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  1. Shiro Nomatsu

    Japanese Community Project

    MAP 29は、これまでDOOMでプレイしたことがある最悪のマップの1つです。 このメガワッドでどのように受け入れられたのか私にはわかりません。 他の悪い地図は:MAP 27、MAP 26、MAP 10、07です。他のすべての地図は大体良く、700人のモンスターを持つMAP 28と500人のMAP 17を特に言及しています。
    Great Wad! Easy on UV due to a lot of items and health scattered around. Music 16 is one of best I've ever heard on Doom. Paul Corfiatis did a great job on this one! 5/5.
  2. Shiro Nomatsu

    Devile II

    Simple layout maps, annoying music, resemble a beginner mapper. But fun to play and it's way better than joe-ilya maps, at least the author knows how to balance a map.
  3. Shiro Nomatsu

    1024:ABC edition

    Annoying music, crowded maps, bad placed monsters. I wasted my time trying to play this piece of shit.
  4. Shiro Nomatsu

    Ezekiel (Abridged version)

    Not ENOUGH ammo, and it's very challenging in UV. Other than that it's a OK set of maps, but nothing too special. 3/5.
  5. Shiro Nomatsu

    Doom the Way id Did

    Very good 3 full episodes, id quality made. Enjoyed it greatly! 5/5.
  6. Shiro Nomatsu

    THE TROOPERS' PLAYGROUND (repackaged edition)

    Very good set of maps. Difficulty is about right on UV. Nice work!
  7. Shiro Nomatsu


    One of best set of maps I've ever played. Very good sir.
  8. Shiro Nomatsu


    A set of beautiful made maps, but very hard at UV. For instance, level 09 is unplayable, only feasible with IDDQD. Overall I liked it. 4/5.
  9. Shiro Nomatsu

    1 Monster Megawad

    Very good MEGAWAD. Keep up the good work guys!