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  1. BioRenegat

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Every molecule of my body craves to see, how this delightful masterpiece will grace humanity to shatter our minds with it's pure glory. Or in another words, really pumped up for this project! It looks really promising, and I'm fairly certain you will deliver something truly special in the end, can't wait to see further updates of it.
  2. BioRenegat

    Random Image Thread

    It actually took me quite some time to realise, what was the problem with this picture.
  3. BioRenegat

    Random Image Thread

  4. BioRenegat

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I kinda feel bad for hurting cacodemons, I mean, come on, it's pretty much floating orb, how can this be not cute? However, if it's going to look something like that, I'm going to banish it from existence with the power of thousand colliding suns, just look at it's precious smile horrifying mug.
  5. BioRenegat

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah, I heard that disciples 3 was quite a huge let down, so I decided to entirely skip it, just so not to disappoint myself. But if you say that latest expansion is at least decent, maybe I should give it a shot. But yeah, original two were really great, what I liked the most about them was this gothic/medieval atmosphere, well and general art style in overall.
  6. @Lampenpam The way coins work, is: if you have 1999 of them, every next picked up coin doesn't add up to your counter, but instead heals you for 1 hp. However, once it drops to lower than 1999, it stops healing you.
  7. BioRenegat

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Bdubzzz Oh no, I'm complete moron, I launched another lmp, which was made like 3 weeks ago, my bad, then everything is smooth as a butter (except by brains) sorry about that.
  8. BioRenegat

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Thank you very much @Bdubzzz, really appreciate your feedback and your kind words, yeah, I definitely went full ham with plasma guys for sure, I think they are the main reason of such high difficulty, I agree there. Also, I noticed from your fda that you might have played slightly old version of it? At least I didn't notice this new visual change, so I think that might be the case. The reason I'm mentioning this, is because the newer version has some slight encounter changes, and I was worried if they would work mechanically or not for other people, but I'm at least glad that there is stable version of this map though, so, thanks for playing once again. Nevermind, I panicked for no reason.
  9. Woah, man, I had this really bizarre nightmare, it was the most terrifying thing I ever witnessed in my life, it almost felt like it was real. I don't exactly remember what it was about, but the main gist of it was that it was completely pointless. glad that it's finally over. Welp, time to get some more sweet sleep, I hope this kind of thing will never happen again................................ right?
  10. BioRenegat

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm currently having medieval/fantasy fever, so I decided to go back to holy trinity of old school games: Diablo, Disciples 2, and my personal favorite - heroes of might and magic 3.
  11. So, yesterday I 100% it, I'm not really good with words, but I want to say: thank you everybody who worked on this wad for bringing such a purely delightful experience, every second of it was utter joy, I don't regret spending this weekend to witness such achievement of humankind. This masterpiece better win cacowards 2018, or otherwise I will be calling it being rigged for certain. Despite having really great and catchy music, absolutely amazing level design (where each map has distinctive and unique theme or feature, and you can't really find repeating levels at all), wonderful weapon set, which is really satisfying to use, and huge library of all kinds of monsters, I think the best part about this wad is that you can practically feel how much effort devs gave to it, and how much fun they had while doing so, I have nothing short of respect to you guys, you truly did your best. Now, all that being said, it's not without flaws, but just previous patch alone dealt with many of those, so I believe it's not going to be such a huge problem for a long time. I will be playing it again, but on the hardest difficulty, since I noticed there are completely new enemies there (big fat + for that, it surely enhances replayability by a mile), so I will try to spot if there are still any sort of bugs, which I noticed during my first playthrough.
  12. By the way, I'm almost done with this wad, so far it was quite a legendary ride, not without flaws, of course (well, since it's 1.0, it's kinda expected) but still genuinely amusing. But can you confirm something, are there for certain 10 spiders within map31? Because I can't find one, not in the game, not in the builder, and not even within scripts.
  13. Here is pic of the switch, which opens the pillar to the "golden room", if you are still wondering about it.
  14. BioRenegat

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Nah, nothing of that sort, my laptop is so weak, that I worry sometimes it might not even run minesweeper, and my vision isn't exactly pristine as a pure diamond, but I have some pretty sweet magic called "hom detection", which prboom+ provides so kindly. With it you can spot them from miles away without any trouble, quite useful stuff actually.
  15. BioRenegat

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Oh, woops, sorry about that @Forli, that was really cruel from me to give you such a giant screenshot for a such small hom, here is some better look: