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  1. ok so ign released a video on doom eternal's ui and accessibility options and sadly from what i can tell, it doesn't look like there will be m/kb support on consoles. maybe im wrong, maybe it wasn't an option since m/kb want plugged in. at this point we'll just have to wait until the game comes out. EDIT: then again, the slayer and demon options say "(Controller)", so who knows
  2. Does anyone know if there will be a mouse and keyboard option for consoles? I know mouse and keyboard is an unethical way to play console games, but i feel that doom eternal should have this option seeing as it would be much easier and quicker to switch weapons. Also, correct me if im wrong, but I dont think that there will be any form of online matchmaking like deathmatch, so mouse and keyboard would probably not be too unethical for doom eternal. There is also an official doom eternal mouse and keypad by hori which supports the idea. Anyone know if mouse and keyboard will be an option?
  3. XxcglezxX

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    can you do splitscreen with one person on keyboard and mouse and the other on a gamepad?
  4. XxcglezxX

    Playstation and Switch Doom

    for console ports tho
  5. XxcglezxX

    Playstation and Switch Doom

  6. XxcglezxX

    Playstation and Switch Doom

    IMO switch looks better because of the lower resolution, which makes it look more old school and pixelated. This was done to make it run at a constant 60fps. Ps4 has higher resolution, so it looks less pixelated, and a more stable framerate.
  7. XxcglezxX

    Weapon Carousel in Re-Releases?

    Anybody else feel that the Weapon Carousel is kind of sluggish? You have to first select the gun, and then wait for it to come up instead of how it used to switch guns as soon as you pressed the bumpers. Also, I feel like the weapon icons that come up are a bit distracting. I know that there are shortcuts for guns on the d-pad, but I can't help but to use the bumpers to switch guns, it's just a force of habit. I hope Bethesda ends up making the Weapon Carousel optional.
  8. I really hope they will make the weapon carousel optional. It feels really slow choosing a weapon and then waiting for it to be equipped instead of how it used to immediately switch.
  9. XxcglezxX

    GBA Doom (source port running on Game Boy Advance)

    nvm @Kippykip uploaded a tutorial on how to compile it Thanks @Kippykip!!
  10. XxcglezxX

    GBA Doom (source port running on Game Boy Advance)

    when i try compiling, all i get is a fatal error C:/Temp/GBADoom/source/doom_iwad.c:1:10: fatal error: iwad/doomu.gba.h: No such file or directory 1 | #include "iwad/doomu.gba.h" help??? Amazing work btw!!
  11. XxcglezxX

    PrBoom on the Nintendo 3DS

    Man someones gotta work on this. This is my favorite 3ds doom port tbh its probably because of the fact that you can change the screen size and warp, but also because of the fact that the minimap is always on the bottom screen
  12. XxcglezxX

    Classic Doom on Nintendo Switch

    New port by the Modern Vintage Gamer using Chocolate Doom! https://github.com/lantus/chocolate-doom-nx/releases
  13. XxcglezxX

    Classic Doom on Nintendo Switch

    https://github.com/aagallag/kgdoom/releases/tag/v0.4 KgDoom Released!