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  1. Duke of Pathoris

    Scooby Doom?

    Or Duke Nukem in a mask! He gives it away when he gives daphne cash and says "shake it baby".
  2. Duke of Pathoris

    Scooby Doom?

    Oh that's brilliant. I always thought the villain would actually be Carmack in a Romero mask though.
  3. Duke of Pathoris

    Scooby Doom?

    That's brilliant.
  4. Duke of Pathoris

    Does everything popular sucks?

    Some people are just hipsterish and hate cool things.
  5. Duke of Pathoris

    Favorite primary weapon from reveal

    I love the old new plasma rifle design. But I'm really hyped for the sword.
  6. Duke of Pathoris

    Demonic corruption

    It think I'll go with your first guess.
  7. Duke of Pathoris

    Demonic corruption

    I rewatched the gameplay reveal and noticed something here it is a demonic corruption meter. What do you think this mechanic could be?
  8. Duke of Pathoris

    (Indirect) Doomslayer Face Reveal?

    I wouldn't give this much credence at all. Whatever face they have, if they have one, is a placeholder that is not intended to be his real face.
  9. Duke of Pathoris

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    SnapMap is fun and all but there is no way anyone could see it as a substitute for a professionally made DLC. So it's definitely not being scrapped due to the DLC.
  10. Duke of Pathoris

    Do you think there should be another Doom horror game?

    That's exactly what I think too. Or perhaps playing as a lone marine. It could even be a retelling of Doom 1 before Seraphim. Obviously, this game would have to be a spin-off and not part of the main series. The mechanics would be different so I doubt it could work as a DLC.
  11. Duke of Pathoris

    So how come people don't think Doom 3 is scary

    It's a bit too predictable to be scary.
  12. Duke of Pathoris

    The holograms in Doom 2016 are actually quite a good mechanic

    Yeah, since unlike Doom 3, we don't see PDA emails or marines before the catastrophe, we don't really get a sense it was actually inhabited without the holograms. I wouldn't call them a mechanic but more of a feature.
  13. Duke of Pathoris

    Infinite Revenants

    Would you care to direct us to the snapmap or show us a video?
  14. Duke of Pathoris

    Game is a bit too easy ? (OH MY GOD STOP BUMPING THIS)

    So then you seem to have lots of time on your hands. Unless you're a busy uni student... Unrelated: anyone who has played a game for 300 hours will find it trivial.
  15. Duke of Pathoris

    Why no Death Sound?

    He doesn't feel pain. The only thing he feels is the joy of killing demons.