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  1. I've been playing like 100 wads i found around the place and as i gone through 100, i began to feel burnt out of techbase after techbase. Now don't get me wrong, techbases are a great theme to practice level design on, lots of opputunities to use layouts and gimmicks, but it becomes almost static in your head once you've played atleast 35 of them. Another thing would be when the lore is "Doomguy is either stuck in a base or doomguy is sent to clean out that place" and nothing much else. Then again vanilla textures can only bring so much. I've seen a couple of wads make great use of the vanilla textures (Going Down and HellBound although the latter also uses doom1 textures) but if you go past the glimmering stuff at the top, you'll see only a dark ocean full of techbase after techbase. Sometimes it's prominently plated with silver and greys, others may dip in dark green walls and nukage, its still a techbase.
  2. Gabenslair

    Post your Doom textures!

    i could do that, i feel like this custom startan is the most essential startan in my book. First to STARRED, STARDBM (Star DarkBrown), STARDGN (Star Dark Green), ect.
  3. Gabenslair

    Post your Doom textures!

    STARBLK or STARDRK, something I find to be important for those "Techy" maps.
  4. anyone know the non-metal version of this texture? I found it in memento mori 2.
  5. What do you mean by "Textbook design"? I haven't heard of that term before.
  6. I was listening to an album titled "The Most Unwanted Song" which took the "worst" aspects of songs and stitched them together to create a frankenstein's monster of a song with screaming kids sponsoring Walmart, Scottish pipes playing over a rapping opera singer, and cowboy harmonica. Mock 2 the speed of stupid did something similar but it dominantly made fun of amateur maps in the 1990s (was it made in the 90s?). I'm talking hitscan heavy maps that are nothing but linear Fireblu startan2 grades of horror.
  7. Gabenslair

    GatEs, a Microsoft windows theme Doom mod (V3)

    Instead of going into a place, it teleports you to a different place, not a nice way to be introduced to a horde of shitty decorate monsters. It also reeks of "I don't know how to operate 3d view so i just use topdown map editor" A.K.A. 1994. Maps are so short that you'd be suprised when you think your just starting out in a level it takes you to the intermission. The textures are almost as jarring as FIREBLU mixed with skulls and STARTAN2. It's like the Hall of Tortured Souls from Microsoft Office was made by a memelord from 2015 who just watched vinesauce's windows destruction video and went head first into a shallow pool that is doom mapping. I offer to participate in this wad though. The aesthetics are salvagable in my eyes if it weren't for the memes being shoved in your throat and up your ass, vibrating at unbearable levels so you H A V E to acknowledge that "Its a meme dip". Characters seemed to be placed there not to serve the maps difficulty and fun but rather to show the player "SEE! ITSA INDIAN SCAMMAH! LOOK AT THE RECYCLE BINZ AND BEEL GATES!!" Its the type of game one brought to middleschool so those group of kids who constantly tell meme jokes to each other huddle over your shoulder and circlejerk one another at the meme game. I get it, It's a shitpost. But it's pulling my hair out at how bland it executes it. Its like mock2 but the humor isnt within the bad mapping, but "lol dank maymayz" Now that I have vented my anger out. Let me offer a way to Improve your mapping. . Try to study how good maps get it right. DOOM and DOOM2 may be starters, but think more on strategy and fun rather than "How do i make a joke". That comes after. . jolt down any ideas on a notepad if your either half asleep at bed, waiting at a long car ride, or having shower thoughts. . In terms of jokes, try figuring out a good way to sell a punchline. Indian Scammers could hide in cubicles that . don't even see the player until you destroy the internet, which they all turn active and hunt you down. Sometimes . Aesthetics bro. Make it happen. I don't know how, maybe get a grasp on composition? Level design relies on art and psychology with a hint of history. So explore these different regions so you get a good feeling for your map .Learn how to use the 3d viewer. Comparing 3d viewer and 2d topdown is like drawing on a drawpad vs drawing with a mouse. It can really make your maps less flat.
  8. Gabenslair

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    Chaingunners. One one hand they're an "easy" way to get a chaingun if you put them at close range, but if you have them perched on a tower that you encounter from far away. Your stuck with having to cover until you quench it's thirst of lead.
  9. Gabenslair

    Post your Doom textures!

    more grey texture for rock plus "rocky Ice" texture
  10. Gabenslair

    GatEs, a Microsoft windows theme Doom mod (V3)

    Are you accepting people to submit maps to your wad? I didn't get one made already but I'll send you maps 5 and 6 later on. Just remember the wads I send are separate from the main deal so remember to have my map wads along with doom2.wad and GatEs beta wad together.
  11. Gabenslair

    Post your Doom textures!

    @elend Delivered. I have plenty of variants of the same image in-case your looking for a more "Vibrant" city or a "Doomy" city, but I have a truckload of made textures in a bag along with other textures i stole borrowed from various threads, games, and Torment0r666 packs. The textures i made below it were made in the mind of making another holiday themed wad, but i haven't gotten around to using them.
  12. Gabenslair

    Post your Doom textures!

    I had made quite a few cartoony textures for my personal Doom wads for awhile, so I'd show you some of my highlights. Keep in mind that nothing is in the DOOM palatte.
  13. Here's an Hypothetical: Even If it's not needed, lets say that in 5 years time, somebody wanted to make a jukebox that plays over a trillion music files for some reason. It's crazy but I would like to know if it's possible.
  14. I mostly believe the answer is no, but for the sake of those wondering those absurd questions like this, I'll ask on behalf of those curious to seek questions like this. Is it like sprites where you can't have a sprite name longer than eight digits?
  15. Gabenslair

    DECORATE spritenames longer than 8 possible?

    dag-nammit. I was looking forward towards animating a live tv showcasing the entire broadcast fox news channel record that lasts at least 4 hours as an enemy. Are there any work-arounds possible to get around the problem?