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  1. magicsofa

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    @Somniac looking really nice and thanks for picking up the torch! Alright so that's 25 maps that at least have a draft! Now that we're nearly in Q4 it would be great to get the rest of the maps in as soon as possible, even if they are incomplete. In fact, revisions are to be expected so it is actually better to submit a draft rather than a "finished" product. The following people should aim to upload something in the next week or so, I know some of these people signed up pretty recently so it's no problem if you just have a layout or one room or whatever: E1M4: @mr-around E1M8: @Azuris E1M9: @taufan99 E2M3: @DavidN E2M7: @spineapple tea E2M8: @Yumheart E3M1: @Worriedidiot E3M4: @Use E4M1: @Andrea Rovenski E4M9: @signaturereverie
  2. magicsofa

    Why wont DOOM Builder X test my level?

    Well there's your problem, it should be ExMx for Doom 1 maps. Also, you don't need to put the map itself into the resource list. It will automatically be loaded when you hit test According to the screenshot, zdoom.pk3 should be in downloads/gzdoom-blah-blah-blah/new folder/N something. But... you shouldn't have that in the resource list either. GZdoom should find it automatically in the folder it is running from... unless you moved it? Or changed the .ini?
  3. magicsofa

    The WAD question

    No, you only need one of each... just look at how Doom2.wad is structured. They have subdivisions just to make things more organized, but the only thing that actually matters is S_START/S_END and F_START/F_END. P_* doesn't actually do anything but it is helpful to group your patches there anyway.
  4. magicsofa

    What Is The Best, and most lightweight Doom Loader?

    I still use .bat files...
  5. magicsofa

    Worst State in the United States

    If we're talking worst state to spend your life in... definitely West Virginia as their life expectancy is just under 75. Only Mississippi shares that honor (and American Samoa but that's a territory not a state, not confusing at all!). Compare that to 80+ in many other states... amazing that I could drive to a place in my own country where people live 5 years less on average.
  6. I just skimmed through all 119 of your posts and I can't imagine why you would even care to delete any of this... interestingly I found that you asked about this before:
  7. magicsofa

    Why wont DOOM Builder X test my level?

    So I'm guessing the map isn't called E1M1? If you could send some screenshots of the map selection window and configuration, it would be easier to diagnose
  8. magicsofa

    Why wont DOOM Builder X test my level?

    Seems like the testing configuration is just not set up right. Go to tools -> game configurations, then click on the "testing" tab. Maybe customize parameters is checked but then part of it got erased? Also, are you making a Doom 2 map? If so then the configuration should be "ZDoom: Doom 2" and have doom2.wad in the resource list
  9. magicsofa

    Unity goes full Unity

    Wow, that's reassuring. We don't want to rip you off, we promise, and we're pretty sure the system will accidentally undercharge you!
  10. magicsofa

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    I like the diamonds. This also could be that one door texture that is 96 pixels tall, so @Michael Jensen you would have to separate this into two pieces to avoid the bug. Deadline is Dec 10! This is a nice map! I'll definitely keep it on the sideboard for now if that's ok with you...
  11. magicsofa

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Hmm? No problems with this layout, pretty cramped but I think it will make for a good gauntlet, although that one Y-shaped hallway looked like it would really hang players up in vanilla (I didn't actually test it in game though). It doesn't look like it will be too long either, which is a good thing (assuming you don't fill it with barons). Christ on a cracker, I must have had two instances open or something... fixed I hope Still borked: The BFG room is possible to jump into through the window and skip all the keys. Was that intentional? Also, the monster density should be heavily reduced for HMP and lower. Remember, HMP, HNTR, and UV all share the exact same gameplay - the only difference is in the actor flags. E3M3 has a similar issue... it's pushing into micro-slaughter even for UV. Also the spider mastermind should not be used since it will likely be the boss of E3. Also the pit of water in the lava+tech room is inescapable and not hurty? No problem. If you have a draft, and wouldn't mind having myself or someone else finish it, feel free to upload it... never hurts to have sideboard material! What a trip... I love how unapologetically E2 this map is. I spent a while looking for the blue key and then stumbled into the exit. Found this tutti frutti: Updated the main archive: neverdie.zip
  12. magicsofa

    I can't come up with a level layout/idea

    Draw random shapes and then try to make it look like something. That's what I do!
  13. magicsofa

    Did ponies use to be banned on doomworld?

    Actually, people just assume that because it is considered taboo to begin with. In the same way, many people assume that homosexuality inherently pairs with promiscuity and other taboos. The reason for this is that people are overall desperate to lump things together based on correlation alone. It is the easy way out, a psychological sweep-everything-under-the-bed tactic. One of the obvious biases is that indeed, anyone who is willing to participate in one taboo, will be more likely to participate in the next similar-caliber one. This is simple inertia. We tend to do things we are already comfortable with. If you never broke a rule, you will likely continue to follow them in the future. If you have broken rules many times, it will be easy for you to break another, as long as it is around the same risk level or moral consequence (most people don't suddenly jump from petty theft to murder). You already seem to be lumping just based on the implied parts of your comment that are omitted. It should really say "interest in sexualized feminine cute things, example slutty little anime girls." You wouldn't make this accusation toward men who are really into flowers (would you?)
  14. magicsofa

    mate 1993

    @Tinsel_Tincan for someone who just registered you exude an awful lot of 90's internet vibes kthx
  15. magicsofa

    What the hell is "artificial difficulty"?

    If everyone just accepts this totally incorrect meaning of the word artificial then I guess there's nothing we can do to stop the linguistics tide. Artificial means "not naturally occurring." OP is right to question the use of the word. What in Doom could be said to be naturally occurring? It is a game built by humans. Any difficulty in the gameplay was specifically built by a human. Unfair, egregious, tedious, lacking imagination... these are all words that you could use to describe a level. But artificial doesn't really make sense. I guess Oblige maps could be said to be artificial? I feel that this word is just used because it sounds derogatory and makes the Infallible Critic feel all puffed up and holier-than-thou.