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  1. GZDoom is the only sourceport that I use hardware in, my preference is and always has been software. Usually play GZDoom with hardware, "always mouselook" on, and Smooth Doom, or whatever big mod/ total conversion I choose. LZDoom and Chocolate Doom are my main sourceports, but if I'm in the mood for a fancy shmancy experience with like MetaDoom or my Hellrider + Colorful Hell combo, along with some big/detailed maps, I'll use GZDoom.
  2. SovereignX9

    Doom Mandela Effect

    Playing SNES Doom back when I was a wee lad, I legit remember a cacodemon in E1M2, when you go up the stairs to get the red keycard. I've come to the conclusion that my stupid child brain memory got that mixed up with E2M1, on UV when there's a caco up on the platform of the ascending steps making a stairway.
  3. SovereignX9

    stupid fucking doom puns 'n jokes (Thread)

    iddqdeez nuts (safe to say, I've really outdone myself with this one)
  4. SovereignX9

    How Often Do You Replay Doom/Doom 2?

    I replay Ultimate Doom often, probably once every 2 weeks. Usually Episode 1, but will replay episode 2 and 3 maybe once a month or so. Epsiode 4 once every couple months. I've played Knee Deep In The Dead so many times I can be on auto-pilot 80% of the time during playing it, while listening to a podcast or youtube video, and do fairly well while still enjoying it, it just never really gets old for me. Doom 2, not so much. Once I get to map 12 I just kinda zone out, idk. I really enjoy Doom 2's early levels, later on not so much. I replay Final Doom more frequently than I do Doom 2.
  5. SovereignX9

    The main menu of the og xbox port was sick.

    This is it... This is exactly how I remember it, this is wonderful. Absolute banger of a main menu.
  6. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    I would 100% play this. Absolutely loved C&C3 and C&C N64.
  7. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    "Doom Wick"....... Alright Doomworld, y'all need to make this. Absolutely wonderful.
  8. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    I would absolutely love this... Mass Effect along with it's original trilogy are some of my all-time favorite games... basically combining 2 of my favorite games together would be absolutely beautiful. I would pay money for this. I'd love also a potential option that you would be able to choose which gender of shepard you could be, and have player dialogue during gameplay depending on whether you're maleshep or femshep. When pressing the exit switch to end the level, hearing Shepard say "I should go" would make me feel complete in life, and also make me burst out laughing.
  9. I usually don't care much for main menu's, and this is kind of a random thing to talk about, but sometimes a main menu can set the mood for what you're about to sink hours of your life into, and Doom 3's Xbox port had a fantastic main menu. Lots of what seems to be burnt flesh mixed with satanic designs, sound effects of voices whispering and other creepy voices, little clips of gameplay footage in these little hexagon-shaped frames subtly playing below the text, whenever you navigate the menu, the highlighted text would glow a fiery tan-ish color with the text becoming engulfed in flames, it was metal as f*ck. The cherry on top is when you'd start the game, before being sent to the main menu the game would play this badass video of gameplay with the theme song playing, while also showing off Xbox Live's co-op feature for the game. Does anyone else remember this badassery? The og PC version of the main menu doesn't even hold a candle to the Xbox version, and the BFG Edition's is basically kinda the same thing as the og PC version.
  10. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    That sounds AWESOME dude. I hope one day you'll be able to finish it, I'll definitely play it. Mental block is definitely one of the most annoying things.
  11. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    Very interesting, gochya. I would most definitely play your idea of a conversion. I remember watching Civvie's Alien Resurrection video a while back, I think that style and gameplay could be implemented into a conversion very well in my opinion. If I remember correctly that game had a good balance of horror and shoot-em-up.
  12. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    That would actually be incredible tbh
  13. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    Only Alien game I've ever played was Isolation, never played the conversions (was never really a hardcore Alien fan or anything). Might have to give them a shot though. Just out of curiosity, why do you not care for them? Is just kinda not Alien enough in a sense? I do know Aliens TC has been around for quite a while. If the community ever makes an Alien conversion that's very similar to the gameplay and style of Isolation then I'd def try it.
  14. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    Honestly surprised it hasn't been a thing yet tbh
  15. SovereignX9

    What is your fantasy Total Conversion?

    I'd play that