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  1. magicsofa

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    Well that's good... it might be time to give up on /newstuff anyway and just focus on reviewing stuff with the new database. At least that's what I plan on doing after I finish mapping...
  2. magicsofa

    What gender do doom monsters identify as?

    Zombieman: Male Shotgun Guy: Male Chaingunner: Male Imp: Gender-fluid Demon: Male Spectre: Neutral Cacodemon: Female Lost Soul: Asexual Baron: Male Hell Knight: Bigender Revenant: Androgyne Mancubus: Gender Questioning Arch-vile: Female Pain Elemental: Pangender Cyberdemon: T-Girl Spiderdemon: Womyn
  3. magicsofa

    Regenerating Health In First Person Shooters A Bad Thing??

    I liked COD, forget exactly witch one. Modern warfare? Anyway I don't think the health regeneration contributed to it being a cover shooter. It's not even -that- much of a cover shooter. I remember a fair amount of running and climbing and shooting people while jumping out of windows. Yeah, you can also snipe, but the fact that health regenerates isn't really the deciding factor for why you would want to do so. You could only take 2-3 hits usually anyway so it's not like you could soak up bullets and then just wait for it to regenerate. I also played a fair amount of rainbow 6 back in the day, that was a serious cover shooter. No health regen and you'd be gimped after being shot, good times. Both styles can be fun, and I think in games where you can be killed very quickly it's more permissible to have regeneration, since being at full health isn't even that much of an advantage compared to someone with better aim.
  4. magicsofa

    Which color key is the scariest/hardest?

    I picked red, and I always assume the default order to be blue, yellow, red (maybe because of Descent also?) Anyway I mainly associate the colors with environments that match - blue for compblue/tech, yellow for metal/industrial, red for hell. But I always expect a trap when picking the red key... We're more fun than a barrel of monKEYS
  5. magicsofa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looks amazing... but I really miss the intense purple from before. But then again I love purple so much I'd play with a palette of exclusively shades of purple <3
  6. magicsofa

    Quake single player lives on in DOOM (An observation)

    I never felt like I was supposed to be a space marine in Quake 1, given the environments and the fact that you had a bloody axe and a rusty nailgun. The techbase levels made me feel more like a redneck who traveled too far out of his time zone. Forget the aesthetics though, from what I hear it sounds like Doom 2016 has really cool level design where you actually explore instead of just being railroaded along. Now THAT's a throwback to Quake 1, which I thought was often more fun to explore than Doom 1&2. Maybe I should finally play Doom 2016, since it's been sitting in my living room for 3 years....
  7. magicsofa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Punnett squares?
  8. magicsofa

    Favorite Fighting Game?

    Tekken all the way! My favorite was actually Tekken Tag, but that's just the one I happened to have and play for the longest amount of time. They're all good though, I've never not enjoyed a Tekken Game But also... ....This game rules! Unfortunately its not the most replayable game, could use a good sequel. I still think it's the coolest aesthetic I've seen in a fighting game.
  9. magicsofa

    hello i am new here

    Equinox also, hi
  10. magicsofa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It's okay to take breaks! ... I definitely don't want you to lose inspiration on this, I'm anxious to play it
  11. I don't. If I find a WAD to be way too hard, I either quit if I don't find it to be interesting enough otherwise, or lower the difficulty/cheat to get through parts I think are beyond my ability or too tedious. You're being awfully sensitive, there's plenty of maps out there that you could handle. Maybe try Back to Saturn? Or 3ha3? Distorted Memories? Doom 2 Purgatory? EDIT: Okay I guess 3ha3 map05 was pretty hard. It's a lot harder if you just run forward into the swarm of enemies and then stare at the wall.
  12. As long as it doesn't include bosses with 20,000 hit points that take 2 hours to defeat, and other generally sluggish gameplay, it's a good idea. I only played Borderlands 2, and I heard the first game was better about this, but man it really gets into serious rinse-and-repeat gameplay when you get to high levels. I used to actually fall asleep when playing co-op, lol.
  13. magicsofa

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    I thought it was always 3 rockets :/ Anyway, Pain Elementals are indeed pretty anoying. But at least they don't have very much health. I find chaingunners to be really frustrating because they rip your health to nothing, and barons of hell, because they are just boring to fight and take forever to go down. It's telling that in doom2 they introduced a WEAKER version of the baron. Nice going guys lol
  14. magicsofa

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    Basically it comes down to, is the map beatable by a standard that is both reasonable and intended by the author? And I'm pretty sure none of your examples are softlocks. I thought a softlock was when some part of the game is not functioning. If the mapper wants to create a really annoying forced damage section, then yeah that's annoying, but it's not a softlock. It's just ridiculously hard. Even if it's impossible to beat, that doesn't mean the game isn't functioning, it means the mapper created an impossible situation. Whatever the case, compulsory damaging floors are not inherently bad (or good) and they can be balanced (or not) in many different ways. What if the damaging floor is literally covered with medikits? It's still forced damage, and if you stand in one spot you will die, but it could be incredibly easy to pass. It's perfectly valid to like or dislike forced damage, but to say that it's completely pointless is just wrong. Back on topic: Like: Giving the player outrageous advantages once in a while, just for funsies. (ie, here's a RL and a lineup of oblivious monsters) Dislike: Monster traps ALWAYS triggering when you grab keys. It's fun some of the time but for me it removes immersion. Seems a bit silly that demons would coordinate themselves to wait for you to grab a keycard. I'd think that as soon as they smell your mortal flesh, they'd ruin the surprise...
  15. magicsofa

    Using secrets effectively

    I always loved the IWAD secrets that let you go outside or to other areas that aren't normally accessible. These secrets make maps more fun to explore, and increase the immersion because they are really part of the existing architecture, instead of just a tacked-on closet.