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  1. BioRenegat

    Super Shotgun is the best shotgun in video game history.

    I beg to differ:
  2. BioRenegat

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Ehh, might as well post my entry for boom compatible project "Mayhem Purple", I don't think it will be that harmful. In overall, it was an interesting experience for sure, I had quite some fun time participating there. Some info about this abomination of my map: That is essentially my first map ever made, and I must say, figuring some certain things out was quite tricky, but nonetheless rewarding. Trying to go around limitations of engine was quite engaging and entertaining for sure. I builded this map in 1 month, but I had to return occasionally to polish and add some stuff during next 3-4 month, so, yeah, quite a lengthy beast. This is how it looks like in gzdoom builder, with all linedefs and stuff: And here are some actual in-game screenshots: So yeah, it was quite a wild ride for sure, but I think it turned out pretty decent in the end.
  3. BioRenegat

    SpeedMapping Theme Challenge Randomized! - 7 level demo

    Alright, had a swig of your quick brew, and I must say, it left quite nice aftertaste. I'm actually impressed, by how these maps play so nicely, despite the fact, that they were made in ~2 hours. Didn't notice any misalignments, and in overall texturing and monster placement is consistent. Here is vid of me playing through all of them, had to record it during recess, so I had to rush certain things, so my analysis might be slightly junky: Map01 - level wise it's quite solid, however, I don't think it follows theme that well. Of course "5 rooms" could be interpreted in different ways, but I feel like each room should be much more defined to actually separate them from each other. I actually only counted 4 rooms, and I honestly can't really make it up to 5. Map02 - once again, the level itself is short and sweet, and I think theme was done quite well this time, so no complaints here. Map03 - good thing I read themes only after playing this wad, or otherwise I would panic for sure. I think this map is balanced quite well, so not having health resupplies gives it nice edge, and in overall all encounters were executed well. Map04 - Well, it certainly does feel like something out of Cyberdreams, so theme was executed really well in these regards. However, I managed to cheese red key encounter, which made me skip 1/3 of the map, I think this should be somehow fixed. Also, I wonder, is there any point to computer area map? Or is it there just for the item count? Map05 - I think it's my favourite from all these maps so far, map layout based on silly pictures sounds quite weird as concept at first, but it was executed perfectly, and the whole thing plays in a fun and engaging way. Map06 - I think theme of barrels was used to quite decent degree, I actually felt like it was a good choice to still include normal encounters to spruce things up. I feel like there is slight room for improvement in terms of creative use of barrels, but in overall this whole map is pretty good for what it is. Map07 - Considering theme, it's no surpise that this map turned out quite decent, since there is a lot of room for improvisation, the only grudge I have with it is the spidermastermind encounter, I think it's a little bit dull, other than that, quite liked that one. So, yeah, good job, so far this thing is quite solid. I will pray for gods of luck to roll you some interesting themes, like "200 monsters of one type and one room" (not sure how it's even possible to make this even remotely decent to play, but who knows) or "Map based upon your favorite midi".
  4. BioRenegat

    i'm good at multiplayer.

    Like, 10 goods out of 10.
  5. BioRenegat

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Welp, I'm done, here is finished wad Permanganic.. And here is screenshot to reassure, that now you should be able to 100% kill/collect stuff: Well, at least I hope so. So here is the list of changes: Purged entirely heinous switch shooting + crusher part, I honestly don't know, why I created this abomination, now it's just timed encounter. Replaced solid bodies with not so solid ones. Added couple small armor depots, since it seems like plasma marines absolutely annihilate you without armor. And finally, added small secret with computer area map, since it seemed like people were only finding ~3 secrets on average, I think that's a pretty good thing to add, here is tiny tease for it: So, yeah, there you have it folks. Every fiber of my being is in anticipation for full CP release.
  6. BioRenegat

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    I'm on it, sorry about being so slow, it just takes quite a while to fix all these nasty monster spawners, I will finish it quite soon.
  7. BioRenegat

    Some sprites from unfinished boom compatible wad.

    So, first, updated link for the wad, if anybody is allergic to sprite sheets, then this is quite decent alternative to get these sprites. Second, replying to all cool people above: Alright, that's pretty damn sweet, I hope these sprites will serve you well. Ah, well spotted, the reason bfg uses rockets is because chainsaw was replaced with another cell consuming weapon, so that would make 3 cell based weapons. By making bfg using rockets, I achieved perfect (at least in my delusional head) balance of weapons, with 2 different kinds of weapons for each ammo type. Also, spot on guess about splash damage, this bfg is practically rocket launcher on steroids, which makes it quite effective from long distances. I changed colors to signify this change in behaviour, in a way, I guess. By the way, just because I'm not going to work on this wad this year, doesn't mean I completely abandoned it, perhaps one day I will pull it out from the purgatory to give it some treatment it deserves.
  8. Edit: added wad in the end of the post with all these sprites sorted out, if somebody doesn't want to edit sprite sheets. Hey, everybody, I decided to upload some sprites from boom compatible wad I started quite a while ago. Considering how busy I'm going to be this year, there is just no way I will ever finish it, and this whole project honestly feels like dead weight to me. I must warn you, a lot of these sprites (especially weapons) in dire need of some polishing, and just in overall this whole thing currently looks quite mediocre, but perhaps somebody would actually find some sort of usage of this stuff, that would be quite neat. (Just to clarify, all these sprites use original doom palette) Here is what I managed to salvage (it's not actually that much, now that I'm looking at it) Weapons Enemies (Just edited vanilla or realm667 monsters) Projectiles/misc(Just some leftovers/random somewhat decent stuff) Well, there you have it folks, quite miniscule collection, not gonna lie. Here is video showcasing these weapons (except one), just to have general idea of how it might look like in action: I will upload wad with all these sprites (for the sake of convenience) slightly later, unfortunately can't really do that right now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n0mvuqcel050avs/UnusedSP.wad?dl=0 - and now wad with all these sprites is available for download, isn't it just sweet? So, yeah, this is it I guess, if you are still reading this, then you are a real champ. Oh, and if you are actually going to use these sprites, then just simple credits would be more than enough.
  9. BioRenegat

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Ok, thanks for finding this out. I would like to ask, which port did you use to test this map? Because there is actually a "mechanism", allowing monsters to teleport, eventually, and from all my testings in gzdoom and prboom+ all monsters were spawning without any trouble so far. So my guess is that the problem is more engine related, since scrolling floors are quite finicky things. Definitely will look into it today. (Also, meanwhile, I will change some stuff, which Demonologist suggested) Edit: Finally got some time to dissect this case, I actually managed to replicate this, only in prboom though, it's quite bizzare how this "bug" can happen in the first place. The chance of it transpiring is quite low, but it's not an excuse at all to just leave it out. Luckily, I found reliable solution, so it should be all good once I finish fixing it (I hope at least so). Once again, really appreciate feedback.
  10. BioRenegat

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Every molecule of my body craves to see, how this delightful masterpiece will grace humanity to shatter our minds with it's pure glory. Or in another words, really pumped up for this project! It looks really promising, and I'm fairly certain you will deliver something truly special in the end, can't wait to see further updates of it.
  11. BioRenegat

    Random Image Thread

    It actually took me quite some time to realise, what was the problem with this picture.
  12. BioRenegat

    Random Image Thread

  13. BioRenegat

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I kinda feel bad for hurting cacodemons, I mean, come on, it's pretty much floating orb, how can this be not cute? However, if it's going to look something like that, I'm going to banish it from existence with the power of thousand colliding suns, just look at it's precious smile horrifying mug.
  14. BioRenegat

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah, I heard that disciples 3 was quite a huge let down, so I decided to entirely skip it, just so not to disappoint myself. But if you say that latest expansion is at least decent, maybe I should give it a shot. But yeah, original two were really great, what I liked the most about them was this gothic/medieval atmosphere, well and general art style in overall.
  15. @Lampenpam The way coins work, is: if you have 1999 of them, every next picked up coin doesn't add up to your counter, but instead heals you for 1 hp. However, once it drops to lower than 1999, it stops healing you.