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  1. der_einzige

    How does one make high quality sprites

    how exactly is better than photoshop?
  2. der_einzige

    How does one make high quality sprites

    That may sound good on paper, but that's a stupid idea, I already tried drawing them and taking photos, it turned out to be a massive mess. The actual sprites are quite small (only like 60x40 pixels), and trying to resize an IRL photo to that is ridiculously stupid.
  3. der_einzige

    How does one make high quality sprites

    I can draw on paper, quite well, it's just that using a mouse seems very coarse and bad.
  4. I know HOW TO sprite, I have done countless of sprites and tested them in-game - with no problems. But there is just one little thing. Making custom sprites, not from importing them from a game for an example, seems to be incredibly difficult. I have Photoshop, and am skilled with it, but when it comes to making sprites, I am out of luck. How do you make your sprite, how did ID Software make their sprites, even more so, how did Sgt. Mark IV make all of the thousands upon thousands of very high quality sprites for Brutal Doom.
  5. der_einzige

    custom blood sprites for monsters

    I'm trying to increase the gore in Doom 2, and I am trying to make the blood sprites that are splattered on walls bigger, but I have no idea how to. I tried to examine Ketchup's files to find what I need, but with no luck
  6. How do I make textures change when you shoot them. I have tried scripts but with no luck.
  7. Disagree Pain Elemental and Lost Souls are the worst enemy in Doom 2.
  8. der_einzige

    How to make level exits send to the next map

    I already had MAPINFO but missed the "next = MAP02" part. Cheers!
  9. Right now, I have a level exit (243 - End Normal) in my wad as MAP01, and another map as MAP02, but yet when I start the game, going to the MAP01 exit only brings up the normal game end (this), however does not take me into MAP02. When I type "MAP MAP02" in the console, I can enter MAP02, however, but I want to enter MAP02 through the game itself.
  10. I find the Vanilla blood system quite boring, and I don't like ripping things from another wads, so I was trying to make some custom gore actors. I made an actor and a sprite for the gore prop, and I already have the custom monster, but I was wondering, what would I need to write, to make another actor spawn at the death of a certain actor. I'm guessing it's somewhere at the "Death" State of the monster, but I don't know what, and I couldn't find anything from ZDoom Wiki I am not talking about DropItem, because I want to spawn an actor that you cannot pick up and use (like a clip)
  11. der_einzige

    Cacodemon sprite replacing problems

    Check your sprites, maybe you accidentally have a Cacodemon sprite instead of an Octobrain sprite.
  12. der_einzige

    Doom sprite loop

    This is exactly what I have now, yet only the yellow exclamation mark shows in game. See my reply to Space Marinara
  13. der_einzige

    Doom sprite loop

    Not when I wrote this, however, I changed them to NAMEA0, NAMEB0 and NAMEC0, and now they don't work at all. I changed the names also from the DECORATE, so that can't be the issue either.
  14. der_einzige

    Doom sprite loop

    I have in the past only made maps and I'm new to spriting, I've been wondering about the sprite names, is there any difference between "NAME A 1" and "NAME E 1", why would that code work, but not my code?
  15. der_einzige

    Doom sprite loop

    I was trying to make a decoration of a burning corpse that is burning, and with lopping sprites, so it would it would look like the fire is actually moving (like it would in real life). However, I had a problem while testing this. Instead of looping sprites, I noticed something, the sprites only change when I am walking around the corpse in-game. My code States { Spawn: BODY A 1 BODY A 2 BODY A 3 Loop } BODY A 1, BODY A 2, and BODY A 3 are all just sprites with slightly textures. I was hoping that the way it would work is that it automatically loops, but instead, I can view the different sprites by walking around the corpse.