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  1. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    Problems with my wad

    How would I go about doing that?
  2. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    Problems with my wad

    Okay I've tried for a while to figure this stuff out on my own and I've hit a brick wall. So I'm just going to explain what I'm doing and hopefully somebody can help me. I want to make a standalone game, an iwad. People keep saying "don't edit the iwad" but I do not want to just make an addon, I want this to be like Freedoom is. A standalone iwad. I've managed to figure out how to get my iwad to load into GZDoom with the other iwads, so that is not my problem. My problem is that I want to edit the code for the guns but none of it is working. Specifically I am replacing the chaingun with the assault rifle from Marathon 2. I've already replaced the sprites with the ones I want, and I created a DECORATE lump which includes the code for the chaingun that I got from the wiki page. I then edited that code so that the animation frames are faster because the MA-75b assault rifle fires very fast but when I save the iwad and run it, the frames still run on the same ticks as the chaingun. I also tried to replace dspistol with the sound for the rifle, but still named it dspistol and that also did not change at all. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easier way to do this?
  3. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    Weapon HUD moves against camera

    I wanted to see what would happen if I ran Doom 2 and SmoothDoom.pk3 with the gzdoom.exe file that is included with Doom Remake 4 using Doomseeker. This is the result. See how the hand moves down when looking up, and moves up when looking down? I think that looks really cool but I can't figure out how it's done. I have little experience with modding scripts in Doom and have only really been able to make decorate scripts, I don't know zscripting. But if zscripting is what I need to know to be able to do this then, well, where can I learn it?
  4. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    How to program sprinting animations?

    As far as I know Brutal Doom version 21 is the only mod I have ever seen/heard of with this sprinting effect. Would someone be able to look at it and explain it to me? EDIT: I've been looking for an answer all night, and so far I know that it has to do with using a "fake actor" that is given and taken away from the player's inventory depending on a condition. I believe a similar scenario is used in Weasel's GunLabs tut for the Sniper Rifle (http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/2011/02/tutorial-inventory-variables-and-making.html). However I'm still unsure how I could use it to affect speed and change the animation.
  5. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    How to program sprinting animations?

    So basically I could make it so that the weapon HUD sprinting animations will play as long as the user presses the run button? I saw something called "buttonSpeed" when going through the code in the newest Brutal Doom release, is that the name of the run button by any chance? I just don't know where to even start with this, because I have only made guns before.
  6. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    How to program sprinting animations?

    Hello again! For the mod I'm working on I'd like to allow the player to sprint (not "run"), and to disallow the player to autorun. I've been looking at SgtMark's code for Brutal Doom Tactical Mode but there is so much stuff involved in it that it confuses the hell out of me! So would someone be able to point me in the right direction or show me some examples? Basically I want to make my own mod out of Brutal Doom Tactical mode, so what would I have to include in the script?
  7. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    Trouble with weapons

    That did it! Thanks to both of you!
  8. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    Trouble with weapons

    The names all look the same to me. Here's a screenshot, that might help.
  9. CPLJigsoreQuandary

    Trouble with weapons

    Hey, can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please? I'm trying to put the shotgun animations from pk_anim1.wad into a new wad that I'm making but I am new to editing these things. I followed Weasel's GunLabs tutorial on how to make a basic gun, and it worked fine until I added the pk sprites. I changed the code accordingly once I added the sprites, but when I fire the shotgun all you see is the first frame, then only the flash, then the first frame again. It skips the animation. This is my code: ACTOR PerkShotgun : Shotgun replaces Shotgun { Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the Auto Shotgun! Boom, boom, boom." Weapon.AmmoType "Shell" Weapon.AmmoUse 1 Weapon.AmmoGive 16 Weapon.SlotNumber 3 AttackSound "weapons/shotgf" States { Spawn: SHOT A -1 Stop Ready: SHTG A 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Select: SHTG A 1 A_Raise Loop Deselect: SHTG A 1 A_Lower Loop Fire: SHTG A 0 A_GunFlash SHTG A 1 A_FireBullets(5.5, 3, 8, 4, "BulletPuff", 1) PKSG B 2 PKSG C 1 PKSG D 2 PKSG E 3 PKSG F 4 PKSG G 1 PKSG H 3 PKSG GFEDCB 2 PKSG A 1 PKSG A 7 A_ReFire Goto Ready Flash: SHTF B 3 Bright A_Light2 SHTF A 2 Bright A_Light1 Goto LightDone } }