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  1. CptGoodtimes

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    Which is why Amid Evil stands out so much to me
  2. CptGoodtimes

    Djinn - 25 Maps Megawad

    I don't know if I'm missing something here but there's no new maps from map 20 and on, the music, level names and skybox change but the map layouts are still the same as in Doom 2. Am I required to play on Brutal Doom?
  3. CptGoodtimes

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares V1.1

    my comp was saving the rar. as a pdf. X.X now i know what went wrong, dont know why it starting doing that but yeah it works now. Nice touch on the music for the start menu! Looking forward to trying it out, thank you!
  4. CptGoodtimes

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares V1.1

    Is there another download link I haven't noticed? I want to try this out but the file from link on the first post doesn't seem to work, it's just a rar. file with no WAD
  5. I'm trying to use Doomseeker to play with my friends but every time I try to use the Zandronum port, it puts me through the initial download setup asking me to point us to my Doom directory. So I connect it to the folder where my Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom files are kept but once I click okay, it just loops me back to "point us to your Doom directory". I own the Doom Collector's Edition CD and installed it on my old computer but my new one doesn't have a CD drive so I just moved all my Doom files from one hard drive to the other, since then it's been giving me trouble. I can play fine on my own with ZDoomLoader but now I'm stuck trying to play multiplayer, any one have ideas or can point me in the right direction? Or should I just buy the game again on Steam?
  6. CptGoodtimes

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    That IS actually the one I was thinking of, just checked it out. And yes, it isn't good XD Don't know why I didn't remember all the monster noise changes and fart sound explosions but still, thanks for helping me find it!
  7. CptGoodtimes

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm trying to find a WAD that I picked up many years ago when I first figured out how to make ZDoom and such work, it was around the time Torment and Torture 2 was released. It may have been a Joke WAD but I remember Map30 was all about running out of a zig zagging blood tunnel with a crusher for a ceiling, you'd exit out onto a street and you'd have to step under a street light to end the level, and the endgame screen (where you'd through the list of monsters) had a MIDI of Everybody Dance Now. Mostly I just want to see if it was any good, since I didn't get around to really playing it when I first found it.
  8. CptGoodtimes

    Doom 64 for Doom II - v1.4 released, /idgames link is up

    Looking forward to it! Gonna be testing this out soon but it's already looking pretty sweet, excellent work picking up the reins and seeing the project through! -clapping noises-
  9. CptGoodtimes

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    Hell yeah man, looking really good so far! Looking forward to it as it completes, gon annihilate all the bloody hellspawn!