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  1. Every time I look at this notebook I'm reminded of you :P



    1. Aquila Chrysaetos

      Aquila Chrysaetos

      That's neat, but I think it might be a tad more appropriate if it was a golden eagle, or a true eagle at that.

      Notice the "Haliaeetus leucocephalus" in the bottom left. Haliaeetus is a genus of sea eagles, as opposed to the genus of true eagles Aquila.

      That said, it's appropriate still, given that I'm an American.

      Nice find.

    2. KVELLER


      You sure know about eagles! :)

    3. Aquila Chrysaetos

      Aquila Chrysaetos

      I'm not quite as knowledgeable about them as I'd like to be, but they're really cool, regardless.