

    Hello, I have read the credits for the Whatdafuck??? 0.7 and it says that you have gave credits to the creators of Grezzo Due. There has been a big misconception of The WDF game belonging to the creators of Grezzo, but in actuality, it is created by 2 people with Username Don West and DaGrimreefa. These people had created their game and it has been out their since the Skulltag era and they have worked on their game entirely by scratch (Well expect for the Music and a few sounds of course). Grezzo Due have taken the game and given the original creators credits located within the Grezzo file. Thank you for the understanding.