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  1. I played it once, for about one minute. This is exactly the random gem I was looking for
  2. magicsofa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I didn't live through this particular encounter
  3. magicsofa

    A question to the musicians concerning hi hats

    I love hi-hats, but they need to be used correctly. You can really change the feel of a beat just by removing half of the hi-hats, or by adding more. I find it useful for moving a song into a different part Also, use of varying velocity makes a huge difference and is one way I mark a good midi song. What I mean is, don't always have each click be the same volume...for driving beats it's often good to have 100-50-100-50-100-50 as the note velocities
  4. magicsofa

    Doomworld Mega Project - /idgames link is up

    I'm totally in, my map is gonna suck though TOO BAD FOR YOU
  5. magicsofa

    Games you wish more people would play

    You're my hero <3
  6. magicsofa

    Games you wish more people would play

    I wish more people would play Ultimate Doom DM. (and co-op too :P)
  7. magicsofa

    Progressive Fiction (Hadephobia now on /idgames)

    Congrats! I just got back from vacation but I still don't have to work today...time for some mapping! EDIT: Okay I think this is a pretty-much-done map now...still willing to do some tweaking, and I'd like to add a lot more secrets (already has 7 :D). Most recent changes were adding difficulty settings, and connecting the final exit. Of course it's a wacky teleporter...I hope you don't mind :/ http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jqaej3wkjqvbs63
  8. magicsofa

    Progressive Fiction (Hadephobia now on /idgames)

    I have some ideas for a few things after the steps, but it will be more like a bonus for completing the final battle. I can't remember at what point I was when I uploaded the file, but I've added a -lot- of health. I'm also considering lowering the damage from lava from 10/20 to 5/10.
  9. magicsofa

    Progressive Fiction (Hadephobia now on /idgames)

    So, I really don't know what my last update contained, but anyway I'm working snail-speed on the last section: http://www.mediafire.com/?my8coopfzi46zt8 if you want to skip ahead, just noclip before you get to the teleporting wall :) EDIT: Just kidding, I moved the start for testing purposes, you'll probably have to cheat ... EDIT 2: I'm making it WAY different (no cacodemons) EDIT 3: Different: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w177u5u7hscy874/progsof2.wad
  10. magicsofa

    Progressive Fiction (Hadephobia now on /idgames)

    Those are strafe-running techniques. Running forward + strafing makes you go a little faster than running forward, and forward+strafe+turning+mouse strafing or something stupid is even faster. I'm gonna make sure people do not have to do those
  11. magicsofa

    Progressive Fiction (Hadephobia now on /idgames)

    It's coming along. I'm working on the final section - it's going to be a break from hordes of monsters by throwing the player into a burning pit of lava from which they must escape by hopping between ASHWALL islands! NO sr-40 or sr-50 required, however :D
  12. magicsofa

    Doomguy vs the Snow Monster

    haha...I love both of these games
  13. magicsofa

    Hiding secrets on the automap

    Once in a while I make secret doors whose ONLY clue is that they appear on the automap :D Otherwise, I always mark secret and hidden lines. Hidden lines are not as necessary but I always get this sort of nostalgic feeling when I look at doomguy on the map and he's outside the walls!
  14. magicsofa

    Progressive Fiction (Hadephobia now on /idgames)

    Thanks for the notes I agree, although I originally gave the player a soulsphere right at the start which made that part easier. I think I really took it to heart when you mentioned "obstacle course." I found the chaingunners to be the most annoying in recent test runs. Hehehe...yes it is. At first even I would take damage every time I blew up the barrels (sometimes dying), but then I realized if you stand on the left wall and shoot the farther barrels you will be unscathed. Also, like above I included a megasphere to start :P AND there is an invulnerability sphere within close range of the spot you teleport in to. So I guess you had the right idea! No, it's just supposed to be the end of that section. I'm constructing a third section which is full-on hell. It's a typical, and exaggerated, Doom progression: Blue, yellow, and red.
  15. magicsofa

    I am so drunk out of my mind right now.....

    Funny the way you say that - I take LSD "frequently" (like one or two times a year or less), but I would never do heroin, crystal meth, PCP, or crack....OR DXM for that matter. Well, maybe I would do DXM (more likely than any of those other shitty drugs) but not likely. Psychedelics are pretty crazy but it depends a lot on the person - I can take a moderate dose of mushrooms or acid and walk around in public with no problems, run around in the woods with no problems, and so on. I wouldn't drive however... Back on topic, my drunkest was the handful of times I've thrown up. I've never puked on someone's furniture or anything - usually I spend about 25 minutes staring at the toilet and feeling like ass before forcing myself to throw up. But I've had a lot of fun while drinking. Once I was very proud of myself for winning at Wisest Wizard. It's a drinking game where anytime you finish a beer and get a new one, you must attach the empty beer to the bottom of the fresh one (cans only). So, as you drink more, your staff grows longer and longer and of course the wizard with the longest staff is the wisest. And by "wisest" I mean "clumsiest due to attempting to drink out of a seven-foot beer can staff." Anyway, my staff ended up being something like 11 cans long. I admit I cheated a little by finishing off people's wounded soldiers and putting them on my staff >:D
  16. magicsofa

    Progressive Fiction (Hadephobia now on /idgames)

    I have been picking away at map32 recently. I still haven't started the final section, but I created the basic blood river tunnel thing, fixed/changed some small things, etc I noticed however you were talking about changing the keen sprite, because I decided to use keens for that cyberdemon battle. What are you changing it to? I can find a different way to have the player progress, i.e. using a voodoo doll script. Just thought it would be a funny homage to the original map32 Anyway here is the updated map: http://www.mediafire.com/?oqz6d1lz23cxry6 I still haven't implemented difficulty settings so unless you really want to slog through the enemies I would recommend cheating or using -nomonsters.
  17. magicsofa

    180 movie - reminding you that pro-choicers are Nazis

    A long long time ago my current girlfriend gave me a vial of her blood. Beat that. Also, it's coroner
  18. magicsofa

    If Quake was done today

    The video was funny, but the end where they show speedrunners wasn't appropriate in my opinion. The only 'action' you see there was an expert player flying past everything in the level, rather than a brutal firefight with the monsters.
  19. magicsofa

    Musicians Thread

    lol I just realized there's another thread called "musicians - post your music" although I wonder if it's supposed to be non-electronic
  20. magicsofa

    Musicians Thread

    I feel the need to resurrect this thread because I've uploaded an "album" of 7 tracks on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/magicsofa cheers!
  21. magicsofa

    Films that changed your life

    Milo and Otis Princess Mononoke The Fountain The Hunted These are shows rather than movies: Avatar - The Last Airbender Planet Earth The Grizzly Man Diaries (in the process of watching - it is insane) A lot of movies I thought were profound, but I think these are the ones that made the biggest impression, or that I actually feel connects in some way to the way I choose/wish to live
  22. magicsofa

    180 movie - reminding you that pro-choicers are Nazis

    Good face-to-face requires that each person makes a conscious effort to listen, instead of talking over each other. Anyway ray is a tool. His anti-evolution crap is laughable, as basically everything else he says. Has anyone told him that we start out with gills and a tail?
  23. magicsofa

    No auto-aim after a distance. Why?

    Did you mis-type this...I thought the players bullets do not travel past a certain distance. I specifically remember not being able to hit anything super far away (regardless of autoaim) although monsters could shoot me
  24. magicsofa

    No saves

    Not saving is cool and fun. Slogging through the same repetitive battle, on the other hand, is not cool or fun. Either I'm gonna save after circle-strafing a horde of barons for 10 minutes, or I'm not going to play the rest of the map. I have trouble understanding why people enjoy battles where you just dodge around holding down your SSG trigger for excessive amounts of time. Yeah, it is difficult...difficult not to fall asleep that is. I got over the novelty of endlessly shooting enemies when I played with godmode when I was a little boy.