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  1. I seriously love all of these comments in this post. So funny and wholesome. Doom will never die ๐Ÿงก
  2. SovereignX9

    Do you think Doom 2 city maps are so "medieval"?

    For me personally, they don't really look like anything lol. Just some weird abstract collection of buildings. Your medieval theme is interesting though, I can see what you're saying. They just never really looked like anything specific to me, just random Doom II stuff if that makes sense. It almost reminds me of like maps that were never finished properly or weren't fine tuned or were like taken out of the game mid development, like maps that were never completed past beta. That's the vibe the earth levels give me.
  3. The Ultimate Doom Favorites: E1M1, E1M4, E1M7, E1M8, E2M2, E2M8, E3M1, E3M3 Least Favorites: E3M2, E2M9, E4M2, E3M8 Doom II: Hell On Earth Favorites: Map02, Map03, Map04, Map06, Map14, Map28 Least Favorites: Map12, Map13, Map21, Map24, Map30 TNT: Evilution Honestly, they're all just kinda meh in my opinion. They aren't terrible, but none of them stand out too much for me. The Plutonia Experiment Favorites: Map11 Least Favorites: I don't really have any. Plutonia doesn't have any levels I hate or severely dislike. They're all damn good in my opinion. Hard as shit but damn good.
  4. Though I constantly die and so far I haven't been able to actually beat it yet, there's just something really interesting about God Machine and the way it presents itself. The color, the lighting, the design, (I know a lot of Sunlust has this same theme but I think it works the best in this map) something about it always makes me feel tense. The dead enemies all over that get resurrected, the music playing, the sheer chaos, it's like the level is alive in some sort of way. It's like there is something in this map actively plotting against me. I don't know if that was the mappers intention (I've only started playing Sunlust recently) but there's just a tense feeling in the map like something is watching you. Like some sort of higher being of monstrosity that controls the very ground you walk upon. While the level is very very very difficult I just really like the tone and the world itself surrounding the onslaught.
  5. SovereignX9

    Doom Mandela Effect

    Given that there's been so many different ports of Doom on numerous different platforms, it wouldn't surprise me to see a "Mandela Effect" just be some case of thinking something was in the PC version but really it was in some console port, which seemingly has already happened here
  6. SovereignX9

    What is your favorite classic Doom Game?

    Hands down Ultimate Doom. There's something about Knee Deep In The Dead that is just so special to me, it's something that just simply can't be replicated. The design, the combat, the music, it's just amazing. Episode 1 is truly a masterpiece in my opinion. Final Doom (Plutonia Experiment) comes at a close second simply for how unique it is. The traps, the trickery, the Arch Viles. Even though it kicks my ass, I enjoy the pain in a weird way ๐Ÿ˜‚ Doom II is very memorable simply for it's enemy variety and the Super Shotgun. I don't think creating custom maps would nearly be as big and as popular if Doom II wasn't released.
  7. SovereignX9

    Cursed Doom Images

    "We have to contain this..."
  8. SovereignX9

    Share a random fact about yourself

    My usual casual wear for almost any occasion are a collared shirt, cargo shorts/shorts, and sandals. Over the last few years my style has turned into some sort of dad-style, even though I'm only 21. It just works. Over the last few years I've gotten this "I don't give a shit I'm just going to do what I want" outlook on a lot of things, and I think the clothes I wear are pretty reminiscent of that.
  9. I still to this day don't understand why I remember this, or random borderline useless things you remember doing as a child, whereas I should've remembered, say, half the things I forgot from highschool, but when I was little the only access to Doom I had was on the Super Nintendo, since the game is so distorted and the texture scaling and everything else is so low quality (but it really is a technological marvel for what it was able to do on the SNES) I always thought it was some sort of weird 2D horror shooter. I seriously thought the pistol was my character, and being confused why he wasn't moving. I hope all 4 year olds are as dumb as I am when I was 4. Probably not ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. SovereignX9

    Favourite Source Port?

    Chocolate Doom and ZDoom. I just love Chocolate Doom because of what it is and ZDoom is my "Ol' Reliable". My decent laptop broke a few months back so now I'm stuck with my old PC and GZDoom makes it want to borderline jump off of a bridge (it's not that bad but the framerate sucks), so ZDoom has been doing it for me for quite a while. I've debated trying out LZDoom or PrBoom+, hopefully they won't make my PC want to jump in a bathtub.
  11. There are a few things that have been annoying me with this expansion: The Spirit. I think the idea is cool in theory, but the fact that you have to microwave it with the plasma gun absolutely stalls the fast paced flow of movement that the game expects you to have. It's like "alright, I'm doing 5 things at once, while trying to kill this Arachnotron that's on blue crack, kill it, then have to suddenly sit here and wait to microwave this thing while 5 shotgunners and 3 spectres rush me in the blinding fog while I'm at 30% health. While these enemies rush me I have to try and jump and move around them without jumping into the explosive acid testicles so I can kill this blue Summoner so it doesn't posses a f*cking spectre and ho ho let's see me try to kill that... at 15% health." It's just really annoying honestly. It totally just halts you in your tracks, in a game all about high speed and nEvEr StOp MoViNg. Second is something I may just be experiencing personally, perhaps I just don't know where to land in a combat arena after dashing or jumping, but I've been getting stuck on shit constantly in this expansion. I get stuck on something 2-3 times I'd say about every 20 minutes? That never really happened to me in the main campaign. Idk. It got me killed a few times. Lastly is the explosive acid testicles. Just... ugh. Overall I can a understand your opinions, though I've liked Doom Eternal for the most part. I'd rather have this than some sort of Call Of Doom cover shooter. I don't think you'll ever be able to completely replicate the magic of the original, because it's just so special. I say the same thing with UT99. But yeah this expansion is fun overall, just kind of annoying in some places, some parts of the expansion just don't feel like they were really thought out enough. The duo Marauders was awesome, and I personally love seeing (and killing) more Barons and Archie's. It still felt like you just didn't see enough of them in the base game. These are all just my opinions though.
  12. SovereignX9

    Why does the Arch-vile not have a melee attack in Doom II?

    No, that's simply not hard enough man. I will have to add 90 Revenants, and 30 Cyberdemons at just the exit. Along with an Arch-vile and 4 Barons on the other side of every door you open.
  13. SovereignX9

    Why does the Arch-vile not have a melee attack in Doom II?

    Yeah that's pretty much what I'm thinking at this point. I mean if the engine had the capabilities I'm sure id would've made most of the enemies, if not the arch-vile, crazier in my opinion. More attacks and such. They made do with what they had with the technology at the time. They probably had so many different ideas that just couldn't be implemented.
  14. SovereignX9

    Why does the Arch-vile not have a melee attack in Doom II?

    Playing punch out with Archie? That just sounds like a good time ;) If you could do that, it'd be interesting to see it happen in Hunted.
  15. SovereignX9

    Why does the Arch-vile not have a melee attack in Doom II?

    Good point. Especially with the hitscan. That would be pretty interesting if hitscanners had melee attacks.