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  1. My recent project Magic Doom is supposed to be in the simple/oldschool realm but with tweaked monsters and weapons. So if it's not too much of a departure, it would be really cool to get a video of you playing it! It's for Doom 1, vanilla compatible (as long as you -merge), replaces episodes 1-3 but the maps are pretty short (generally somewhere around IWAD length or shorter). As far as the modifications, basically your bullet weapons are a tiny bit faster, rocket launcher is much faster, and monsters are less bullet spongy but more aggressive. Otherwise they should all be recognizable as a slightly different member of the same "species." I was trying to maintain the feel of doom 1 but with a little more focus on run-and-gun action even when fighting the bigger guys. Anyway, it may not be your cup of tea but I figured it can't hurt to put it out there :)
  2. magicsofa

    Worst movies you've ever seen

    Holy hell that looks INCREDIBLE I enjoy laughing at movies like The Room, or old horror flicks like The Screaming Skull. Doom was really bad but at least it had some amount of stupid fun. I think the worst movie I've ever forced myself to watch and hated almost every minute of it, was The Last Airbender. As huge fans of the show, my brother and girlfriend and I decided it was our duty to finish this awful movie, using mind-numbing substances to help us through the torture, and yeah it was worse than dogshit. I'd seriously rather smell poop for two hours than watch that again.
  3. magicsofa

    The 64 KB challenge (2 megawads completed!)

    Heretic version next?????
  4. I'm used to having to finagle old games to get them to work ... it was normal in the 90s. Steam used to annoy me more because the launcher would eat up my CPU time like a tasty snack, but my comp now is fine with it. I only use it when necessary so I haven't encountered any games not working. I imagine the whole idea of a launcher that aggregates all teh games would end eventually lead to compatibility problems...
  5. We can't, /newstuff itself is dead because Bloodshedder was the only person approving and posting the reviews in the review center and he stopped doing it at the end of 2018. As you can see there are about 30 reviews that were already submitted or approved but never got posted.... I put mine on the appropriate /downloads page but I'm sure most of the others were never posted anywhere, which sucks. I had assumed that it was not something he could easily hand over to the community because he was receiving the screenshots via email and had a special format for the screens in the article, and that it was silently abandoned because the new /downloads page would essentially be able to take its place. But if that's defunct as well, it seems that a forum-based approach is the only alternative
  6. So.... /newstuff is completely dead, /idgames is up to date but reviews are no longer functional, and /downloads has functioning reviews but is heading toward the same fate as /newstuff? I was about to launch into the mountain of unreviewed wads via /downloads but looks like that's not a good option... ...time to start a reviews thread
  7. I recently stumbled on the Megawad club's reviews of Hadephobia. It's really interesting to read detailed responses... both good and bad... of my two maps in the project from seven years ago. And to go back and play them, as well as a couple other community project submissions (five minute speedmaps, Heretic speedmaps). It's weird to revisit something you have nearly forgotten about, and to see how much your own sense of style and taste has changed.


    One thing that apparently hasn't changed is that I'm still obsessed with the typical "doomguy is going crazy/hallucinating/dreaming" storyline. Maybe I should move on from that trope a little bit... However, I think my attachment to that idea comes partially from my attitude about Doom in general, and my disposition toward realism in maps (which is that I don't really seek it out). Plus, going through hell had to have some effect on the poor Marine's brain, right?

  8. Then use a source port. Don't get me wrong, this is a fun experiment and proof of concept, but you should never do it in a serious mapping project unless you want to get rejected from idgames. Using a few custom textures to round out the Doom 2 stock is far more practical. As far as episode structure, I don't know what to tell you other than to use the kill-exit trick to take away the player's weapons. There are story texts in between "episodes" in Doom 2, it just doesn't force you to start a new game.
  9. Just want to clarify, does that specifically mean it isn't updating with new additions to the database?
  10. magicsofa

    Are you into clothing?

    I buy everything at a local thrift store, unless it's something like snow gear that I want to be in great condition. Have to say though, I hated shopping for clothes until I started shopping across the aisle. Men's clothes are just so mind numbingly boring most of the time. Although, I once found a pair of awesome flared jeans on a men's rack... But I'm pretty sure it was placed there by accident :)
  11. magicsofa

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom: Holiday Hell Hare (WIP)

    Sweet... haven't finished playing through JJDoom so maybe I'll get on that before you release this :)
  12. magicsofa

    Maps by Jacek Bourne

    lol @ saving right before the exit Jacek, I'd strongly encourage putting an exit sign in there, it's a good habit to get into so that people don't exit your maps before they've explored as much as they want to. In this case it's a small and linear enough map that it doesn't matter much, but most players will expect some indication that they are about to cross the finish line.
  13. magicsofa

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Sounds rather.... pleasurable
  14. magicsofa

    DOOM Poetry Contest

    This was inspired by Starcraft, not Doom, but since it's about a space marine fighting non-human beings I think it fits well enough: We're alone on this planet Ages of violet rock stretch in my mind when I dream about watching lurking spines splinter my friends Shadows of swarms hover behind your ears I know what it's like When you get the shakes from too many stims Or when your hearing rings from too many shells Or goes completely silent for a second and is filled only with the strange moans of mutating viscera But I'll dust off my helmet again ready for a new layer of dirt and blood And as you burrow underground, creature I think about that one thing we share a beating heart
  15. magicsofa

    Do you use texture filtering? Why or why not?

    No, but I have been playing with high FXAA, which gives a nice blended-but-still-pixellated effect. It's kinda weird but I like it. It makes the game look like grainy digital film to me.
  16. magicsofa

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Plus you can play maps that are "vanilla style" that aim to recreate the feel of the IWADs. But hey, vanilla_d00m just registered their account last year. Give 'em time to get bored of the OG levels :P
  17. magicsofa

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished Blake Stone, which I had been halfway done with and got reminded to finish it after the recent wolf3d thread. It's way better than wolf. Still crappy in many respects though. Once you have seen the mutant guards that get up off the bloody operating tables, you've seen the last surprise the game has to offer. And that's in episode 2 or 3 I think, so you get to play around 30 levels with no new enemies, including the bosses which are all complete garbage. They look kinda cool but they all seem to go down just as quickly as the previous ones, and they never have an interesting attack (most of them just have the same stupid pistol attack possessed by everyone else). I do love certain aspects of the game, the aesthetics are pretty cool throughout and I feel like making a Blake mod in GZDoom would be awesome. Now I'm playing Abuse. Which I just learned is supposed to have music, but I have the wrong version or something. Some people feel that the music actually takes away from the atmosphere so I guess I'll just continue with no music... it is quite eerie. The artwork in this game is just stunning:
  18. magicsofa

    How do you handle damaging floors?

    I always kinda liked the idea of electrified floors as a deviation from the standard nukage/lava stuff. I tried expanding on this in one of my maps by having a section with damaging water, with the rationale being that it was conducting electrical current from the surrounding machinery. I put the blue circle light on the ceiling, made them blink garishly, and threw up radiation/no personnel signs around, so I hope it was clear enough :) The 10-20% damage should be reserved for lava in my opinion though, yeah it's not instant death but it can be really frustrating to step on it for a split second and just happen to catch the timer right so as to get damaged.
  19. magicsofa

    Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY

    Again, an improvement over the last one (castle3.wad). Still some hallway-isms but this time they aren't a thousand miles long. Also, repeating the same "puzzle" more than once is never a great idea. But, it's quite playable and actually a little challenging in some spots. 2.6/5
  20. magicsofa

    Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY

    A slight improvement over the quality of castle1.wad (I didn't play castle2 because it's already been reviewed.) The starting actually looks sorta cool, giving you a sense that this map might be better than the previous ones. But, it's only marginally better, with outrageously long hallways as the main annoyance. Combat exists but is still super easy, especially if you use the myriad artifacts in supply. The worst part was getting to the end of a massive hallway and finding out that I needed a green key, which would have been about two minutes of backtracking if I didn't use the turbo cheat. 2/5 would skip
  21. magicsofa

    Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY

    Other than a few competent moments, this is quite passable... as in, pass it by to play a more exciting map. At best it's incredibly easy even on high difficulty levels, with pretty basic and usually ugly architecture, and at worst you get to navigate through a maze of single-linedef walls which of course don't block your shots. If there were anything other than melee golems around, it would have been even more annoying.
  22. magicsofa

    † A (Not) Peaciful Sunset †

    I'm not sure what my brain was doing when I wrote that. Farting, presumably
  23. magicsofa

    † A (Not) Peaciful Sunset †

    Gustaría escuchar en español... (English is my native language but I love poetry in Spanish. And if any forum members are in the USA [probably a few] maybe they shouldn't be offended by a language that is almost the most spoken language in their country) {{just saying hand-holding isn't always necessary}}
  24. magicsofa

    The poll of the century

    I usually have coffee, preferably with ice like a proper American. Sometimes my stomach protests so I'll have water also. When I was in college though, the dining hall had a lot of self serve stuff including soda fountains. Also I didn't even drink coffee back then. So yeah, I used to drink Coke all day every day, even at breakfast, to my friends' astonishment. Only reason I don't still do that is because I don't stock my fridge with soda. Otherwise I just can't help myself. I blame my parents for always having a two liter around.