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  1. Concrete Meat

    Phobos mountain outpost

    Pretty much overall. I did some level design on a 2D platformer, but this is my first attempt at 3D level design.
  2. Concrete Meat

    Phobos mountain outpost

    Wanted to cook up a map for Vinesauce Joel's mapping contest. That didn't happen lol. Picked it up again later and decided to finish it, hopefully you folks will enjoy it. It's my first map so I'm open to any critcism you may have, and in advance, thanks a ton for checking it out! Screenshots: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7u0o5x611g5i60a/Phobos mountain outpost.7z Tested with GZDOOM, designed to be played without jumping and crouching. Changes in difficulty settings have been implemented if it proves to be too difficult on ultra-violence.