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  1. notentaclesplz

    Favourite Subreddit?

    r/NatureIsFuckingLit, amazing animal/nature pictures that I have been getting a massive collection of in my phone
  2. notentaclesplz

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I’ve had to pack up a lot of my games while my house was being worked on and they’re still packed up, but of the games available to me right now I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World. I love it, it’s so fun to zone out and listen to music while wacking a dragon around
  3. notentaclesplz

    What is the worst movie/movies you have ever seen?

    Alien vs Hunter was the first “scary” movie I was ever allowed to see. Even at 11 years old I realized it was complete shit to the point of being furious that I ever bothered to watch it; the only saving grace being that it was a rental and I could take it back the next day. Awful actors, forgettable plot to the point in not sure it had one, and beginning credits filtered over a shot of a guy silently walking down a road for about five to seven minutes have burned themselves into my brain.
  4. notentaclesplz

    Goofiest dream you've ever had?

    When I was really young, maybe like 6 or 7, I had a dream that I was in my grandparents' back yard, arguing with Tigger over a baseball on the swing set. The argument got to a fever pitch, and that's when I noticed that Tigger looked less like, well, Tigger and more like an actual tiger, except still in cartoon form. I ran and ran as far as my little legs could take me... but because of dream logic that only amounted to running about four feet away before I was pounced on and swiftly devoured by my childhood favorite character :( it was genuinely terrifying though lol he had sharp teeth and claws and everything. How about y'all? What have been your goofiest dreams?
  5. notentaclesplz

    Let's Be Revealing

    Favorite Movie Genre: Action/Horror Favorite Food: Wings, sushi, pizza and empanadas; basically any of those foods that you could technically put anything into and it'll still be good lol Favorite Holiday: Tie between Halloween and Christmas Favorite Memory: My little brother being born Worst Memory: Middle School. Very dark time for me. Age: 22 Favorite Outfit: Short sleeve shirt and a hoodie and joggers, minus the hoodie and replace joggers with shorts in summer usually of course lol. Basically if it makes me feel good and comfortable, I'll wear it. Favorite Genre Of Music: Hard Rock, Rap, Heavy Metal, Electronic Most Hated Genre of Music: Country (excluding Johnny Cash of course) Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: Never had a super bad injury tbh, but there was the time in elementary school where I ran into a fence and my face was cut up Favorite Hobby: Videogames, going out with friends Your Definition of Success: Living in a decent house, with a big dog and enough money to support myself and my family In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: No such thing as a situation that is completely black and white
  6. notentaclesplz

    So, how old are you ?

  7. notentaclesplz

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Monster Hunter World. Really fun game to put some music on and just play.
  8. notentaclesplz

    Good Horror games

    Dead by Daylight is super fun! I thought the fact that it's a multiplayer game would take away the scare factor for me but it's still rather unsettling; especially in the beginning of a match where you're all alone and have no idea what killer it is you're actually up against. I also enjoyed playing Outlast. It could be pretty predictable and linear but it still managed to cause me to panic multiple times and it was the first time I've seen my friend actually jump. Good stuff.
  9. notentaclesplz

    Most recent movie you saw

    Tropic Thunder - Hilarious satire of war movies and Hollywood in general. I love how they throw in and make fun of as many tropes as possible while still managing to be consistently funny the whole way through
  10. yo why can't i post anywhere...

    1. Misty


      I guess you reached posting limit, which only new accounts have it to prevent spam and bot posting.

  11. notentaclesplz

    How did you come up with your username?

    To be real I was drunk and thought the idea of my username being me asking politely for something to not contain tentacles was hilarious. The name stuck and now I'm using it for almost everything.