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  1. grimiv

    A new interview with Tim Willits

    how thick can i lay it on please
  2. grimiv

    New info in May's Wired

    if they're sitting on it, wouldnt it correlate to reports of MS giving them the big $$ to give a simultaneous xbox/pc release? huh? huh?
  3. grimiv

    Who should make Doom 3 figures?

    mcfarlayne would rock but they're $$$ im sure not the guys who did the q2 dolls anyhow, they're out of business
  4. grimiv

    Physical Format / Advertising

    none of which pushed adoption rates quite like such a 'mainstream' game from an independent development house considering the game has high specs as it is, its harly a big jump to ask for a dvd format if you're already asking for a £250 graphics card
  5. grimiv

    I-CON Carmack Talk

    i think doom will be sufficiently good that people will take the multiplayer code and produce some genuinely interesting mods i dont think there's going to be any lack of good multiplayer games after six months or so also, with the environment being able to be however complex you want it (something not usually associated with multiplayer maps), it might take on some new angles from that still no word on the player capacity, but i expect that will be bandwidth limited, but i'm guessing 8~12 with 500kbps connection, perhaps more doom was never meant to be wide scale, anyway doom is intimate : )
  6. grimiv

    I-CON Carmack Talk

    As some of you might know, I-Con was held last weekend Mr J Carmack was a guest there, and gave a little speech about his work at id Software and with Armadillo Aerospace I didnt attend, being in the UK and all, but some shackers (shacknews.com) did, specifically TroZ and nyranger66 so thank them for this info here's a copy of what they posted on the shack, describing the talk --- Graphics Talk: This talk was about 60% Doom 3 and 40% general 3D graphics. Highlites: Doom 3 is the first C++ core that id has done. C++ was not a total win, but helped the interface and game object/ai code (didn't realy help renderer any). New Doom 3 network != old Doom network. Network is peer to peer, meaning no server keeping track of game state, each client individually keeps track of game state. In the origional doom, each player had a connection to the other players ( N players each had N-1 connections). With the new doom, there is a 'packet server' running on one of the players machines. Everyone has one connection to this packet server. If someone lags, only that player will lag, the packet server will continue to send out that players last position to the other players. The game won't studder for everyone. It uses synchronous timing, meaning 60 times per second each player sends out and update and recieves updates from the other players. This makes coding many things easier; in Quake3 you would have to have special code or timing to get some things to occus or effect correctly, that now just work without special code. The expence is that modem users will not have a good experience in Doom 3 as the did in Quake 3 with the same ping. There is no 'mid match joining' in Doom 3. The world can have an arbirtally large and complex state (lots of computer stations, with different settings that the control different machines or lock/unlock doors in the level). To keep things general (for their liscenses), there is no code to keep track of all this state and send it to users as the join, so there is no mid game joining. Doom 3's renderer has been complete for about 1 1/2 years. He has been mostly doing optimizations recently. Despite hoping otherwise, Doom 3 will NOT be done before E3 They are still trying to finish the content. He showed the 'Doom 3 History' video for last year's E3. Editing tools build right in to the renderer. This allows the level designers to change the lighting and immediatly see the results. The lighting of each level can and is modified 10+ times in only a few minutes. In previous games, it would take 30+ minutes to compile a map to see the effects of the lighting; the lighting was seldomly altered from it's origional settings. Now they modify the exact position and shade of each light several time to make everything look just right. on games: He doesn't play too many games these days. He doesn't like plot based games. 'Plot isn't fun the second time'. Quake 3 was very close to his 'perfect game'; it was easy to learn but offered enough variety and depth to be fun again and again. on the future of game development: Movie rendering and realtime rendering are converging. He believes that within 1 year, that special effects for at least one television show will be rendered on a consumer graphics card. Next game engine will probably be capable of film quality graphics. With small numper of passes, the engine will be used in 3D games; with a large number of passes (500+), the same engine will produce film quality graphics. The film quality graphics will be several frames per minute, much faster than the greater than 1 hour that the rendering farms can do now (but the rendering farms have many machines that each work on their own frame). Aerospace Talk: He spends about 40 hours a week on software (down from 80) and another 40 on aerospace stuff. X-Prize is a $10 million prize for launching a rocket carrying 3 people to a height of 100km, recovering the rocket, and do it again with the same rocket within 2 weeks. To promote the development or comercial rocketry. He talked about the different rockets and tests they've done and what their plans are. If everthing goes according to plan (but he admitted they never do), they will be ready for an X-Prize launch in about 1 year. The are currently working on a ship that will be able to carry one person a few hundred feet up and land again. The are having a hard time finding a supplier of 90% Hydrogen Peroxide, the fuel that they use. They put weekly updates on their website. http://www.armadilloaerospace.com/ The videos from that website were shown. (SpaceAccess and SpaceFrontier) --- here's a link to the thread http://www.shacknews.com/ja.zz?id=7106742 happy hunting : )