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  1. Duke of Pathoris

    Was dlc 2 for Doom eternal really that bad?

    I haven't played it since it first came out but I found it pretty fun aside from the slightly frustrating final boss and the monsters with no death animations. Hopefully both have been rectified but I haven't gone to the trouble to verify.
  2. Duke of Pathoris


    I stumbled upon this proof of concept on YouTube. I'm not entirely sure what source port this person is using but he has successfully integrated lua scripting into Doom. This has tremendous possibilities. What does everyone think?
  3. Duke of Pathoris

    Hexen weapons in Heretic, with Faithless support

    That's a neat mod, I appreciate the effort gone into changing the hand sprites and deciding what order to put the weapons in. Nerfing the melee weapons is a nice touch - gives off the impression that Corvus isn't as strong as the others. Mixed feelings on the powerups. Timon's axe going from no-mana to mana mode is really nice, I love the frost shards change too. Not too keen on the ones just speeding up the attacks and the Arc of Death just feels out of place. I like weapons using their own ammo and no longer mana but I feel like at least the frost shard ammo should not be a recolouring (the others work fine). I will have to use this mod next time I play Heretic, I might even try out Faithless.
  4. Duke of Pathoris

    Walpurgis- 0.99 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [NEW RELEASE!!!]

    There's only so many times I can play the same Heretic and HeXeN levels. Can you recommend any good maps to play it with?
  5. Duke of Pathoris

    What Heretic weapons would you bring to HeXeN?

    I love the axe in particular, seems very well within the spirit of the game. Cleric being able to pull some dark bishop magic would also be very cool. Yeah it's strange how the hellstaff became the iconic weapon, even though they nerfed it in Heretic II and gave its cooler aspects to the storm bow. I always thought Heretic's most iconic weapon would be the crossbow or elven wand (given the titlepic).
  6. Duke of Pathoris

    What Heretic weapons would you bring to HeXeN?

    I see your point there. Giving him an infinite ammo wand would put him on par with the Mage as a capable ranged player. I agree the dragon claw should be blue mana and the crossbow green mana, it reflects the colours and power levels a lot better. It's the final weapon where I'm quite unsure about what form it would take. I don't think lifting any weapons out of Heretic verbatim would do that weapon slot justice, except for maybe the tomed up fire mace or hellstaff. I like the idea of the Tome of Power being a general booster rather than just a weapons booster. Maybe it could replace the icon of the defender, providing base immunity to attacks and then something special like berserk for the fighter, infinite mana for the mage, temporary flight for the cleric. It's a very strange thing to leave out. Makes it feel almost like it was rushed out.
  7. Duke of Pathoris

    What Heretic weapons would you bring to HeXeN?

    Yeah its absence really sticks out. What would the powered up weapons look like?
  8. Duke of Pathoris

    Unity goes full Unity

    Boy I'd love if you could download Kex and a nice SDK for it in the same way you can Unity 3D and Unreal.
  9. D'Sparil's curse has backfired and instead of travelling the outer worlds, Corvus ends up in Chronos. He joins forces with the heroes of Hexen. Which of his 4 weapons from the original game will he bring with him/be available to him in his quest? Which of his weapons from Heretic II would be available to him if it were to go down that path?
  10. Duke of Pathoris

    using a forum for a long time is an interesting experience

    I'm on just about every social media platform out there - Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - but there's still something about web forums that I absolutely adore. Part of it is nostalgia but I think the biggest part is that everything is beautifully archived, searchable, and explorable. Good luck finding a social media post you enjoyed a few years ago but you'll have an easy time finding a relevant forum post dating back to the early days of the internet if the site is old enough. Sometimes I think a forum, a personal web page, and a message client (heck, even Discord) is all you need.
  11. Duke of Pathoris

    Quake II Remastered

    That is one hell of a remaster. Just like the Quake remaster, this is the way to remaster.
  12. Duke of Pathoris

    Walpurgis- 0.99 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [NEW RELEASE!!!]

    It's hard to put to words how much I love this mod. This mod brings back the sense of magic I got when I played this game as a kid. You truly understand HeXeN - not only in how you redesigned classes and weapons but also in how you have begun to redesign levels. Can't wait to see how you totally revamp this game.
  13. Duke of Pathoris

    Walpurgis- 0.99 (For Doom, Heretic, Hexen) [NEW RELEASE!!!]

    Looking forward to causing havoc with geomancy but something about the rock projectiles just feels wrong to me. They kind of look waxy and un-hexen.
  14. Duke of Pathoris

    An unreleased Doom 4 trailer has been found!

    It looks like a natural follow-up to Doom 3. I'm glad we got 2016 instead (very glad) but for historical interest, I wish we could play one of the in-progress builds of the earlier iteration.