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Everything posted by doomguy-x

  1. doomguy-x

    DOOM: To Hell and Back chap. 1

    DOOM: TO HELL AND BACK Matt ducked. The flaming skull that flew over his head and exploded against the wall of the school. He remembered the one who fought for the safety of earth before, but it was he now who had to slaughter the Imps and Demons in the garbage plant. The garbage plant was littered with the corpses of his fellow men, and with the corpses of Imps and Demons. Then he heard it......
  2. doomguy-x

    DOOM: To Hell and Back chap. 1

    "me pulls out wirror guntlet and punces guardian in the nuts"
  3. doomguy-x

    Some Baron pics

    I like the pics. Do a Mancubus or an Archvile next. I really liked the 2nd pic. Nice detail on the head. ARCHVILE! ARCHVILE!
  4. doomguy-x

    DOOM: To Hell and Back chap. 1

    What the hell, dsm? I'm no artist. I don't do Fan Art. And besides, i'm still working on chapter 2. So shut the hell up and be patient.
  5. doomguy-x

    The Throes of Despair - JPG

    And this has what to do with DOOM?
  6. doomguy-x

    Multilegged she-devil

    Really, Silverwyvern, I like it. it's actually kinda cool. Now, send it to id Software and maybe they'll put it in DOOM 3. Or hell, even a DOOM 4. :p