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  1. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    What's with the dog?

    But why be a dog doe?
  2. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    What's with the dog?

    What is the purpose of this dog? is it a enemy or apart of the environment? what do you guys think?
  3. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    Cyberdemon is back!

    Yea, kind of, the original sprite looked real because it's a clay sculpture. I don't know, perhaps seeing it as a legit fully 3d model looks odd at first glance.
  4. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    Where's the archvile?

    Where's the archvile?
  5. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    Cyberdemon is back!

    Fuck yea.
  6. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    Doom II - new animation movie

    Why is the Imp harry? also, pretty good movie better than Doom Annihilation.
  7. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    The Adventures of Square fan art

    Fan art for the WAD/mega WAD The Adventures of Square. It's not really finished however, happy with the current outcome. Sorry for the resolution size I did this on my phone.
  8. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    Mad respect to the painters, this shit looks like a pain to make
  9. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    \\ Your First Doom Experience //

    In early January 2017, (Zoomer alert!!!) I was first introduced to GTA London 1969. From watching gameplay, listening to the soundtrack and had a liking to the 60s era of the game I thought it looked fun regardless of how old it looked, so given a link to the download from the video description I played it by setting it up with Dos Box which was pain in the ass. Months later I was board with the game and wondered to myself if there are more games that would require Dos Box so, I would go to a particular website that allowed me to download free dos games, that website being myabandonware. When looking at the most downloaded list, doom was on that list, never knowing what Doom was my curiosity peaked. So I decided to go in blind. When I started E1M1 at the Hurt-Me-Plenty difficulty and E1M2 I was hooked. The music, the look, the satisfying sounds of the shotgun and the death animations for the imps and possessed marines, every aspect of Doom, I loved. With ZERO nostalgia for the game and growing up with mostly modern games I manage to get addicted to a fucking 25 (as of right now) year old game. A game older than me. I would use a USB stick and plug it into a laptop, or desktop within my high school. Whenever me and the boys ever talk about games I would mention Doom in the conversation, I lived and breathed Doom. I actually have two short stories/experiences with Doom & Doom II, in December of 2017 My cousins, and brothers would go to L.A for the first time, while on the roads to L.A I would use my laptop from school and play Doom & Doom II as we arrived to L.A with the sun peaking out on the horizon. My second story was in early 2018 when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the hospital, fortunately, I was stricken with minor effects such as drinking lots of water, lose wight, and so on. At the hospital I was learning how to use insulin, and forever being on a low carb diet (unless injecting insulin) and all that shit. Again, I would use my school laptop and play Doom, Doom II, Quake, and a little bit of strafe While hospitalized. Ironically now, I drink diet beverages due to my type 1 diabetes, a true boomer lifestyle.
  10. I played Sigil literally a hour ago, and believe it's okay, not great but fine. Now I did play it once and did not replayed again as I think playing for the first time is significant. The music is great, and the satanic theme is really cool and surprised me that Romero only used vanilla textures. However, I felt that the monster placements was pretty frustrating like the use of possessed sargents, lost souls, cacodemons and barons of hell, it felt was a bit much, it made the levels barley flow well and If I were to compare John's previous levels, Sigil's levels felt linear and cramped. I don't know that's just how I feel about this WAD.
  11. OneDoomedSpaceMarine

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    Holy shit, that's fucking awesome would really like to see the progress.
  12. I really like the in game soundtrack however, I really love the CD version, and I am surprised there hasn't been any mod/wad that did that. Is there any way to add all these particular tracks within DOOM & DOOM 2? Or is anyone willing to put idea to action? Links to the CD tracks: