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  1. Fadri

    Best MAP30

    Scythe MAP30 is one to take into account.
  2. Fadri

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Everyone hates monsters because they're hard, but I think lately zombiemen have become my less favourite enemy because I can barely feel their presence at all once I have any weapon beside the pistol.
  3. Fadri

    What songs do you think should NEVER be in a Doom wad?

    I bet no map has used this song ever... You should be a complete lunatic to use it.
  4. Fadri

    What was your first DOOM experience?

    Doom II. Mid 90s. My PC was a 486. Now, the interesting part is, the very first time I tried the game and tried to turn around, I got a crazy motion sickness and the world around me started to spin like a top. I had to stop immediately, but when I tried again, just a minute later, I could play with no problem. My brain did a speedrun on learning how to manage the fake movement on the screen, I guess. That was the first and only time something like that happened to me... or... not exactly. It would happen once again, for the last time. And it was when, years later, after uncountable hours of Doom II and dozen of other "Doom clones" (they weren't FPS yet 8D), I tried non other than Wolfenstein itself for the first time. Just a fraction of a turn on the screen and... BOOM!, my head started spinning like crazy again. I was like: "Why is this happening now with this game with movement and graphics way less advanced!?". Maybe being an older game was the reason why? I'll never now. XD So that was my first experience with Doom and Wolfenstein: sudden kinetosis.
  5. Added HMP and HNTR runs to my previous one. I changed from PrBoom+ to GlBoom+ this time and I think my computer likes it better. HMP: Died on MAP02 when a chaingunner ambush teleported directly from Plutonia to my neck and got me completely off guard! HNTR: Now that I was prepared to survive the chaingunners from the previous trap and get my revenge, they didn't show in this skill level. :P Died on MAP03 when a group of monsters slowly sorrounded me. Only two barons survived but when they were just at my face, my finger failed me and I stopped shooting plasma. They probably would have resisted the damage and killed me even if I didn't stop anyway, they were too close. Or the cyberdemon far in the room would have blasted me to oblivion. At least my dead body did a cool slide to escape the barons at the end. DWIronManOct20_HMP_HNTR.zip
  6. So, reading the rules again, can we actually try again in a lower difficulty? Since my first run ended that badly. XD
  7. I tried to participate again in the competition this month and everything was going fine, until something really weird I've never seen before happened. xD First, I fell from one of the pillars that had been raised into a place on the ground with an invisible obstacle that didn't let me go out, no matter how hard I tried. When I was about to surrender and end the run there, SUDDENLY, I don't know how, I was out the place, but the way of my doomguy was moving now was sort of clunky and shaky... and what's even weirder, my PrBoom+ was running at 200% speed! Doesn't seem like the sudden change of game speed can be seen in the demo, but at least you can see all the other weird things happening there. XD I don't know if there's a hotkey unknown to me that would change the game speed, but my reflexes weren't ready to dodge projectiles like that and I was wrecked by a baron in a very open space with a lot of room to maneuver... Oh, welp... The instructions says that you can't repeat after technical difficulties, so sadly that's the end of my run! But what a weird thing to happen right when I tried the challenge! Or just to happen in general. xD Played on UV. Category 1 (never played the wad before). Died on Map01. DWIronManOct20.zip
  8. Hi! This is the first time I try participating here, so I hope I did it right. XD I completed this wad a few months ago for the first time... Yeah, I know, everyone has played this a long time ago, but because of its fame I was too scared to play it for decades! (It wasn't that bad after having played wads that are considered "normal difficulty" today, like Eviternity and others). So I don't know the names of the categories, but I wasn't trying it blindly. Category 2, I think? That doesn't mean that I remembered everything, I got lost a few times, specially in MAP03. I also wasn't able to do the easiest jump to enter a door in that level and had to try it like ten times. And took me a little while to find the switch that lowers the platform again in MAP05 after grabbing the plasma. XD At the end, I died very soon in MAP07, just the map that I thought I would beat easily because "it's just running in circles, nothing can go wrong here". Anyway, here's my demo! HRIronMan.zip
  9. Fadri

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    Since good maps are not the only ones allowed, here's mine. :D https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hellstar