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  1. magicsofa

    Projectile deals damage multiple time in 1 tic?

    @Dark Pulse The original question was already past this point in the thought process. The first sentence actually asked how to get a projectile to deal damage multiple times... showing that the asker already understood the rigidity of the table and that 8d8 is more normally distributed than 1d8 x 8
  2. magicsofa

    Pumping Station - short vanilla map

    Nice map... almost perfectly balanced for me playing a bit sloppy on UV, shotgunner got me down to 1% hp early on and then later I was at 3% due to revenant problems. But I scraped by on 1st attempt which is always a fun time... Not sure if you want critique but here it is anyway: - I felt there wasn't enough contrast between light and dark areas. I think the sky sectors could be significantly brighter. - The blue key courtyard was kinda fun, but the hell knight and caco weren't very threatening to me. Actually, none of it was much threat: the setup naturally leads to taking potshots and blowing up the barrels, so I doubt many players will run in fast enough for the "trap" to work. I'd consider moving the caco, maybe even stick it right in the middle so that it can complement the hitscanners more. You might also consider making the stairs climbable by the monsters... it's too easy for them to just get stuck at the ledge. I didn't even bother killing the hell knight because of that. - Another (?) hell knight got stuck in the yellow key pit, maybe a teleport or lift that he can use would help him be more effective - The revenants seemed slightly out of place to me, especially for an intro map to a set. I did almost get punk'd by one of their bony balls however so I can't say they weren't effective Breaks are really important. If you feel like you've been bashing your head against a wall, then it's time for a break. However, also keep in mind that there is a certain mental "leap" that is sometimes required to get past the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that plagues all mappers at one time or another. Take a break to rest your brain and allow inspiration to creep back in... but once it does, and you are ready to start again, try not to lose your momentum. What I mean is, there will be a point where you are rested, inspired, and suddenly plotting linedefs... but then Doubt comes in and says hey, is this really that good? Is it worth it? Should you even complete it? And in response you should say yes, it's worth it, I came back to this for a reason and I will see it through
  3. magicsofa

    Projectile deals damage multiple time in 1 tic?

    You are indeed mistaken. Just set all the frame durations to 0 except for the last one (so you can actually see the animation). Not trying to be rude here but if you haven't done a lot of DeHacking, perhaps you shouldn't be answering questions that are specifically about it. OP explicitly stated that they wanted to use dehacked only, so "taking frames from other objects" is pretty much what they signed up for.
  4. magicsofa

    Projectile deals damage multiple time in 1 tic?

    The best way I can think of would be to just have the baron shoot 8 projectiles at once. This does mean the shot will sometimes appear to go "through" enemies that are weak enough to die from less than 8 of them, but that could be seen as a feature rather than a bug :) There are other possibilities but I don't think any of them will be easy or particularly serviceable when compared to just piling up projectiles and calling it a day. You could try getting the projectile to perform a melee attack (or several) when it hits... not sure if this will work but it could prevent the ripper effect. But, you would still be sacrificing some frames, and I don't think any actors' melee damage is affected by the "damage" field other than the lost soul? But then again, projectiles do take the "damage" field into account? I've never tried this but it's really the only other solution I can think of, other than perhaps using the archvile flame effect to deal the damage, but that sounds like sacrificing more than you are gaining. DeHacked doesn't "shuffle" any code. It only changes some of the numbers and strings within the code. While the OP's idea may not be doable exactly as stated, there are definitely workable solutions.
  5. magicsofa

    Doom Floppydisk 1.1v sell

    The labels look less professional than even the worst re-branded ones I can find...
  6. magicsofa

    The Doom pistol is great, actually

    Sounds like you would enjoy Blake Stone WOMP
  7. magicsofa

    Rant: Vanilla is too limited

    That's one way to do it... but I think it would be even better to focus on making the cyberdemon effective without the need for a hard-locked door. Such as, instead of waiting until the very end to drop in the cybie, release him into an area where there's still lots to do and thus you will be crossing paths a lot, and fighting other monsters along the way. You don't have to be locked in a cage together... allow the player to escape into side rooms temporarily, so that they can listen to the footsteps patrolling behind the wall. Make it possible to run past but very risky. To me this is much more fun and suspenseful, opening up different strategy options for the player, and more immersive since you're not just railroaded into an arena battle. Another tactic could be to literally use his massive girth to block the way. Make a long and twisting, but linear, path to the exit... when you get close to the end, cybie starts rolling down on you like a boulder, forcing the player to fight while retreating. I disagree, I think there's actually a slight bias toward playing in modern ports because of convenience more than anything else. Many people just run GZ because it can handle the widest range of mod formats, and because we're all creatures of habit so if we get comfortable with a port, we'll tend to keep using it when possible. There is the phenomenon of newbie mappers creating .wads that only work in GZDoom (or something else) but are using very few or none of its advanced features. In that case, from a critical standpoint, people are usually encouraged to switch to a simpler format in order to make the learning process easier and to broaden the compatibility of their maps.
  8. magicsofa

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    Wow... rest in peace, as someone who registered here in frickin 1999 and also just a really cool person, he really lived up to his chosen name. His final post is of his son's first time seeing the ocean... what a heart-wrenchingly beautiful ending to his Doomworld career...
  9. magicsofa

    Pure, Vanilla Doom vs. Modern, Z-Powered Doom

    If anyone calls that vanilla, they are just uninformed or using the wrong word. They meant oldschool, IWAD-style, or 90's-style. This style can be accomplished in any engine, with stock resources or not, and even with (some) modified game behavior. EDIT: People do sometimes say "vanilla-style" which really annoys me. There are PWADs from '94 that don't look or play anything like the IWADs, using only stock resources.
  10. magicsofa

    Pure, Vanilla Doom vs. Modern, Z-Powered Doom

    I picked Neutral because I love having the option to play in various engines. For many years I played exclusively using z-family ports, and then one day I downloaded Choco and fell in love with that OG feel... but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of advanced features or mods. Some time after my retro rekindling I played a bunch of Heretic in GZDoom with lots of buttery effects poured on because I thought it was nice. So I don't belong to either camp... instead I belong to the third which would be "Doom is great out of the box, and it's great because it can be modified so freely." Hi I'm here for a semantic argument but wait, can't any gameplay mod potentially be tied to a map it was created for, and thus not work with any other maps? And on the other hand, couldn't a map be designed in such a way that certain mods will break it horribly? The player has a choice to do pretty much anything with your files, but they don't have a choice when it comes to playing the intended way. The mapper gets to choose which features and/or mods to make use of, whether they are purely cosmetic or fundamentally alter the game, and say "this is part of the package." The player who makes any changes to that does so at their own risk, knowing that they may incur a lower quality experience, at worst making it unplayable. Most importantly, they are no longer playing the original package. They could go in and disable those dynamic music scripts, but they can't change the fact that they were supposed to be there. And furthermore they can't change how "integral" that feature was, nor any other. As a mapper, I have the choice to use dehacked to turn decorative actors into monsters and to change weapon behavior. The player does not have the choice to ignore the dehacked patch without completely busting the map - suddenly there are blocking decorations in your way. So as a mapper, I've chosen to make that mod integral to the whole creation, and no player can change that. Of course, nobody is required to play your map. But chances are somebody will, and even if they don't some of us will still be mapping just for our own enjoyment. I'm not saying you should actively avoid making your creations palatable to people other than yourself, but it's not like you're running a business and you need to generate enough sales to justify staying open. This is free creation, where the only cost is the time you invested, which isn't much of a cost if you actually enjoy mapping and modding. In this scenario I think the mapper has all the cards. You get to decide to use any, all, or none when it comes to mods or features, and the most important consideration should be "does this actually serve the purpose I want it to?"
  11. magicsofa

    "Play-to-Earn" Games

    Metaverse is just yet another re-branding of the internet. Just because you're doing traditionally non-internet things (such as live music) in a goofy 3D world, doesn't mean it's anything truly beyond what the internet already was. But the people selling the idea need to have a catchy name so they can sell you something you already have. It's the same thing with "the cloud." I love when people ask me, "what is the cloud?" And I respond, a stupid ass name for the internet. The only difference is that your average computer and connection are now fast enough to make things like synced folders and real-time multiplayer document editing practical and easy to access.
  12. magicsofa

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    I took this opportunity to buy 400,000 SHIB I can afford to lose the $5