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  1. Theoretically they should end up progressing naturally, with early slots being somewhat easier and later slots being harder. Some people will inevitably be more cruel with their traps though...
  2. magicsofa

    Maps with a "Doom 1 Chaotic" feeling?

    I've been playing Lunar Catastrophe and it's a ton of fun so far. The scale is not super duper grand, but I'm only on E1M6 and it has been ramping up slowly. It's got excellent flow and fast combat... puts a good amount of pressure on the player but without getting slaughter-y.
  3. I've seen people playing survival with no respawning items. If there's extra monsters on multiplayer it would be best to have extra multiplayer-only ammo, after all if respawning items is enabled then it doesn't really matter how much is there since you can infinitely wait for more.
  4. magicsofa

    The great Doom door cliche

    The don't notice it part is key. If a feature repeats at all, even once, it's worth copying. Even a very basic feature like a 64x64 pillar. Clicking 4 vertices, deleting the sector, and adding textures is more work than a single copy + paste. There's a ton of things you can copy without necessarily making a symmetrical or repetitive map. All those monitors and other insets, pillars, entire sections of rooms that will be reshaped, and so on. EDIT: monster closets, control sectors, two sided midtexture lines, doors...
  5. magicsofa

    The great Doom door cliche

    Even worse is when you start in a room with four doors, one unlocked and one for each key. You bet your ass they line up with the cardinal directions too. It's not wrong, but when you've seen it a hundred times, it gets pretty boring.
  6. magicsofa

    Kazuya Just Got Into Smash

    Cool. What I didn't think was cool was the addition of silly Walking Dead characters into Tekken. Smash originated as a crossover game - Tekken, while silly in its own right, had some actual world building going on. Stupid dumb fanservice, get out of my tournament! In soul caliber :P
  7. Wolfenstein: Machines of Death Next up: Probably Lunar Catastrophe. I have a very long list of wads that I want to play, but really I'm just taking a short break from mapping right now so I doubt I'll get any farther than that. Remember mappers, if you're feeling burnt out, it's because you are: take a breather and remind yourself why you love mapping so much by playing other people's creations.
  8. magicsofa

    Technicolor Antichrist Box | Anniversary Edition! [V0.1]

    It's so pretty I want to eat it
  9. That's awesome... but I was gonna suggest posting your maps before they are "complete" so that you can get feedback during the process. You don't even have to make a new thread for it necessarily, since there's usually some sort of "I'll play/record/comment on your levels" shenanigans going on at any given time. It's easy to get stuck in your own bubble of preferences and foreknowledge while working, which can lead to overlooking stuff like a confusing progression (because you already know where to go). I don't think this is good advice for a beginner, or really anyone. You're just adding more things to not know what to do with if you jump into UDMF. It's not like having these advanced features will make it easy to produce something as good as your examples. A lot of effort is required to make any high-quality map, regardless of format. Perhaps you're worrying about different things - in vanilla I have to put effort into not overloading the visplanes, while in UDMF I have to put effort into lining up sloped surfaces correctly. Still, it takes work either way to produce something excellent. I'd suggest making use of advanced port features (other than maybe limit removal) only when you're actually inspired to do so. If you have this great idea for a custom monster that you need zscript for, great, use it. On the other hand, if you aren't sure what to do with the regular doom monsters as the OP described, it's probably better to practice with them before increasing the size and complexity of the bestiary. Maybe you do, but I almost never have a clear vision before I map. If I have a vision at all, it's usually vague, like "I want to make a sewer" (so creative). And even with that kind of starting point, I'll end up deviating as much as I want. I've found that sometimes it helps to draw first, think later. You can always change or delete something that doesn't turn out good. But you will get nowhere if you just stare at the grid thinking about what should go next, forever. Not inspired? Doesn't matter - draw a sector. Don't think about rooms and doors. Just connect, connect, connect. Make a ledge. Make a pit. Make a lift. Is there a ledge? Make a way to get up to it. Is there a pit? Put in a switch to raise the pit. Is there a lift? Create a tunnel on the other side that's only revealed when you lower the lift. Too open? Draw a sector, then delete it. Too cramped? Fill in some of the negative space. This isn't guaranteed to make the best map ever, but it helps me get moving. I feel that once I'm actually seeing things materialize, then I start getting more ideas, since there is an existing piece to work with. But when I just stare at the screen, nothing happens. It's like... the opposite of magic.
  10. magicsofa


    Can everyone please stop reviewing this ish
  11. magicsofa

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Ten doll hairs
  12. @Clippy Thanks for the video... really appreciate being able to watch you having a lot of fun as intended and then the momentum hits a brick wall... very instructive. As for the blue key, it was on screen for only one second: It's on the same platform as the baron with its head in the ceiling. I'll definitely add some sort of compblue nonsense to draw more attention - the only "puzzle" is supposed to be which platform to ride to get to it, not where it is. I was cracking up though because this is the kind of thing I would totally miss. About the doors and switches - the sets of three repeatable switches in secret rooms just open the six doors surrounding the boxes. I had meant to put in a doomcute version of the doors they are opening to give some clue, but I forgot. (Also forgot to put in a computer map, lel). And for some vanilla trivia, you can't actually make a one-time crusher that's repeatable unless you use the "floor raise to 8 below ceiling" action. I didn't want the player to jump in thinking it was a lift to some secret goodies. So anyway those are non-crushing ceilings, if you had caught the cacos then the sector would have politely waited for them to pass before closing :P ...and finally, that first one-time door was intentional, you can get to it through the acid:
  13. Really happy this got bumped - was recently feeling like playing some wolf3d, and this scratches the itch nicely!
  14. magicsofa

    Post Removed.

    Wasn't sure what to eat for breakfast until I "picked up an armor bon"
  15. magicsofa

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just learned that the sky never changes in Doom 2 if you play continuously o.O EDIT: Whaaaaaaaaaaat this is blowing my mind right now. I never knew!