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  1. magicsofa

    How do you handle damaging floors?

    I always kinda liked the idea of electrified floors as a deviation from the standard nukage/lava stuff. I tried expanding on this in one of my maps by having a section with damaging water, with the rationale being that it was conducting electrical current from the surrounding machinery. I put the blue circle light on the ceiling, made them blink garishly, and threw up radiation/no personnel signs around, so I hope it was clear enough :) The 10-20% damage should be reserved for lava in my opinion though, yeah it's not instant death but it can be really frustrating to step on it for a split second and just happen to catch the timer right so as to get damaged.
  2. magicsofa

    Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY

    Again, an improvement over the last one (castle3.wad). Still some hallway-isms but this time they aren't a thousand miles long. Also, repeating the same "puzzle" more than once is never a great idea. But, it's quite playable and actually a little challenging in some spots. 2.6/5
  3. magicsofa

    Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY

    A slight improvement over the quality of castle1.wad (I didn't play castle2 because it's already been reviewed.) The starting actually looks sorta cool, giving you a sense that this map might be better than the previous ones. But, it's only marginally better, with outrageously long hallways as the main annoyance. Combat exists but is still super easy, especially if you use the myriad artifacts in supply. The worst part was getting to the end of a massive hallway and finding out that I needed a green key, which would have been about two minutes of backtracking if I didn't use the turbo cheat. 2/5 would skip
  4. magicsofa

    Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY

    Other than a few competent moments, this is quite passable... as in, pass it by to play a more exciting map. At best it's incredibly easy even on high difficulty levels, with pretty basic and usually ugly architecture, and at worst you get to navigate through a maze of single-linedef walls which of course don't block your shots. If there were anything other than melee golems around, it would have been even more annoying.
  5. magicsofa

    † A (Not) Peaciful Sunset †

    I'm not sure what my brain was doing when I wrote that. Farting, presumably
  6. magicsofa

    † A (Not) Peaciful Sunset †

    Gustaría escuchar en español... (English is my native language but I love poetry in Spanish. And if any forum members are in the USA [probably a few] maybe they shouldn't be offended by a language that is almost the most spoken language in their country) {{just saying hand-holding isn't always necessary}}
  7. magicsofa

    The poll of the century

    I usually have coffee, preferably with ice like a proper American. Sometimes my stomach protests so I'll have water also. When I was in college though, the dining hall had a lot of self serve stuff including soda fountains. Also I didn't even drink coffee back then. So yeah, I used to drink Coke all day every day, even at breakfast, to my friends' astonishment. Only reason I don't still do that is because I don't stock my fridge with soda. Otherwise I just can't help myself. I blame my parents for always having a two liter around.
  8. Doom feels nostalgic to me to this day, but I'm also the kind of person that sometimes gets nostalgic feelings at seemingly random times, usually when I'm looking deep into the metaphysical background of the universe... But anyway, once in a while I go back and play through the IWADs, after enough time away. Whether it's Doom 1 or 2, or offshoot games like Heretic and Hexen, I always get that fuzzy feeling of meeting up with an old friend. Probably similar to how Quentin Tarantino feels about the movie Dazed and Confused. I do play the modern mods as well, but even then there's usually enough of an undercurrent of the original game that it feels more like a new coat of paint on an old reliable vehicle, than an entirely new whip. Even the most flashy mods have at least some old-school sensibility to them, which pales in comparison to the overproduced assault on the senses that contemporary titles usually offer. That's enough for me to feel comfortable in a way that I generally don't get from games that have billions of polygons on the screen and thirty HUD elements and an hour long tutorial before you actually get to do anything. I'm totally fine with being a crotchety 31 year old gamer who complains when the resolution is too high, and Doom always soothes that tired brain muscle in me.
  9. magicsofa

    Post a picture of yourself!

    So... you're the drummer?
  10. You've only been around since April. I don't see any significant change in thread closing patterns, seems like the mods use approximately the same reasoning they have been for many years. If there are more topics being closed, perhaps it's because there are more being opened that end up needing the axe...
  11. This was a response I was going to post in the "what do you think about reddit" thread that obviously got closed during the shitstorm. Just leaving it here because I was sooooo offended that the thread got closed moments before I hit the post button. Maybe some poor sap will read it, I dunno, or maybe I'll delete it tomorrow when I realize it was just a stupid rant.

    Oh boy oh boy, this is where it gets interesting. Y'all are about to come to blows over the meaning of freedom of speech and, even better, freedom of memes. Remember kids, all memes are stupid. If you post a meme, it's because you're stupid. It's okay to be stupid, even celebrated here in the USA. After all, our president is literally a meme, a walking one-liner, a simple comedian. A lot of people were wondering about memes on Doomworld in the why did I get a warning thread, and it made me think back to the last time I posted a meme here, which was from King of the Hill. It was stupid. That's the whole point, to be an idiot on purpose, to degrade yourself for a laugh. It's fun and silly. It is never factual or interesting or worthwhile. If there's any correctness about a meme, it's as valuable as a clock that is broken but happens to be pointing to the right time of day anyway. It's as valuable as when someone blurts out the correct answer to a math question but doesn't know how to actually derive that answer.

    Most Americans are incredibly stupid and never ever do research. We are encouraged from day one to be as dumb as a brick. I mean just think about it, we have political ads. People running for office get to put videos on TV of themselves jerking off (basically a meme). It should be painfully obvious that any video produced by a political contender for their own campaign is going to be 100% biased and worth less than a rotten porkchop at the bottom of a landfill. Even if there's factual information in that video, it doesn't matter. It is inherently non-scholarly. There are no references, no substantial explanations, no logical proofs, no neutrality, no objectivity, and that is by definition, not by accident. Factual information in political ads is the accidental part. The people who produce them need your vote, and only your vote, to succeed. They need to be popular, not to be right. The ones that are right are usually drowned out by the ones that are LOUD. The ones that lie to the Stupid American People and tell them what they want to hear. Those are the winners in the meme world: The liars, the cheaters, the tantrum throwers. And it is your fault. You listened to it, you took it as fact, and you voted based on it. You took the bait. It doesn't matter if it happened to be a good person to vote for: If you voted based only on their ad, it's kinda ridiculous to think of yourself as having merit. You just guessed and it turned out to be the right answer.

    So on to the Karen meme, it is stupid. It's a meme. It's a joke. And yes, it is stereotyping. I know, personally, people who think it's okay to be racist against white people because white people are in power and deserve to be knocked down a few pegs. I can't say I completely disagree. It's a little different to say "fuck you" to someone who is rich and purposely keeping you in a lower position, than to say "fuck you" to someone who is poor and struggling to get to your level. Putting someone down who is already below you is just further bullying, but putting someone down who is above you is fighting for your own freedom and survival, is it not? Karen specifically refers to a highly privileged person. Someone who wants to speak to the manager because a worker looked at them the wrong way. Why do we care about this person? I find myself caring less and less the more I think about it. I can think of classier ways to make fun of them than regurgitating a meme, but then again there's always a classier way than regurgitating a meme. It is indeed a conundrum, a catch-22, because even though the goal is supposed to be equality and equity, it seems like it should be okay in some situations to act unequally toward others. Stealing is wrong...but if Karen has 100 apples that she didn't pick herself, and DaShawn has zero even though he worked hard all day, then I think DaShawn should steal some fucking apples.

    Similarly, Donald Trump is an absolute failure who should have been fired long ago. People who latch on to that idea through memery and further regurgitate memes are not being intelligent. They are correct only by accident. But that doesn't make Trump less of a fuck up. The stupidity of people who just say Karen because it makes them feel better is about equal to the stupidity of people who hate Trump because he's angry white (orange) man, which is about equal to the stupidity of hating Obama because he's black, which is about equal to the stupidity of hating liberals because they eat soy. But none of that stupidity changes the reality that white people enjoy, on average, the most security and welfare out of anyone, that Trump cries for censorship on the reg, that Obama was an establishment sellout who helped crush other brown-skinned people, or that the loudest lefties make themselves look incredibly stupid by backing themselves into logical corners so deep that they can't even win an argument against Steven Crowder.

    Reddit is awesome because it is a microcosm of the unhinged internet. It is a place that we can learn how not to discuss. As others have said, if you find the right community, you can have actual discussions. Meaning, the rules (official or not) of those communities create a constructive place to share ideas, and those rules obviously are above or at least different from the rules of Reddit. The same phenomenon can be seen in many areas of the internet, with varying degrees of successful moderation from the top. Places like Wikipedia focus heavily on neutrality and being able to back up claims with factual research, and what do you know, that's a much better place to get your information than Reddit. Wikipedia doesn't care about your freedom to speak lies, and that's a good thing. It's pretty amazing to me that people get news from Reddit, I can't see how that's any better than getting news from Facebook. The lesson I get from Reddit is that most users are obsessed with pretending to be right, having a one-up, maintaining their high moral ground while being condescending to anyone who disagrees with them, getting a laugh while actually pushing their agenda. It's like one giant personal insult. I love it. People waving red flags crying about people waving blue flags calling them Karens while crying about being called Soy by the Nazis who cry when their blood & soil post gets removed from the thread about why white people should feel guilty just randomly all the time.

    Anyway, my point is, name-calling is always offensive, and as a teary-eyed liberal gender neutral BLM snowflake who doesn't believe in money, it doesn't really bother me that much. I chose a long time ago to deflate the name-callers by accepting their names with grace and humor. If someone calls me a faggot, I say "thank you very much." If someone calls me a Karen, I ask to speak to their manager. On the other hand, I'm white and my penis is also white, so I have little to worry about other than potentially being assaulted for my appearance. Maybe the best way to end identity politics is for you to stop being so offended. Look at Reddit and laugh at the children pooping in their diapers. Or wade through the diapers and find your niche, your choice. I agree that the bland design and the karma points are probably bad choices by the website itself, but for the most part it seems like people's complaints about the website are in fact complaints about the people. Reddit might be part of the problem, but I'd argue that the participants are the bigger part. It's just that online, their fear of face-to-face confrontation is diminished, and so you get to have a look into their most controversial thoughts. Maybe that's a good thing, because it will help you to realize that those are actual people in real life who vote based on those opinions, who eat up memes like it's actual food for thought, who can't muster up the courage to say "I was wrong" regardless of the political flag they hide behind.

  12. magicsofa

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Um... crying for things to be shut down is kinda the definition of soy. If you're trying to make a joke about how alt-righters are actually the most sensitive snowflakes out there, you should have tagged your post with /s
  13. magicsofa

    Episode 2 Was the Best Doom Episode

    I do like that level, it's mainly that one texture that I find so silly. I like how expansive the main room feels, with eerily sparse monsters. The crusher room is cool too.
  14. magicsofa

    Episode 2 Was the Best Doom Episode

    Deimos labs had so much potential to be a great level. The open area with the nukage is cool at first glance. Then you end up on some goofy catwalks with the demon head on bricks texture and the mood is ruined