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  1. Gabenslair

    What do you look for in a Doom map?

    If it doesn't run on my Vanilla doom exe in my 1992 computer smoothly with dos input, then I ain't downloading it /s
  2. Gabenslair

    SLADE not displaying any icon graphics on its own

    fixed! Thank you very much!
  3. The sequel barely any asked for. Last question was simple: you could only bring one custom texture in a wad, no limitations on its sourceport. The answer varied from ALL_black textures to a waterfall texture (dragonfly suggested a full on giant texture image containing all of otex jesus that counts), but overall, people wanted a sky texture since that alone can affect the most out of the levels themselves. For the sequel, im now bringing the idea of only 2 custom images representing textures. with that, your more open to the idea of possibly having an idealized minimalist scenario say a "desert" that fits along side the already placed doom base textures, but only enough to stand out from the typical vanilla mods. Now not only you can fill out the sky texture, you also have one empty slot left for your imagination. Hell, maybe in a month I'll bring the topic of 3 textures. When you limit your options creativity flows into what's left i suppose..
  4. Gabenslair

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    I dont like the term "Mcdonalds Cooker" it just put the mechanical parts in my profession. I prefer the term "Culinary Artist representing the local Mcdonalds Cuisine", there's an art to chicken mcnuggets. Seriously tho I honestly don't give a shit about calling me a "level designer", "modder", "mapper", or hell, even "guy that knows doom builder whatever that is", because "Advanced Doom Custom Modification Designing" is nothing but a niche hobby of mine. Of course I'm not gonna be one of the great ones, but I have alot more than mere "Level design in obscure communities" to my name. I tried out making webcomics, had a touch in animation, messed around in literature and even tried making rap lyrics. If you want to refer to me by some "respective label", I say you can call me "Aimless Artist", but "IDK-man" fits me too.
  5. Gabenslair

    Slade lacking any graphics for only one computer

    oh forgot it works now, thanks for all who participated in helping me,
  6. Gabenslair

    WAD or PK3?

    I dont really have much to say, just wondering on what the benefits/setbacks on wad files and PK3 files.
  7. So my SLADE program works on most computers, but one of them has this sterilized form where it can't even display graphics, no less the program icon. Any means on fixing this? It does display the wad's preview textures and sprites but it didnt load the icons. this doesnt completly render slade useless, but it removes some options such as changing the source port and playing sound files.
  8. Gabenslair

    Slade lacking any graphics for only one computer

    Moving this over to Doom Questions
  9. Gabenslair

    If you could only bring one custom texture in a wad. .

    like a giant "John Carmack" 99999x99999 image containing the entirety of OTEX? That'll count
  10. So my SLADE program works on most computers, but one of them has this sterilized form where it can't even display graphics, no less the program icon. Any means on fixing this?
  11. If you could only add one custom texture/flat in a map (or even a megawad), what would it be? It doesn't matter if the maps gonna be limit-removing to gzdoom. What will your one special texture be? For me, I'd go for a simply more essential looking flat like a checkerboard tile
  12. I think i seen that one as well. It kinda looked silly when compared to the other badass switches and face sculptures so I seemed like it had to be a photograph of a friend or the author himself.
  13. Gabenslair

    Kill 'Em With Kindness

    It has done what the creations intentions were; to create a substantially different feel and perspective on doom. I'm not the sort of person to say "keep it up" nor "encore" but your wad does jump out from the thousands of typical hell and techbase levels. I personally like to keep my typical "masculine wads" masculine, but it does look alot different from the usual doom mods. Sort of like that "youtube-friendly" doom wad yet unironic and serious. The content itself is very lacking as if you were supposed to enjoy the wad like it was a gulp of water. All you can do is pet the dog thing and water the plants. You could go up the steps but they just lead back down. The style of the wad is vastly contrasted with our usual wads, resorting towards handdrawn and crayola drawings and if needed, ameteaur ms paint drawings added onto that. The author/illustrator has cleary shown that she/he/xe/they/A.H. doesn't demonstrate professional skill on the likes of eviternity, so they taken the route of making everything childlike to mask their lack of drawing to promote a child game. I usually expect something like this from either a father making a small wad game for his little daughter or that apple advertisement wamyn that casually says "Whats a computer?". I cant find any aspect to improve upon this due to it's jarring identity in contrast to the typical fps "masculine" wads out there.
  14. yeah i'm cool with toying around with them and making niche map tests with them, i just dont wanna release anything till it gets finished. I'm just worried that inevitably something along the lines of the attached meme might happen. P.S. Absolute fantastic textures, some of them had me scratching my head like "why wasn't this a thing till now?" Can't wait until a that little extra "effort" goes into it. Once 1.0 or by some encore a 1.1 happens, will the future form be allowed for editing alongside including parts/whole of the texture wad?
  15. I am astonished by the textures, of frickin course i want to use them but as a disciplined doomer i'll wait patiently for 1.0 to arrive along with loosened terms and conditions.