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  1. GhostPlayer

    I need help Boss Random Power

    Is it normal that the boss does not perform the second power? I want him to go randomly alternating every power but I can't get it I need help here D': my english is sad, sorry
  2. GhostPlayer

    [WIP] Eternal Nightmare Revenge (Chill version) - Demo1

    in other ports, most likely the textures are not aligned and I don't know how to correct that D : Here secrets xD RL SSG The maps change to the version that is now (The screts no)
  3. GhostPlayer

    [WIP] Eternal Nightmare Revenge (Chill version) - Demo1

    Hi doomers. The project is at work I will shorten the project only to 15 levels. Since 32 levels for me is just a lot of work. Pics Maps 7, 8, 9, 10, 11:
  4. GhostPlayer

    Returned.wad - My First Presentable Wad

    Playing through on UV Video: In Inglish (My english is bad. I use google traductor xD): In Spanish I express myself better:
  5. GhostPlayer

    I’d like to record FDAs of your maps

    @OfficalGeeDee I would love you to try my megawad :D I recommend "Hurt me plenty" to play quiet, because UV is hard. Any opinion I will have in mind for the second part. My inglish is bad D':
  6. Hello Doomers :D My english is bad. Plis google traductor xD NOTE: This is a Slaughter level with very high difficulty, only for experienced players. "Doomguy falls into a black hole and is stranded in limbo and reality. Can he get out of this big problem?" This level is based on the chillax play style (or that was what I wanted to achieve) obviously, it is not so difficult because there are many life and ammunition. To pass it they will need a lot of skill and save ammunition, which at the beginning costs to obtain it. In Spanish: Test: Pics: Singularity: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8etxdfyppmmvr0b/Singularity.wad/file * Only test in GZDOOM D': I hope you have fun :D
  7. GhostPlayer

    Doom Streams

    We keep testing "Singularity". * New sectors https://www.twitch.tv/fhurermefisto/
  8. GhostPlayer

    Doom Streams

    Test my slaughter level Singularity O.o https://www.twitch.tv/fhurermefisto
  9. GhostPlayer

    Doom Streams

    testing my slaughter map :D https://www.twitch.tv/fhurermefisto
  10. GhostPlayer

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    the weapons are already in an early face, but add more monster and take out some megabytes. Regarding the difficulty, I like it to be extremely difficult (it is not the case with this wad that I want to make it fun and not frustrating) that is why it is very difficult for me to control monster / ammunition / life. The decoration I want to mix old school with the new school. I hope it goes well xD Increase the number of monster and take out the excess ammo. When I have 5 levels prepared I will take out another demo so that it can be tested and there will be no demos yet until the end of the wad. Your comments were extremely useful and helped me a lot, because if it were for me I would continue to make them very, very difficult >.< My english is sad u.u
  11. GhostPlayer

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    * I made it easier to reach weapons, and I'm balancing this. I have a hard time balancing these types of maps >.<
  12. GhostPlayer

    [WIP] Eternal Nightmare Revenge (Chill version) - Demo1

    I decided to use lighting effects, I started using them because of the recommendation you said in the other forum
  13. GhostPlayer

    [WIP] Eternal Nightmare Revenge (Chill version) - Demo1

    Thematic of maps 6 to 9. I publish the other images at the beginning of the post :D
  14. GhostPlayer

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Thanks for testing :D I have to balance that. I have to put the bazooka and the Plasma Gun at the beginning levels (Sorry mi english >.<)
  15. GhostPlayer

    [WIP] Eternal Nightmare Revenge (Chill version) - Demo1

    This is a Quick Test of the first 4 levels. Start each map: 0:10 = Map 01 2:46 = Map 02 4:51 = Map 03 8:19 = Map 04