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  1. nih

    Unhallowed precinct

    Thank you for you feedback. I spent many hours making this map and i don't expect everyone to like it. Constructive criticism is welcomed. I spent more time making this map than you did plying it!
  2. nih

    Unhallowed precinct

    map 32 https://jmp.sh/5T1r0C7
  3. Why do you start a post with false promises and deadline you can't complete. Just post when you have completed , simple.

    1. Misty


      Far as I know his computer had problems. No one is safe from them. Just be more patient.

    2. Bridgeburner56


      I'm sorry what? As Myst said computer died. I'm in the process of getting it fixed (need a new graphics card). Also if you don't like the ESTIMATED RELEASE DATE then find something else to bitch about. Surely you have something better to do with your time.