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  1. Shino1

    Blasphemer discussion

    Actually first I made a digital painting with a tablet, shrunk it down to about Maulotaur size, converted it to Blasphemer palette with automatic dithering in GIMP, and then I proceeded to touch it up by hand manually. From what I've tried, Doom engine artstyle uses a bit too many colors at once to bother doing the smooth gradients by hand by literaly placing every single pixel, like you would do with most spritework. But I considered making a 3D model, if work will be going too slowly, I will probably do that. As for Shovel Knight - I imagine the similarity is because such horned helmets did exist in real life. I assure you that Shovel Knight was the last thing on my mind when designing him.
  2. Shino1

    Blasphemer discussion

    I used the palette I found in the Experimental branch of the Blasphemer Github. It appears to be slightly different from Heretic (for example, pink tones appear to be replaced with lilac).
  3. Shino1

    Blasphemer discussion

    Result of a day's work: Stone Golem, the Maulotaur replacement. Character design and the sprite itself. If that quality is acceptable, I will keep working on other frames. If not, I'd appreciate feedback so I can improve, this is first Doom sprite (well, Heretic but you get the point) in my life.
  4. Shino1

    Blasphemer discussion

    Sweet! I will get cracking and post here once I will have some actual progress.
  5. Shino1

    Blasphemer discussion

    Hi, I'm a pixel artist and a beginning Doom mapper, and I'd like to participate in this project. From what has been said, is working on Maulotaur replacement sprites a good way to start contributing?
  6. Shino1

    Looking for exotic/egyptian styled midi

    Uh, Powerslave/Exhumed is an entire Build engine game set in Ancient Egypt ruins, with fitting soundtrack. And Serious Sam First Encounter, also set in Egypt, doesn't use midis, but soundtrack might still be useful - and both games can be helpful both as inspiration and texture source. I also found this site - http://www.egyptianobsession.com/egyptian_themed_music.html - which lets you download some free Egyptian-themed Midis for non-commercial use. I hope that helps!