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  1. BabyGiggles

    Ashes 2063 - GZDOOM Total Conversion

    the sprite work on the weapons looks so much nicer now, good work!
  2. BabyGiggles

    [RELEASED!] The Bikini Bottom Massacre

    Your mod is on IGN's TY channel, make of that what you will but I think it's cool your mod is getting some attention.
  3. BabyGiggles

    Hell Breached WAD

    Thanks I was going for that retail hell look
  4. BabyGiggles

    Hell Breached WAD

    This is my second released WAD Hell Breached (in the map it will still be called Perfect Hatred as I don't know how to change the level name in game lol) it consist of only ONE level and replaces DOOM's E4M2. The level was inspired by sigil and episode 4 of Ultimate DOOM, so expect some ass kickage by the level and monsters. Please give me feed back and issues you might come across when playing the level as I am new to map making, either comment or playing though the level by recording a video would love to see the reactions from you guys. Thank you! Screenshots: ----> WAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g0fses8j8sbz6eh/Hell_Breached.wad/file <-----
  5. Looks lit definitely gonna play this tomorrow
  6. BabyGiggles

    Shit I made in photoshop

  7. BabyGiggles


    I had a lot of fun in with map03 and the last level, had challenge to it. Also like the look of the wad it gave me ep 3 and 4 vibes.
  8. BabyGiggles

    Thoughts on ray tracing...

    Ray Tracing also dipped my performance, by like 80 frames and even if I leave it on for a while suggested by midnight a Doom Eternal youtuber it still ran 80 frames. Issues aside, it's looks great.
  9. BabyGiggles

    Crispy Doom Too Quiet

    Thanks! Didn't know you can do that.
  10. BabyGiggles

    Crispy Doom Too Quiet

    So I wanted to play some wads with Crispy Doom, and noticed that the source port is VERY quiet compared to the rest of my apps running. Is there way to make it louder?
  11. BabyGiggles

    Quake Ranger Fanart

  12. BabyGiggles

    Doomguy 3D Model Idle Animation

    Shit looks mad impressive!
  13. BabyGiggles

    The Doom Comic Is Now Playable!

    Oh I see, neat!