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  1. XxcglezxX

    DOOM Eternal alt-tab crashing computer :(

    Ok, so I think I fixed it. I tried updating my pc and reinstalling GPU drivers but I don't think that worked. So then I tried turning on hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling and it looks like that might have done it.
  2. XxcglezxX

    DOOM Eternal alt-tab crashing computer :(

    Reinstalling the game did nothing. It still crashes my pc and I don’t know why.
  3. XxcglezxX

    DOOM Eternal alt-tab crashing computer :(

    My GPU temps were around 70 to 80 degrees Celsius, my CPU temps were around 50 to 60 degrees Celsius and I was using around 9 gigs of ram. This seems normal to me. Again, the game works fine and my pc only resets after I alt-tab back into DOOM Eternal. After some more testing, it seems that online services are working. I think I'll try to reinstall the game. Hopefully that'll work.
  4. So I have no idea why this started happening, but when I try to alt-tab into any other open window and then alt-tab back into the game my whole computer resets itself. I thought it might have been because I had some mods installed, so I took them out and verified the game files multiple times but it still crashes my pc. The game works fine if I don't alt-tab. I think online services might be broken too, but I'm not completely sure yet. It wasn't doing this like a week ago. Anyone know what's up???
  5. XxcglezxX

    Mod support

    Actually, there are a few texture mods being made on nexusmods
  6. XxcglezxX

    Doom eternal on switch

    I just realized something. Someone could use a modded Switch that runs Android and play Doom Eternal on Xbox Gamepass. I know its not the same as actually getting the game on Switch, but its something I just remembered you could do.
  7. XxcglezxX

    Today I Played Gba Doom For The First Time

    also someone is porting prboom to the gba. you can even play it on actual hardware by using a flashcart github link
  8. thats also how i got into doom. i got into it during a time where minecraft and black ops 2 were big, so i saw an fps game with pixel textures and i was on board
  9. i think a coop/deathmatch mod would be cool
  10. XxcglezxX

    Trying to make hell on earth in gzdoom builder

    i posted a download of a work in progress at the top of the topic if you want to check it out and give me some feedback :)
  11. XxcglezxX

    Trying to make hell on earth in gzdoom builder

    UPDATE: I restarted the entire map in GZDoom Builder. that way i can make 3d floors and put in more detail. Here are some pictures of what i have so far also i am stuck on what i should do for the block. i made it into a lift but it doesnt go high enough to get to the 2nd floor. any help is appreciated :)
  12. concept art looks awesome
  13. XxcglezxX

    lifts on 3d floors?

    thank you :))
  14. XxcglezxX

    lifts on 3d floors?

    what am i doing wrong here? i got the top of the 3d floor to lower correctly but when i add the delay and the ceiling raise, it gives me an error. when i add the ceiling raise, i am able to save but the top of the 3d floor doesnt go back up in game.
  15. XxcglezxX

    lifts on 3d floors?

    is there a way to make a lift on a 3d floor on gzdoom builder udmf format?