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  1. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    2diehell 2dm-403.zip Map 23 max in 4:03.
  2. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Share Your Jokes

    Ah, yes, another "Tell us some jokes" thread. I searched and the latest one I could find was from five years ago. So if you have some jokes you think are funny, share them! Attention: Keep it tasteful! Things like cancer, school shootings, racism, terrorism, child abuse of any kind, and the like are not funny, do not post that here. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn't tell it to your grandmother, you shouldn't tell it here. Here's one I told on Twitch the other day: Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing, but he was such a perfectionist, that he demanded it actually be shot on the moon. One of my favorite "walks into a bar" jokes: The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve faster-than-light particles here." A tachyon walks into a bar. A biologist, chemist, and mathematician joke: A biologist, chemist, and mathematician are walking through a neighborhood when they see two people walk into a house and three walk back out. The biologist says, "They have reproduced." The chemist says, "The products are not equal to the reactants." The mathematician says, "If exactly one person enters the house, it will be empty."
  3. PR+ 2515 Category 1, UV ieblinded-aq.lmp 204 kills, 10:05 dead Forgot I had the plasma rifle. ieembrace-aq.lmp Survived in 13:38 iebypain-aq.lmp 72 kills, 5:45 dead Met some shotgun friends.
  4. Aquila Chrysaetos

    The DWIronman League dies to: Alien Vendetta

    imav-aq.zip Here's a random drunken 5 minute "attempt." Died somewhere on map01, category 2. Recorded in PR+ 2515.
  5. Aquila Chrysaetos

    NoSp2 Demos -Cl 9

    MAP01 max in 18:10, DSDA Doom 0.10.0 nosp201-1810.zip
  6. Aquila Chrysaetos

    IronEagle Competition 27: The Classic Episode

    ieclass-aq.lmp DSDA Doom 0.10.0, cl2, skill 4 Category 2 Survived, 1:06:11
  7. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    trm17-149.zip Team Rocket 1 (trocket.wad) map17 max in 1:49
  8. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

    Map 06 NoMo in 0:47. fl06o-047.zip Map 31 NoMo in 1:09. fl31o-109.zip Now with the correct demo codes.
  9. Aquila Chrysaetos

    IronEagle Competition 26: Songs of the Damned & Drip Feed

    ie26-aq.7z Songs: Clocked out at 10:37, softlocked as best as I can tell. Drip Feed: Died to a shotgunner, didn't check the time. Category 1, UV, PRBoom+ 2515
  10. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

    fl11n-032.zip Map 11 NoMo in 0:32.
  11. Aquila Chrysaetos

    IronEagle Competition 24: Tyrant

    ietyr-aq.zip PRBoom+, cl9, skill 4 Category 2 Died on map02 I wasn't in the right headspace for any kind of Doom today
  12. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

    f11-135.zip 11 in 1:35, new post at 4shock's request.
  13. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

    f11-135.zip Map 11 speed in 1:35.
  14. Aquila Chrysaetos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    So, about map 31 (and 33), those two maps are easily the worst ones I've made, and I'd rather they'd have been cut instead of shipped with the wad to stain it. I did test 31 in Chocolate, though I can see why many (if not all of you) suspected otherwise. I don't know why I thought it was acceptable to submit it in that state, and it should've been cut entirely. I wanted to try to capture what Eternal did in two of his Epic 2 maps (and I'm sure a couple of you saw some amount of inspiration in 31), and that did not work in the slightest, so I just want to apologize for the sorry state of 31, and 33 whenever you get to that. Today I'd like to review map 16 properly. MAP16 Eternity Engine I'm going to start by saying that I neither like nor dislike this map, but I do respect what it is. It's a map that tries something new, and while I think AD steered slightly too hard in being stringent on rad suits, given the mandatory damage from the hurt floors, and some of the subsequent damage from hitscanners will definitely wear the player out, it does reward perseverance later on by allowing exploration of the main initial space. The setpiece fights and traps that are sprung on the player are my favorite aspects, each one is unique and only one is done in conjunction with the hurt floors, and while the center of the room being entirely safe is clearly an error, I feel it works very much in the fight's favor. With the resources being used earlier, the return to the main space at the end has some intensity to it when the player must navigate the hurt floors again without a radsuit (or possibly with one if the secret I missed was the radsuits in the cubby holes), and I even found myself briefly at 1 health. Ammo is stringent early on, but much more generous once the player moves into the second major space, resulting in a sort of early game hell (assuming pistol start), but also rewarding perseverance with ammo for powerful weapons like the rocket launcher and plasma rifle, both of which are instrumental later on when resources are tight once again and the workhorse weapons are running dry. So while the map isn't my favorite, it is the most interesting to me, and I praise AD for it.
  15. Aquila Chrysaetos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    I'm glad so many of you enjoyed 07, it was the first (chronologically) entry to the project and is my favorite of the four I made. For those who are curious if it was deliberately or accidentally stylized like The Abandoned Mines, it is deliberate, that's one of my favorite maps in all the iwads. I'm not sure how many of you found it, if any, but the second secret is very helpful if you're short on ammo.
  16. Aquila Chrysaetos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Mars War

    Marswar v3.01 MAP01 UV, saveless, pistol starts, complevel 9 (will be changed for later levels) Not much to this map. It's large and devoid of anything, really. The most important bits to this map could be easily squeezed into a much smaller area and nothing would be lost for me. While I don't much like this map for being nearly entirely built around +forward inputs and little else, there isn't very much else that's offensive, it's just a "shoot a few monsters and move on" type. Of particular note is the availability of cells and rockets in this map for the weapons which never appear in it. Useless to the pistol starting player, but very nice for the continuous one.
  17. Aquila Chrysaetos

    Texture Extravaganza idgames Release

    I was browsing Doom Wiki the other day and was led to Texture Extravaganza, which had never been officially finished, so I compiled a final version from the rc2, updated Stormcatcher's map, and sent it off to idgames. Also did some minor bug fixes, missing textures, rebuilt nodes, and the like. There's good work here, and I'm excited to share this with you all. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/textxtra
  18. Return to Daro UV, pistol starts, saveless, ZDoom 2.8.1 (default compatibility mode) MAP01 A short, interconnected map, if you've never played STRAIN, like myself, this will be a way to ease into some of the changes. There are several secrets scattered about to encourage exploration, and this works nicely with the rather nonlinear layout. Combat is primarily incidental, with the only real setpieces being the group of super imps and the red card ambush. The shotgun and chaingun get all the use here, which is perfectly fine given the population of entirely low tier enemies makes for a kinetic, E1 style experience. I did more running around than I needed to, but I'd attribute that to me forgetting what switch does what and searching around the map for the progression I'd already found. MAP02 I found this map a bit confusing, which is somewhat ironic given how linear it is. The objective is to get the blue card, which is established well, and there's a red skull that also needs to be found, but I stumbled on that by luck. The exit appears to open after the red skull door is opened, but I can't say for sure as after that's opened, miniature cyberdemons teleport in and force the player to act quickly, and I ran into the main hallway. I like the idea of the opening rooms, and I might use it myself in a future map. There's a lot of potential to build a puzzle map around this idea, and squirrel away a lot of secrets. I don't like the layout like the previous one, but I found myself running around far more than was necessary looking for progression after opening the red skull. MAP03 I got tired of this map and ultimately skipped it, I like its idea, of going to another world to open progression in the real world, but the combat did not do it for me, much like the previous map. The layout is built in a big square, and progression tends to be locked away behind teleporters. The combat in these areas is hit or miss for me, an archvile in a bloodfall hallway where the cover is hidden behind some falls, requiring a slow mode of play or a bit of trial and error, or invisible flying monsters that fire rev missiles. The big set piece comes in a grey concrete room, and was not a high point for me. There are too few rockets for my tastes to deal with everything effectively, so it ultimately ended in an SSG workout. MAP04 This map is a really strange one, it's a giant arena designed for you to use STRAIN's ultimate weapon to your heart's content. It's a fun, easy monster slaughtering ground, though do take care, the weapon can just as easily kill you as the monsters. There isn't much I have to say about it beyond that. It's a sound wad, the first map is easily my favorite, with the interconnected layout and clean progression and kinetic gameplay. While I did not very much like the latter two maps, my criticism of them is primarily based on my taste in gameplay. Worth a playthrough if you have about a half hour.
  19. Mercury Rain UV, saveless, ZDoom 2.8.1 Demo I really enjoyed this, it satisfied that part of me that wants more classic style ZDoom maps. Like rd said, the ZDoom specific features don't define the experience, rather they augment it. Care is taken for a bit of old ZDoom style detail, but it is done with care. The layout, as expected from Jimmy, is highly interconnected and easy to navigate, new areas are visible behind forcefields, objectives are quickly and clearly established, so the player is never short on direction. A very slight sector color gives the map a bit of a sickly greenish tint, fitting for the swamp/marsh setting. This is very subtle, and makes it easy to mistake map-wide sector coloring for a slightly altered palette. The gameplay is fairly vanilla style, for the most part, intermittent combat sprinkled roughly evenly throughout, where the shotguns and chaingun will see the most work. It's clear to me that the most work was put into making this place feel like a real location, with the rain falling through sky windows and creeping into every crevice, sector detailing for extra depth, but not so much as to be visually noisy, and various chokepoints locking major regions away from the others. I have to echo rd's sentiment about the plasma rifle setpiece, eight cacodemons is rather disappointing, I would personally have preferred some extra fodder thrown in, maybe a couple mid-tiers, to give the "containment breach" some proper weight. Overall, while a bit of a slow burn, I really enjoyed this experience, and I would like to see more like it.
  20. Aquila Chrysaetos

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    tr33tas-063.zip trocket.wad MAP33 max in 63 seconds. Recorded at 25% speed.
  21. Aquila Chrysaetos


  22. In theory, yes, but in practice, the actual limit is however many you can have with the linedef maximum of 65,535. Many Boom maps exist that have over 100,000 sidedefs because Builder and PRBoom do sidedef compression, allowing Boom maps to be huge (ZDoom and Eternity also do this, I believe).
  23. Aquila Chrysaetos

    What are some good Earth maps?

    Valiant Vanguard Both by skillsaw, the first two wads to come to mind. Both have city maps somewhere (in Vanguard's second act and Valiant's first and third episodes), but they are Earthly, partially.
  24. Aquila Chrysaetos

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Yo, have I got the wad for you!
  25. Doom-style textures on Realm667, scroll down to Doom Potpourri, there are locker textures in that wad, and other very useful textures, too.