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  1. Rene Mori

    Share Your Sprites!

    I have decided to post some stuff I made for the abandoned project of mine. Warning though, all of these sprites are using custom palette (which I will provide at the bottom with all of these sprites arranged in single wad, for the sake of easy usage) and perhaps shabby in terms of quality. Revolver: Dual revolvers: Arcane bow: Hurricane launcher: Juggernaut cannon: Ancient perforator: Pickups/random stuff Link to the wad with all of these sprites arranged and custom palette: Rene sprites.zip Well, there you have it. I still have plenty more stuff left, but I'm considering to utilize them at some point, so, perhaps I will refine them in the future.
  2. Rene Mori

    Share Your Sprites!

    So, I have been working on the boom compatible project for quite some time, with custom/edited sprites included. Hopefully I will finish it at some point, but considering my tendency to simply give up on anything I'm tinkering with, can't really say I'm looking forward towards bright and fulfilling future of this wad. If that morbid scenario will ever play out, I will at least share all of the sprites/sounds I have conjured, maybe somebody will at least find it useful: Ammo/armor Keys/Health/Power-ups Some props And all of the weapons
  3. Rene Mori

    WADs with great music

    I would say "The adventures of square" has one of the most complex, rich, diverse, engaging and unique sounding music out there, masterfully crafted by titans of midi composing, such as Jimmy, Alfonzo and Xaser. Here are some samples of what your ears might get pleasantly assaulted by, while playing this TC: I definitely would recommend to at least give it a try, it might look innocent on surface and not "doomish", but once you dive into this wad, you will find out that it's fast paced, challenging and quite brutal (in the best ways possible)
  4. Rene Mori

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eviternity

    Ok, so, I hope I'm not too late to the party, I want to state one thing here, I absolutely cherish boom format wads, and extensive use of dehacked, this is practically religion to me at this point. When I heard about project "eviternity" getting forged and shaped by exceptionally talented and skilled people (Dragonfly, Ukiro, Jimmy, Antares, An_mutt, Xaser, Mechadon, Skillsaw, Eris Falling, Atronx, Stormcatcher.77), I was fairly certain, we would get vanquished right into the bliss by this masterpiece, and after finally fully experiencing it, I can say for sure, it's definitely right up there in terms of quality, sheer dedication and care it received. I will start my reviewing from the beginning, analyzing foundation of it - balance changes and new monsters Weapons: Pistol received quite a huge boost in performance: not only fire rate got better (from 14 frames to 10), but it also doesn't drop accuracy at all, which actually makes this weapon quite viable, if I recall correctly, this change is somewhat recent and wasn't presented during RC1, I genuinely think this buff was for the best, and I hope whoever proposed this idea got a juicy raise. Monsters/projectiles: From what can I tell, only 2 vanilla things received rebalancing: 1)Lost souls hp went from 100 to 45 (I thank heavens for that change) 2)Arachnotron projectile damage went from 5-40 to 4-32 (that makes sense, since some new monsters would just simply demolish players with old damage) Now, lets get to the most interesting part: new monsters! Nightmare demons are simply demons on steroids, they have 300 hp, 15 speed, 100 pain chance and 13 frames until executing their attack (compared to the 180 hp, 10 speed, 180 pain chance and 16 frames until executing attack, normal demons have, that's quite a significant boost in stats). At first I thought this monster is nothing really special, but in retrospective it actually provides some unique encounters, since it's perfect meat shield, and takes 2 ssg shots. Former Captains (80 hp, 8 speed, 127 pain chance and drop bullet clip upon death) are actually enemies with unique archetype - they shoot 5 arachnotron bolts in succession, which makes for a "wall of projectiles", nobody else really has this kind of behaviour, the only thing I can say about them, is that they are really not used that much at all (I honesly feel like there are more annihilators compared to them), but, still, I feel like this is a good addition to the gameplay Astral Cacodemons (400 hp (same as normal cacodemons), 20 speed, and only 20 pain chance! (they almost can't be stunned at all)) are, once again, unique monsters, they dash before attacking you with a trident pattern, really devastating enemies, luckily, they are fairly rare, from what I recall you will encounter full group of those only once within this wad, but even then, if just one of them hits you with all three projectiles, you are going to suffer huge hp loss (in overall, I really love this mean cacodemon variant) And, finally, your worst nightmare are gonna be these folks - Annihilators (1100 hp, 10 speed, 20 pain chance). What I find strange about them, is that they don't replace mastermind (which is usually the case with rocket shooting monsters), but actually baron of hell, which means they don't have explosive resistance at all. I joke you not, when I think majority of difficulty in eviternity comes from these guys (at least 80% of my deaths came from them), and I honestly was thinking they don't have any delay, until executing rocket attack (as it turns out, I was wrong, it's 8 frames, until they shoot, which is actually slower by 2 frames, compared to the cyberdemon). So, the way they work is quite simple, they shoot one rocket, then have almost one second of delay (20 frames), before shooting 7 spiderdemon/sargeant attacks (so they shoot 21 hitscans in overall, dealing 3-9 damage each) within a second (28 frames). This makes them absolutely insanely strong, since they have 2 strongest attacks coupled with each other, and what's worse, is that, for some reason, they are placed really often in open spaces, so you will almost certainly take serious damage, unless they are indulged in monster infighting. I still really like them, since that places them in the spot of mini-bosses, but I feel like they are a little tad bit too strong (I think there should be longer delay, before executing their rocket attack) So, this probably should cover every new addition to the gameplay (not counting map 30 event). I hope these analysis statistics weren't too boring or useless, but I personally really like dissecting this kind of stuff, especially if it was done in dehacked. I will cover maps later, but in overall I would say new stuff is definitely refreshing and makes gameplay much more unique and intriguing. Edit: I wasn't exactly accurate about Annihilators, they are even more stronger than I thought. Changed info about them.
  5. Rene Mori

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I actually might finish my first standalone wad (as in, it's not part of CP) - Boom compatible map with some custom stuff added in it. I think it shapes up somewhat decently (I still need to fix/add things), hopefully it will be done with at some point in the future.
  6. Rene Mori

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Oh, thank goodness that there is a such kind soul like you, who was brave enough to make another, definitely not discussed 1 billion times before, topic about absolutely life urgent problems like: "why is X such hot garbage/I think X is worse than Y/why people can't make good wads for me to play", man, 5 more of these, and doomworld will probably collapse right into the black hole from a such overwhelming enlightenment and positivity. But jokes aside, I have nothing against you, OP, (in fact, the way you formed your opinion is definitely alright, and you are pretty polite and definitely not mean spirited (so far), compared to some other folks, so, huge respect for that) it's just this whole thing is kinda getting old at this point.
  7. Rene Mori

    Share Your Sprites!

    Edit: woops, posted wrong pic with a weirdly shaped mask, this one is the right one. Hey, finally my hiatus is over, I can actually continue learning and improving, as to how to draw/model sprites. Today came up with this concept, "hell berserker", I think it's rough around the edges, but I feel like it has some sort of a potential, as a custom monster.
  8. Rene Mori

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    Ok, I will start with something less obvious: 1)Insane Weapons Patch This was made in 1996, but this wad has some really impressive stuff (well, at least for it's time), like Hell knights shooting grenades (like actual ones, with arch trajectory and stuff), arch viles unleashing lightning bolts, and then, after death, turning right into the orb of infinite monster resurrection, and more other really weird and wacky stuff. It might not hold up visually, or it's just strange in overall, but I feel like this is quite important part of the DEHACKED history, and it perfectly demonstrates, just how far could boundaries be pushed. Link:https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/insane 2)Struggle : Antaresian Legacy This is quite a modern one, but still, it's definitely a gem, when it comes to custom monsters. It has wide variety of new enemy archetypes, and what's even more important that it utilises frames really efficiently, I would suggest to take a look at it. Link:https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/strg 3)4 Seasons of Doom It has trash imps, I mean, do I need to say more? (Ok, it might not have some insane custom monsters, but it's still pretty amazing wad, it definitely deserves more love, so, if you have some free time, give it a shot) Link: 4)Eviternity It has some really cool late game custom monsters, well, and besides, it's bloody amazing wad, if you didn't play it yet, well, what are you waiting for? These kind of works are the only thing justifying our existence (well, and maybe some good morning coffee). I will try to think of some more wads, but Catpho is right, Obsidian makes some really cool stuff with dehacked, I definitely recommend checking his works.
  9. Rene Mori

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Bob9001 This secret is timed, you gotta rush to this place, after descending right into the water pit. This is the only way to get Plasma rifle (I'm assuming you are talking about that secret)
  10. Rene Mori

    Eagle Mapping Project - Final (Now on idgames)

    @Bushpig2dope So, I checked your map, and, good lord, if it isn't a treat. Definitely enjoyed it for sure. I can't add really much, since Aquila summed up everything pretty well, but there is one problem, which practically killed my whole run, (I recorded it, by the way, here is a link to the demo https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6v5wc7bsc7vw1a/Recfac.lmp?dl=0, I think it will give you some additional insights, or something (just to clarify, it's my first run)), the final lift to the exit can be lowered only once (seems like you used s1 action instead of sr), which is, well, not exactly a good thing, since you are getting soft locked. Other than that, absolutely marvelous creation.
  11. Rene Mori

    Eagle Mapping Project - Final (Now on idgames)

    @WindbagJacket Alright, I got spared by gods 1 free hour today, might as well spend it by drinking cheap coffee, and testing your wonderful creation. I played your map, and I'm pretty much on the same wavelength as Aquila, it was really delightful experience, visuals are on point, gameplay just oozes with fun, progression is solid, but it isn't without flaws. Besides what Aquila found out, there are also few sectors missing sky transfer action, which creates quite bizarre aurora borealis in the distance (only within prboom+ though, every other port shouldn't show this inconvenience) And I will say, that I definitely enjoyed all of these encounters, but you can just completely skip final encounter with cyberdemon, or just cheese it by standing behind the blue key door, it's nothing crucial really, but perhaps you should lock the player within this area somehow. (it's more of a personal preference though, not gonna lie) And, I guess that's it? I also recorded demo of your map with prboom+ (my first attempt at it), not sure if you have it or not, since you mentioned that you only tested your map in zdoom, if that's the case, I can upload this demo as a video, so that you could watch it regardless of if you have necessary tools or not. Here is a link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/csc1zetsqpmh8pa/EagleWindbag.lmp?dl=0 Yeah, so, thanks for creating this nice little experience.
  12. Rene Mori

    Eagle Mapping Project - Final (Now on idgames)

    Ehh, I guess I will post my map, not exactly satisfied with it (especially the beginning of it), but I'm currently so booked to the brim with work, that I can't really adjust anything, still, it was high pleasure working on it. I have to thank Aquila and NoReason for their feedback, they provided some invaluable comments for sure, managed to improve bunch of stuff. Here is a link to it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvak91u69dlyct8/EagleBio.zip?dl=0 Some info: Tested mostly within prboom+ and glboom, it might act funky within gzdoom though, considering how complex mechanically some of these encounters. Build time: ~14 days All difficulties are implemented, though I must warn you, that you might have to wait a tiny bit on HMP and lower difficulties during some of these encounters. I think that's it? Here are some screenshots of the first half of this map (I already posted them long time ago in another topic though), don't want to spoil much, I guess.
  13. Rene Mori

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks, that's gotta be "scorpion" tail (regarding your statement about "that thing on top of it's head") for that ugly bastard, I will be making 2 versions of this monster, one with the tail, and one without it. Here you can see how it will be looking like from the side (it's still kinda draft though, but in terms of color scheme and general shape this is pretty much concrete look for it). I also sorta tested it within original doom setting, and stylistically it looks kinda out of the place, but once you put it in maps with alien/gothic aesthetics, it definitely fits pretty well.
  14. Rene Mori

    Custom Monster Sprite

    I assume the reason it is invisible, is because you didn't change offsets of the sprites. The way to do it, is by choosing all sprites simultaneously, after that, in the right window, you will see 2 options: Convert Gfx to and Modify Gfx offsets, pick up the second one. After that, you have to choose "monsters" in the automatic offsets and then press ok to release your fluffy demon right into the world of mortals. Also, you can do it manually, by dragging sprites into the center of the cross (to see it, you have to enable "sprite" view, it's in the bottom of the sprite screen, by default it is set as "Auto", so you gotta change that). Well, and here you go, that should make everything work (theoretically) as smooth as a butter.