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  1. EngineerKappa

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    Are other non-doom doom engine games allowed here? Because I just discovered one. Not jumping in Hexen because you think it's cheating in Doom, and then wondering why the hell you can't get up this waist high ledge. Guess it could apply to Doom maps that require it too, whatever.
  2. EngineerKappa

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks! Since you asked, I have a post with a higher res version of the source render and different angles over on my blog.
  3. EngineerKappa

    Share Your Sprites!

    Experimenting with prerendering stuff in Blender and touching it up a little in Aseprite
  4. EngineerKappa

    This is the game I'm making using Freedoom's assets

    This looks very promising so far! I don't use UE4 so I don't know how the sprites work, but I have a nitpick/suggestion. Could you base the angle of sprites to be perpendicular with the camera and not pointing at it? That would make it so sprites don't do that weird turn near the corners of the screen. Here's a little diagram of what I mean. I just bring this up because I've made a few 3D projects in Game Maker, and I can easily notice that effect. It should even take less time if you use the same camera angle for every sprite instead of calculating a new one.
  5. EngineerKappa

    Could the CDI run Doom?

    Ram Raid here shows that a FPS is possible, but you're better off porting Wolfenstein instead of something more complex like Doom. Even here you can see it cheats by having the top and bottom of the walls mirrored. A similar technique was used by Traveler's Tales for Toy Story on the Genesis.
  6. EngineerKappa

    Do you prefer midi songs in doom mods or mp3 and other formats.

    Midis are super nostalgic and just make me happy. I'm not opposed to higher quality stuff, but the smaller filesize of midis makes mods way easier to download.
  7. EngineerKappa

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    Damn dude, that's hard. If I had to pick, I'd go with a Caco because I love their design. Otherwise I love basically every monster but Pain Elementals and the Spider Mastermind. Pain Elementals letting out lost souls just makes them really unfun to kill, and the Spider Mastermind is basically an oversized chaingunner with boss HP and no other attacks. Beyond those, every other enemy has a time and place that can lead to some fun encounters in the hands of a skillful mapper. You gotta take advantage of each monster's strengths and weaknesses, you know?
  8. EngineerKappa

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I was checking the Doom Bible and found out at one point there was an enemy called a "Flying Imp". This however is unrelated the Imps we know of today, which were called "Demon Troops". It's probably just a coincidence, but Doom Eternal also has new winged imp-like enemies in it and that's just neat to me.
  9. EngineerKappa

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - now on idgames!

    I'm enjoying it so far! The smaller maps give it a nice flow without them ever feeling too short. The Cacodemon spam can be a bit overwhelming, but trying to lure them away makes it more managable. Right now I'm at MAP18, but I'm not a big fan of being forced to take damage in the slime with healing items to help. What a Bad Sector after all. EDIT, finished: Unfortunately, I can't say I'm a fan of the second half of the WAD. It feels as if it starts running out of ideas and every map becomes a giant open arena battle with a simple key hunt at best. It becomes a chore having to deal with every monster type in the game all at once, and it's easier trying to rush past them to make a beeline straight toward the key. It could've desperately used more to do beyond giant map-sized monster battles with the most damage spongy of enemies. The battles are fun at first, but I just don't enjoy doing 30 maps of that.
  10. EngineerKappa

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    I'll try and shoot a barrel to kill a couple enemies, but then waste more ammo trying to explode that barrel than I could've just used on the enemies themselves. I'll save at the start of a level even though Zdoom autosaves. I also have a bad habit of using RESURRECT in the console because I'm too afraid to lose 8-ish minutes of progress, but then just kinda use it every time I die. If I'm gonna cheat that hard I might as well just have god mode on.
  11. EngineerKappa

    Getting Lost in Doom

    It's definitely dependent on the map. Some maps are good at showing you doors you need to return to later and keeping switches within earshot of the lifts they lower. Other maps can be tricky with one-way passages, teleporters, and switches that aren't quite obvious what they've actually done until you find a new wave of monsters nearby. More dense and detailed maps with windows can also appear misleading if you start running into dead ends. I might have to study a layout before I go to another room or something like that, just to be safe.
  12. EngineerKappa

    The Crimson Deed | Public Beta Out Now! Happy Halloween!

    This looks really cool so far! I'll never not love the fusion of an old-timey gothic setting and guns. Vesper's got a cool design herself, too. I also love that UI effect when you're pointing at items you can grab, it's super fancy lookin'.
  13. EngineerKappa

    Getting Lost in Doom

    I appreciate the help, but using console commands or iddt sounds more like cheating to me. I don't think that's what the mappers intended. I'm just trying to think of ways I can get better at internalizing the map layout into my own memory.
  14. EngineerKappa

    Getting Lost in Doom

    For a while, I've noticed that when I play most of the custom WADs here, I get stuck wandering around. Often I'll be running in circles for a while before I accidentally stumble into the next part of the map. People love these types of WADs, so I'm leaning more toward it being me just being bad than anything wrong with the map. Lately I've been trying the automap markers for key doors, but that often doesn't help for switches or lifts that I might've missed running through. The automap in general tends to be somewhat useless for navigating large custom maps with loads of sectors and distant lines of sight. This isn't an issue for most of the official games since I've gotten used to those layouts, but it's something I've noticed with most community made WADs. (Though Doom 64 also has some more obtuse maps in it too.) tldr; I'm a dummy and bad at navigating. How do I get better at finding my way around?
  15. EngineerKappa

    Favorite Source Port?

    I have like several GZdoom configs for the type of Doom I'm feeling, ranging from non-interpolated 320x200 paletted vanilla (or as close as GZdoom can get to it), to 1080p 60FPS free mouselook and jumping. Though I usually like using Chocolate doom for things intended for Vanilla.