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  1. oRaptoRo

    New csDoom server

    Depending on whether or not my connection can handle it, the server will be permanent: doom.shadowborne.com port 10666 also can get to it via ip -- It's running csDoom as ZDaemon won't run on NT4SP6 (error w/mfc42.dll) and as this machine performs other functions I'd rather not tweak any system files when there's an alternative out there. Post feedback here or mail it to kevin at andersonzone.com
  2. oRaptoRo

    Whats your top 5 favorite MOD/TC/PC/ whatever

    Aliens TC (old school) Christmas Doom (haha, there are millions, but the one I speak of had some unique weapons with built on reticles and whatnot) Terror Mall TC -- amazing. New graphics, sounds, very well done map designs Dwango5.wad ;) Zdoom <3
  3. oRaptoRo

    GBA Dooms

    Personally, I love them both. Doom seems to be a direct port of the Jaguar version, from what I can tell. Doom2 seems to be very very close to the original and is handled very well for the handheld. I work in a call center environment, in cubicles, and since our PC's are so tightened up we can't do shit on slow days except slaughter each other in games on the GBA. Works great as a time passer... I swear I've beaten both like 30 times now :( heh. Definitely worth 30 bucks, both of them are. Great to doom on the go without bringing a laptop along
  4. Gerbil man, you couldn't get farther from the truth. Halo is the best game I've played since Doom, hands down. If you'd actually sit down and play the game, your opinion wouldn't be what it is right now
  5. oRaptoRo


    Lame. Frederik your links to Vrack are fuggin dead (they link to cdrom.com) where the hell can I get yer level? ;(
  6. oRaptoRo


    Ghey. It works now, didn't work before (cut and pasting with inspan in place of cdrom.com). /shrug Thanks for the info
  7. oRaptoRo


  8. oRaptoRo


    I looked, couldn't find it ;(
  9. oRaptoRo


    Deep dude, eat a dick I play more games than you can imagine and I've had no trouble at all. Mike or whoever the fuck's problem it was probably came from a conflict between his drivers/settings whatever, because I've put xp on about 10 computers now and I've not had a problem with any. All devices ranging from Zip drives to External CDRW's and Geforce3's to Radeon 64's, no problems. If you want to be a rebel and say fuck microsoft--go right ahead. I don't like them any more than the next, but until a reasonable alternative is introduced that can actually compete with windows in terms of functionality, shut the fuck up. And no, Linux is not an OS that can compete with windows in terms of functionality. Open Source = Nailed Coffin
  10. oRaptoRo


    Yet another reply: The Ge3 drivers that supposedly caused someones system to fuck itself are the same drivers installed on mine at the moment for my visiontek geforce3. Any problems? nope. I've seen increased performance over Win2K in both Quake3 and my 3DMarks score. The only way I can see XP really fucking up is for someone trying to upgrade a shot installation of ME on some store-bought Compaq or HP system. You're asking for trouble with a retail system and any kind of serious upgrade like that. Propietary drivers and hardware oh my! I was even able to toss XP Home Edition on a gateway computer that was the persons First computer. The system had been abused (every time a porn link would pop up, this dumbass would un-install internet explorer. WTF?) and raped in every way imaginable, and XP went on without a hitch, even fixed some of the hardware that wasn't working (his printer).
  11. oRaptoRo


    IBM mainframes stable? dude what the fuck are you smoking? And as far as drivers running amok on a system, unless you are completely clueless and don't belong behind a keyboard, there's no way you should ruin a system by installing drivers. I have XP running perfectly on 2 systems, one was installed as an upgrade from win2k pro to winxp corporate and the other was installed stand-alone, neither has had a problem, not a bluescreen yet, and complete control over which tasks and processes I can shut down whenever. Maybe if you used the OS before speaking, you wouldn't look like a dumbass? You do understand that 2K and XP both implemented the age old nt feature of ending both applications and processes?
  12. oRaptoRo


    Lol, comparing doom patches to OS patches is fucking stupid XP is MUCH different from 98/me. Go fucking try it before flaming it, tks
  13. oRaptoRo

    doom compatibility with windows xp

    XP fucking owns, tks
  14. oRaptoRo

    Automap--Use it or No?

    Do any of you ever use your automap ingame? The only times it's been useful for me is when I'm designing my own maps and testing shit ingame. Otherwise, it's a worthless attachment to the tab key. Opinions?
  15. oRaptoRo

    Microsoft does it again...

    What's funny is the same shit was said about dreamcast and n64. Let the fucking unit get released before making judgements, I bet half of you are all basing your opinions off a downloaded movie or some bias'd magazine reviewers opinion. Clue please. Downloaded movies use compression and fuck with the quality, and magazine reviewers are as untrustworthy as bill clinton. Time will tell whether the XBox will be worth it or not
  16. oRaptoRo

    Doom for GBA

    On the road isn't the only place Doom GBA has its uses... In the work breakroom, when me and my co-workers take a 15 minute break there's barely enough time to do anything aside from sit and stare. That's where doom comes in, 15 minutes is enough to get a good quick deathmatch in... and hey, why not? At the movie theater. When final fantasy first came out, the theaters here were packed but we'd (me and a bunch of friends from school) gotten tickets ahead of time. While we were sitting waiting to get in, I can't tell you how fun it was to play bomberman with 3 other people hehe I put windows xp on my friends gateway, and during the hour install, was able to get in tons of deathmatch without having to leave the system I was working at... Anyway, Doom GBA has its upsides and its downsides, but I think it's well worth the 40 bucks I paid for it
  17. oRaptoRo


    LOL LSL and IPXODI.. I had forgotten... ohhhh the memories
  18. oRaptoRo

    lost inspiration

    doomcad is my favorite of all of em, too
  19. oRaptoRo

    gba doom release date.

    I use the wormlight and it works great for doom--just enough light to see the screen in pitch black darkness and not too bright and clunky to kill the mood. About the controls, they're easily mastered. I'm movin around fairly well, the only time I really falter now is changing weapons (fuckin lame ass shit--why not just make Select change weapons? I doubt anyone ever really uses the automap... ghey) Going to play it co-op and deathmatch tomorrow with a few co-workers during our break, woot
  20. oRaptoRo


    to be honest, I'd hit planetquake for mod news and shit, then gather up a few friends and raid a server off the stomped.com server list. Now *thats* oldschool quake =P I never really followed the names of the posters, but lowtax does ring a bell. He used to be in #quake all the time, too. Oh well. That bastard dude really lives up to his name--he really IS a fuckin bastard. Gamespy and its whole Planet* network need to ride a donkey off a short pier
  21. oRaptoRo

    Things are changing, Doom shouldn't.

    Quake was groundbreaking and great in its own right just as Doom was. Deflamation of that = blasphemy! Aliens TC and internet Quake 1.01 are ranked about equal on my wow/fun factor scale. Doom started it all, Quake introduced it to internet gaming on a widespread scale, and quake2 perfected the netcode while providing a much better game to go with it all. They're all great, all classics, so to speak against any = blasphemy! =P
  22. oRaptoRo


    I agree. The planetquake site started off as a good community website that actually gave useful information to being a website that makes a HUGE profit riding on the back of the most successful first person shooters around. Oh well.
  23. oRaptoRo

    good wads

    Aliens TC Terror Mall Atari Doom All classics in my opinion ;)
  24. oRaptoRo

    Classic comic =P

    http://www.quakecomics.qc.ca/issues/issue2/page01.asp Anyone remember Dank and Scud from when Quake came out? This one has to do with doom ;) And when you're done reading that one, check out this one: http://www.quakecomics.qc.ca/issues/issue3/page01.asp Damn I have too much time on my hands
  25. oRaptoRo

    Things are changing, Doom shouldn't.

    Erik speaks blasphemy.