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  1. Why? Pardon me if I'm out of the loop on this, but I never even knew there was such a thing called UV+. I'd occasionally turn on Fast Monsters in GZDoom, or I knew there was a feature in LZDoom with something like this concept, but I thought it was just Fast Monsters. Why do Multiplayer weapons spawn? Or is it for like Co-Op? Edit: just read about it on Bethesda's site. In my defense I didn't even know we were getting this huge of an update. Pretty interesting concept for sure. Hell, I'm just glad monsters move properly in Nightmare now.
  2. I am absolutely stunned with these new features. There has been so much love put into this Unity Port, I never thought console players would get this kind of treatment for Classic Doom, especially given how mediocre the port started out as. Bravo. Holy crap. But here's the thing with UV+ in Doom II, the levels have MP weapon placements. In Entryway I get every single gun as if it's a multiplayer match. I'm assuming every level is like this.
  3. SovereignX9

    How much harder is doom eternal compared to doom 2016?

    A little late to this, but I want to say as well that the AI in Eternal is much more aggressive and smart than 2016's AI was. They ain't f*cking around.
  4. SovereignX9

    Seems like id wants to keep making new Doom games...

    The only part of the movie I like is the First Person part when he wakes up healed from his wounds and goes on a fucking rampage and obliterates anything in his way. I wish there were more scenes like that in the movie. Also I wish at some point they went to Hell in the movie, even if it would've been just for a brief moment it would've been very welcome.
  5. SovereignX9

    Seems like id wants to keep making new Doom games...

    He's a sexy boi and you know it ;)
  6. SovereignX9

    Seems like id wants to keep making new Doom games...

    I hear ya. Imo it's all about perspective. I think if they mix 3 and 64's formula together I think it'd make everyone happy. Just my opinion though.
  7. SovereignX9

    Seems like id wants to keep making new Doom games...

    I didn't mean to start bashing conflicting opinions over this. This isn't how I wanted this post to turn out, but it is what it is. hybridial and Redneckerz both make valid points, and have criticized mine. So here's my piece and response. 1. Don't exaggerate my post. I never said that Doom 3 is flawed altogether. God forbid I criticize this game in this section of Doomworld without someone taking it out of context. Doom 3, in my opinion, is not a flawed game. It just has a few minor flaws towards the second half of the game. It has a few flaws, but it's not flawed. Saying the game is flawed would basically mean that the fundamental idea of the gameplay and core mechanics of the game aren't good or it contradicts itself, and Doom 3 in my opinion doesn't have that problem. 2. These minor flaws, are essentially just that it gets a little repetitive after a while. That being said, I'm not saying that the gameplay is bad. They just don't really try anything new towards late game, other than just throwing a bunch of monsters at you in their, horror game? I mean it's D O O M I don't mind it I think it's just they were trying to go for... A survival horror shooter... I mean you have the aresnal I guess to fight them, cough cough Chaingun and Rocket Launcher cough cough, but still albeit it was just sort of a lazy-ish way of "spicing things up" towards the end of the game. Same imp jumpscares, same dialogue of Betruger talking, shitty late game boss that takes 15-20 seconds to kill, etc. They don't really get innovative, which I mean I guess it stays loyal to what it wants to be, but there's nothing wrong with being a little creative towards the end. What would they have done to be a little more "creative" while not making it completely different? Idk. Would've been nice to have some more Hell Knight or Pinky jumpscares or "scenes" (like maybe two Hell Knights break through a door in Central Processing or come up behind you if you stare into a bathroom mirror for too long), make the Sarge more interesting to fight, maybe have some gruesome cutscene where Betruger captures you and tortures you, idk. But that was pretty much it lol. 2. I don't have any other gripes with the game other than that. I think the lighting is amazing, the enemy design, the environmental storytelling, and the actual story altogether was pretty good in my opinion. I love Doom 3. Been playing it for 11 years. I still do Veteran playthroughs every month or so. This is exactly why I was saying that the new game, if they want to go towards a more "horror" direction, need to make it a crossbreed of Doom 3 and Doom 64. Doom 64 is basically Doom 3, with way more monsters and intentional gunplay. They're different, yet very similar, and I think we'd be getting the best of both worlds if id does this. It'd make everyone happy. 3. So what should I call 2016 and Eternal then? I know they aren't reboots, but it's majorly the same story as the originals, except id decided to make all of the games connect somehow into one big meta universe. So it's technically a reboot, but it's also technically not. It's petty of you to nitpick such a little thing when you basically understand what I'm trying to get at with that. I just genuinely don't know what to consider them or "call" them. Should I call them Sequelboots? Aside from that, these are all my opinions here, and you're still probably going to absolutely nitpick everything here that I've said and find things you want to argue about Redneckerz.
  8. We got a recreation of Doom '93 with Doom 2016, then getting a recreation of Doom II with Doom Eternal (they aren't reboots in terms of Canon, they're set after 1 & II but they're still basically reboots in terms of design) So... is our next trip as the Doom Slayer back to Mars? A hyper - realistic recreation of Doom 3 that elevates the horror design (making it even scarier) while also adding a flavor of run and gun, essentially creating a terrifying Doom 3 and Doom 64 mixed hybrid? I don't know where this franchise is going at this point, I honestly thought Doom 4 would never come out, but it seems like id is now trying to recreate the franchise. And once all the Eternal DLC is out, if they want to continue this franchise "reboot", I think we might see some sort of Doom 3/Doom 64 hybrid in the near future. Just my prediction. If they decide to go down this route, they need to fix the flaws that Doom 3 has. If they fix those minor flaws, I'm honestly all for it. Just wild speculation and prediction.
  9. SovereignX9

    thoughts on the Kahn Maykr?

    In terms of story and lore, she's alright. It's funny when you finally kill her the Doom Slayer basically pisses off god 😂 In terms of the boss fight? A fucking chore in my opinion. They had to cram her fight in right before the IOS, and honestly when I was fighting her I just wanted to get to the IOS at that point, and her floor damage is so fucking cheap and the maykr drones are such a pain to headshot consistently on console while trying to dodge all her air attacks and floor damage and uuuggghhh it's a clusterfuck. Like the Gladiator was a chore too, but you weren't at a disadvantage with the environment. Very sloppy. Maykr was the only boss fight I used the sentinel armor on because I just wanted it to be over lol, I was sick of dying 20 times to a dumb boss fight late game and I just wanted to fight the IOS. And the IOS was the best boss fight in the whole game imo. Marauder was 2nd best.
  10. Back in the old days of ZDoom, before GZDoom was ever a thing, whenever I would see screenshots taken or gameplay footage with the source port used, people seemed to have the brightness cranked up pretty high. It seems like a lot of folks used to do that back then. Why? Now that I look back on it it's almost sorta funny to me. It just looks so out of place with everything just being such a white-ish tint. I don't think Doom was ever supposed to be that bright. Edit: made this post entirely on memory. When I did a image search of the port of course I found barely anything that has the brightness cranked up. But I seriously remember back in the day a lot of people playing this source port with the brightness really high
  11. UV = more enemy variety Sometimes will do HMP first if the map is dickish
  12. SovereignX9

    Favorite Demon?

    The Hell Knight, preferably the Doom 3 design. Look at this sexy boi
  13. SovereignX9

    I just realised you can do rocket jumping with the Ballista

    Seriously?? That's honestly really cool.
  14. Was just messing around with the weapons with the infinite ammo cheat on, and realised that you can jump and hop around with the Ballista. Crazy shit man. Anyone else realise this? Next update: BFG jumping, sends you 100ft into the air!
  15. SovereignX9

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Welp here goes nothin. 1. While I do really like Sigil's hellish textural design, it's too tedious to play. It's like did Romero get a boner for claustrophobic ledges and hallways and just pitch darkness one day and try to mix it in with Plutonia-like bullshit enemy placement? Honestly very underwhelmed with it when it first came out and still am. Only few parts of it are fun to play. Also BucketHeads ost doesn't fit the atmosphere of the game at all whatsoever. It's like Romero tried too hard or something idk. 2. I know little to no secret locations in Doom and Doom II. Something I've been wanting to do though lately is find them all. I just didn't really care about it before. 3. While there's a lot of things that I do really like about Doom Eternal, sometimes it just feels like it's Hugo Martin's vision of Doom when I'm playing it. It's also a very exhausting game, it's like I need to be in this like super concentrated and energized state to play it without dying constantly. I can play the game well it's just it's usually draining. 4. I prefer the Doom 3 Hell Knight design over the original. Pardon me for preferring uniqueness and creativity rather than just a recolored model of an already existing enemy. 5. John Romero's ego was too big for his own good (may not be controversial but I know there's some Romero dick riders in the Doom community). 6. I enjoy Brootal Dewm. Have to be in a mood for it though. Can understand the criticism it gets. 7. I really liked SnapMap. Will never be anything compared to like Slade or the Doom Builders but it was just a fun little thing to play around with and make cool shit. 8. Much prefer Doom 2016's ost over Doom Eternals. Eternals has like, 2-3 cool songs, but everything else just sounds like muddled electronic noise that just gets annoying on the ears over time. The Gladiator boss fight is a perfect example of this. Whereas 2016, I swear every song was a fucking banger. The death metal chorus was pretty damn awesome though. 9. People like to argue over Eternals MP choice, and I think Arena PvP & Battlemode are both shitty choices. They should've went down a more survival-coop route, 6 players in a big open arena taking on hordes of demons together. Sounds so much better. 10. Doom 3, even BFG Edition, is a good game. It's definitely Doom. Just in different pacing.