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  1. Thanks for playing (and liking!) my map. I didn't have the confidence to announce it in a post here when I made it some years ago, so it's great to know that somebody played it. xD
  2. This sounds like some kind of ethical dilemma, like a revenant trolley problem of some sort. If it only counts as cheating when you gain some advantage using the code, we all know deactivating partial invisibility would help any time your enemies are not hitscanners. But how about the light googles? They only can help you see better in the dark (the map looks uglier, but that's not dangerous, right?). However, you could make a map where walking over some differently lit sectors would activate some instakill crushers or any other kind of trap, and give the player the light goggles in that part of the map without the choice of not taking them. Deactivating the goggles there is cheating for sure! I can't think a way that makes deactivating rad suits or berserks a strictly positive thing, though. You could argue the tinted screen might hinder your vision, but when you have berserk with the tint already faded out, then what?!
  3. My standards are still pretty low even for the current era. :3
  4. Fadri

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    I agree. :) Category 1: To be fair, I maybe would have survived just the extra time given by the invulnerability if I knew what was coming. Boxes.zip
  5. Category 1. I ended here: Really cool first map. I guess the rest of the wad it's cool too, but I wasn't able to see it. XD The fact that I had less than 10% health many times in the run made it really exciting. Even zombiemen were scary. I'm too used to use saves. xD Then I found the exit and COULD have left the level, but I had the brilliant idea of exploring more. "Maybe there will be an awesome weapon or a megasphere!". Well, there WAS a soulsphere, but I died a few steps before getting it. xD Violence.zip
  6. Category: Never played it before (one day I'll remember the category numbers). I actually loaded this map a few years ago, just to see how a 20000 monster map like this looked, but I had a worse computer back then and I also opened it with GZDoom, so it was totally unplayable, running at a speed of single digits FPS. Now that I played it for a (long) while, I think it... won't be on my list of favourite wads... Way too repetitive and tedious. :P Anyway, the result of my run: I'm not sure if this is the actual total of kills because at some point I heard arachnotron noises and they all should have died at that point, so I'm almost sure the archies had been released and started to resurrect monsters, I didn't go back to check. PlanetHole.zip
  7. I still have a ton of wads to play, a lot of them currently on the top of the list. Anyway, my votes at the moment could go like this: Going Down - 8 // Funny, fun, insane, intense, varied maps, amazing music, and it actually tells a story in Doom format. Eviternity - 7 // An incredibly amazing, beautiful and balanced wad (except for the boss battle, I guess). JPCP - 6 // My favourite part is that it doesn't care about your usual conventions and rules in gameplay and mapmaking, just have fun! Alien Vendetta - 6 // Well, it's not like I'm not going to include this one, right? The Plutonia Experiment - 5 // I'm going to tell you a story about how I started to hate (love?) chaingunners, revenant and archviles. No Rest for the Living - 4 // I only put this one behind of Plutonia because it's way shorter! Eternal Doom IV - 4 // Getting lost for hours in giant worlds was actually an adventure. Suspended in Dusk - 3 // The only reason I give just 3 points to this masterpiece is because it's just three maps. Scythe - 3 // Cool intense maps. I can't beat "Run From It", however, as much as I strafe run. :P THT: Threnody - 2 // All the maps are cool, but MAP08 in particular reconfigured my brain. Doom II: Hell on Earth - 2 // If voting for Plutonia is allowed, I guess this is allowed too! Pirate Doom - 2 // The funniest thing I've seen in Doom. SIGIL - 2 // The shortest megawad ever made. Kusok (Kurashiki's Kuso Map) - 1 // The title is a lie, this pair of maps are not "kuso" at all! (And I wanted to add a very unknown wad xP).
  8. Well, I tried. Somehow I survived the first battle, then went for a stroll for a while, and that was about it. You can smell my suffering, always low on health and not being able to connect any SSG blast to a revenant that was just in front of me. Category 1 on both of them. IronManCriticalityMiasma.zip
  9. Fadri

    What is the worst map you can create?

    This is my try. Punch.zip
  10. Died in MAP04, in a trap I knew was coming (basically the very first real trap of the game, we could say), all because that one revenant was clever enough to go back while I was trying to evade the baron and pinky, then blocked my path and punched me in my face. :P EDIT: I forgot! I already had finished the wad a few months ago, so this was a category 2 run. ExtraterrestrialRevenge.zip
  11. Fadri

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sawdust

    I almost miss this one! XD I was being hyper-cautious all the time, but of course an ambush with a lot of teleporting monsters got me on map 2 and that was the end of it. Category 1. SawdustIronman.zip
  12. Fadri

    The Top 25 Most Nefarious Secret Sectors of All Time

    Nice list and great idea for a thread! :D Kind of surprised there's only one secret from Eternal Doom in it, tho. xD However, it's actually Japanese Community Project the wad I think it's missing a very strong contender for this list. Like, really strong. :P JPCP's MAP32 not only contains a "wait 5 minutes to open / open for only 5 seconds" door, but also that door leads into an empty room, not the secret itself. The door looks like a regular wall, by the way. The only clue you'll get is, if you zoom the map really close to that wall, you'll see some sectors forming the message "5MIN" there. Now, the empty room behind the elusive door... It's a medium sized room where you have to use your Galaxy Brain™ to... randomly press use AT THE EMPTY AIR IN ONE SPECIFIC SPOT! Not even a wall or even the sprite of the corpse hanging there. No, just the air. After that, the door to the real secret opens, leading into a megasphere... and tons of gold ingots! All well deserved, I guess. I could argue that even the other only secret in the very same map could be in this list, but maybe that other one is just me. xD
  13. Category 1. Died in map 3, in the place where I think more people who haven't played the episode might die. :P IronMan_2002ADO.zip
  14. Fadri

    Best MAP30

    Scythe MAP30 is one to take into account.